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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. The bumpers of modern cars are blended into the body, but we can still make use of them. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Use a BBQ igniter (or even better, a propane blow-torch) to heat the tip of your screwdriver. To hide your key on your car, you want a place where thieves wont quickly think of, but also want a spot thats not so hidden that you cant remember it in an emergency. In case someone finds your hidden key, its better that you dont lose the car together with your other belongings.

Car / Truck License Plate Holder with Hidden Key Compartment is perfect for your car,truck, suv, RV or trailer. Although its better than many other solutions, its not free from risk. As most of the key is inside the hole, it wont be able to fall out during driving. Spraying with paint makes the key discreet and difficult to spot, and screwing in the key makes it more difficult to pry open. I have a '16 toyota 4runner key that isnt huge and it's not even close to fitting. Concealing a spare key on your car can save you from frustrations when youre locked out. Then you simply use a combination lock to open your door. (AffiliateLink). It is basically a small safe fitted to the outside of the car. Hide your car keys well, and theres next to no chance theyll be found by another person. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The vaults are crash-proof and can be controlled using an app on your phone. Some options are: Make sure that the key you hide outside your car only opens the door but doesnt work the ignition. Keys are really expensive these days if the have a chip in them, so you may not want anything so risky that if you lose it you are out a hundred bucks. How to Reset Gas Gauge Needle? Directly to your inbox. From Coca-Cola to Red Bull, Diet Pepsi to Monster Energy, we aim to have every soda and energy drink can available to you as a diversion stash safe. It was somewhat difficult to install. The downside is you might need a box cutter or a penknife on you when you want to retrieve your spare key. I'd worry about it bumping off. Page.Please Note: Graphics on a product may vary slightly due to seasonal or promotional campaigns in different geographical regions. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2015.

(How to Fix It). Attach a carabiner clipto the keychain, then connect it to a spot on the underside of the vehicle. Home Concealment is easy when youre shopping at Concealment Cans because weve got a great selection and the best prices available. Only a very strong magnet can harm the fob key, but you will not be using anything that strong for hiding your keys. Keep in mind what kind of a tool youll need to take off the cover, as not being able to reach the key when you need it will be a problem. It's promised to fit "any" car. The material on this site is for general information purposes only and should not be used in place of consultation with qualified professionals. Besides being simple and cost-effective, the major benefit of this solution is that you keep the emergency key physically well separated from the vehicle. It beats using magnets and it keeps your key out of sight even if someone happens to look below your car. I had to change the screws around. I use this when renting my car out through Turo and allows for remote handoffs while keeping my vehicle locked securely.

Long ago I thought of using one of those Velcro pouch key hiders ( and hiding the key behind the license plate. First of all, make sure you use either a magnetic box with heavy-duty magnets or strong duct tape that will last. The tape will be affected by heat and will fall off within a short time. However, when you hide your key well, the risks are minimal. weed three marijuana why cannabis man use dr plant druggies smoke charlotte need police let medical its money oil relief You should also avoid the bumper and space behind and around the license plate: its used by way too many people to store extra keys. Didnt work with LP frame as instructed. Tighten the zip tie, and youre good to go. This might be the main reason why so many people choose this option. We spent a fortune on a new key from the dealership when one broke. A hitch box is similar to a vault. The good news is that if you own a car, its likely that you have at least one spare key as well. All Rights Reserved. The parking space parallel to the road and sidewalk is too open and sees too much foot traffic to be safe. The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to keep it on the vehicle or somewhere else. Besides the cost, the drawback of keeping your spare car key in a safe deposit box is that youll only have access to it during the operating hours of the bank.

Springs are so tight can't hold holder open and line up and screw in. While a bumper is obvious and one of the first places a criminal may look, there are ways you can make the key difficult to find. Well also caution against the worst places to hide your key. you can put the spear key in your mail box under a mat if you have one at your door. Use a carabiner with a strong magnetic base, typically strong enough to hold up a 20lb (9.1kg) weight. key hide where attach magnetic holder places If we dont have the drink you want, CONTACT US and let us know and well make it for you! WHAT IS A CONCEALMENT CAN OR DIVERSION SAFE?Sometimes, its a book that opens up, containing a gun instead of pages. Sections that experience lots of turbulence may also result in a quick loss of your spare key. Theyre safes wearing the skin of an everyday object. For a secondary layer of protection, get a piece of magnetic tapeto hold everything together. After I finally got it installed, inserted my key, the bottom broke off. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. From Coca-Cola to Red Bull, Diet Pepsi to Monster Energy, we aim to have every soda and energy drink can available to you as a diversion stash safe. Take care not to pierce through a fuel tank, floorboard, or other fluid tanks or brake lines. No more worries if I lick the keys in the car. Not only are these smell proof, but they are food grade and reusable. You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you get prepared in advance for that situation and have a spare key at hand. may also contain links to other affiliate websites, including ShareASale, and we receive a commission for purchases made through such links. Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020. Some possible reasons include: If youre not good at hiding things, then hiding your key on your car may not be the best idea. To be honest, in most cases, that doesnt happen because the thief wont have the necessary information to steal your car. We may earn money when you buy through links on our site. Also, you should avoid easily accessible and popular places. If the cover of your vehicle locks automatically, not only will you lose access to your keys, but youll have to regain access to the passenger cabin to reopen it. The undercarriage of a car has many spots where you can attach a magnetic box and keep a spare key. Because were working with plastic bumpers, youll need a magnet with an adhesive sideto glue to the bumper, and then place your keys on. And the more mundane and boring the object, the better. Or a shelf that slides open to reveal a secret compartment with secret documents, a weapon, or even drugs or other illegal paraphernalia. I had a flat one made that will only open the door, with my spare key hidden inside the car. This will make it very difficult to get a view angle inside the tire well and minimize the chance of pedestrians walking by the wheel. Copyright 2019-2022 DailyHomeSafety. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Pick a spot that is easily accessible but hidden out of view if someone looks under your car. If you are already renting a deposit box, adding the emergency key is a viable option. You will obviously not be using a hitch at the same time because then there wont be enough space for your key and fob. These single wall containers are made of HDPE (High-density polyethylene).

