Best Track: "Vibrations"Rating: Three Doobies. Whether this project was the result of a stoned studio session that probably couldve used more workor a creative slump for Curren$y, Cathedral leaves no strong impressions either way and doesnt quite hit that intangible mark that makes a Spitta release shine. Spitta (@CurrenSy_Spitta) July 18, 2020. See you in the comments. Curren$ys pocket is getting tighter and tighter with each release, and Fear and Loathing in New Orleans