When you want to hide your key inside the tire well, park your car next to a wall or at the very least another car. In return, you can take care of their spare keys. Reviewed in the United States on February 29, 2020. The saying the lock only keeps the honest people out rings true for cars as well. Keeping the spare key inside the vehicle is another bad idea. What Are Common RV Dinette Booth Dimensions? We have Belts with hidden compartments, Slim Waist Pouches, Travel Hanger Hidden Stash Safes, Concealed Underarm Bag, and more!, How about a home or office Clock Diversion Safe or Concealment Candle? If you come across a diversion safe product that we dont offer, please let us know!For more information on our shipping and handling times, our privacy policy, our marketing efforts, and our Keep Your Stash Hidden Guarantee, and more, you can find all of this on ourQuestions? For fiberglass and plastic bumpers, you can use a few strips of scotch tape to stick your door key inside the bumper. Press the screwdriver around the hole to make a channel running perpendicular to the hole you created. There are plenty of places in a house or condo where you can hide your spare car key. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

That being said, do not stick the storage to the inside part of the fuel tank flap because that can be opened and checked quickly and easily by anyone. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, See all details for License Plate Spare Key Hiding Container. Promotions, new products and sales. A thief searching for valuables will automatically skip over a dull, everyday object.Thats the power of a concealment can or diversion safe. You could try using gorilla tape to tape the key anywhere under the car or behind the license plate. Some spots on your car are simply not ideal for hiding your car key. The paint camouflages your container and makes it impossible for anyone to spot the keys and fob inside. Includes one Diversion Can Safe only. Second, the fenders inside can be hard to reach, so criminals could be easy to spot. How to Open a Hyundai Sonata Trunk Without a Key? wheel tail ford 5th cars gate 4x4 rear lariat remote heated wd vehicle classic We have. That said, my dad used to use the magnet holder in the inside of the hub cap, but that was 30 + years agohub caps probably aren't the right kind of metal today. Connect it to a metal piece underneath the car, and youve got a good hiding spot for temporary use.

Some great spots include under your fender, behind your front license plate, inside the gas cap, or bolted under the car.

Maybe duct tape to the inside of the hubcap? Lets see the best places where you can hide an extra key. You want your extra key to stay in place regardless of road quality and other environmental factors.

Make sure to steer clear of the exhaust system to avoid burning yourself when installing or retrieving the key. Youll be able to find the right book to fit inconspicuously on your book shelf with titles like, Traveling and want to keep your passport, cash, and travel documents secure and safe? If youve learned how to best hide a key on your car, keep reading our guides to solve problems quicker and cheaper than before! Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2021.

At Concealment Cans, our goal is to have the best selection of diversion stash cans and concealment products available on the internet all in one place. However, renting a safe deposit box for the sole purpose of storing a single key is simply not worth it in my opinion. Any place thats too obvious for car hoppers and casual onlookers can be a terrible place to hide the key. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. You dont want anyone to find the ignition key: if that happens, chances are good that you can say goodbye to your vehicle. Then when you do, it will be there.

Security at the trailhead, I dont like to carry keys with me. The absurdity of this scenario probably sounds obvious to you, but Ive seen so many cases where the owner thought otherwise and stored the key in the glove box. Next, go under your car and find an inconspicuous area underneath your car. It works, but needs a bit of re-engineering.

license hider usa plate hiders plates type pcs ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! Its held on by two tiny tabs. Click below to answer.

If they are not very observant they will not find the key because you have to also flip down the tray that holds the key. Why Do I Have Big Spiders In My House? Hide another key, one with the ignition "chip" in it inside the car to start it with. This method used to be a favorite back when chrome bumpers were a thing. How Do They Get Inside? Pick a used container from your kitchen with a mouth wide enough to fit your key fob. Add your voice! You can also use a special hitch receiver vault (such as this one) if its compatible with your vehicle. 111Answers, Diamond Post Medal for All Time! Most commonly use though, is Plaster of Paris. Thanks for sharing! If we dont have the drink you want,CONTACT USand let us know and well make it for you!Concealment Soda Cans isnt all we offer though, we also have beer cans, a big selection of food cans, and just about everything else we can think of from shaving cream and deodorant stash safes to hair brushes, lighters, and diversion wall outlets. I need to tell that to my husband. When it comes to long-term storage, I prefer to add a physical connection on top of a magnetic plate. Put the karabiners clip down into the containers cap with the magnetic side looking up. Awesome!! The cars suspension is another terrible spot as the key and fob may interfere with your cars suspension, especially if you drive over rough terrain. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. However, if you do it the wrong way, its also one of the riskiest ones. If you feel hiding your car key in your car isnt secure enough, you can consider other ways to have a spare handy. See if theres any excess room between the bumper and the plate holder that you can use as a hiding spot. This page works best with JavaScript. You might not need to touch the key for years but one day you realize you need that extra key urgently. Concealment Soda Cans isnt all we offer though, we also have beer cans, a big selection of food cans, and just about everything else we can think of from shaving cream and deodorant stash safes to hair brushes, lighters, and diversion wall outlets. This method takes some Do It Yourself (DIY) skills and tool handling. As long as you avoid leaving your key in plain sight for a thief of opportunity, you will not diminish the safety of your vehicle. Theres a chance that you lose not only your wallet but your vehicle as well. No matter how careful you are, theres a chance that youll lose your car key or lock yourself out one day. For instance, if youre going to play some beach volleyball and dont want to risk losing your keys in the sand, then go ahead and keep the key in the gas cap. The more convenient a hiding spot, the easier it is to spot the key, and invite a thief of opportunity. Dictionary Book Hidden Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe 2 Sizes Available (Small / Large), Large Clorox Bleach Hidden Safe 60 oz Home Diversion Safe Stash Safe, Surge Protector Home Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe, Men's Speed Stick Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe Speedstick, Screw Bolt Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe. Getting your keys in and out of such a narrow space can be tricky, so you can make your life easier with a tilting license plate holder. Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2018. Fit is very tight too, Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2020. That number works out to 209 cars being stolen each day because someone left a key where thieves found access. So keep in mind that this device presents the same problem but to a lesser degree.

Locksmith took about ten minutes to make keys and I had three made for less than cost of one from dealership.

Attaching the container securely to a metal part of the car is extremely important. Hiding your car key somewhere on the vehicle is one of the most obvious solutions. So you can tie your key tight but still twist it, so its out of sight even if the wheel cap is removed. How Do I Clean the Undercarriage of My Car? Sometimes, its a book that opens up, containing a gun instead of pages. Its one of the best and most inconspicuous spots for an emergency key location. The key cant fall or fly off when youre driving on rough terrain. Its unnecessary (and risky when done wrong) to store the emergency car key in the backyard, as theres very little chance that you lose your house key and car key at the same time.

After struggling with it, I started over and attached the license plate to the unit, then attached the unit to the car, instead of the other way around, as the instructions indicate. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. The key should be inside the container while the magnet is on top of the container. Our cans are designed to look and feel like the original product. Older vehicles had gas caps with a key, and freely openable covers, while modern vehicles switched to electronically locking covers, and keyless caps. Works as intended, wish there were more products like this. Most of these hiding places are obvious for professional thieves, so you need to be a little creative to keep the key well-hidden and difficult to retrieve. We're so confident in our products and their ability to conceal your stash in our every day looking items, we guarantee it! I highly recommend that you use a box or container that is secured with a combination lock (here is an example). But I never did this because it occurred to me that if I had the bad luck of somebody stealing my license plates (it does happen) the bad guy would find the key and might decide just to take the whole damn car! Using a security vault can be the most secure method of hiding your car on your car. The inner part of the fender is another place you want to forget. Organizing Your Home When You Have a Disability, Bronze Feedback Medal for All Time! For your safety, try and hide the spare much deeper into the fender. DailyHomeSafety is an independent site. Burglars know all the clever hiding places. Glue a spare car door key to the back of your license plate with a glop of silicone caulk. ), Car Cover Advantages & Disadvantages Explained. Find a pipe or line underneath your car. Then remove the wheel cap. I would only recommend this to old keys that don't have any smartness to it. Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2019. You can use zip ties or magnets to hold your key in place. Consider the risks before following any of the methods. And the more mundane and boring the object, the better.

Use a flat-head screwdriver to punch a hole into the containers lid. I don't like the idea of a magnetic box because all someone has to do is pull it off the car plus, as hard as I hit speed bumps and potholes, at times, it would never last! However, if youre leaving your car for only a few minutes, then the gas cap can be an ideal location.
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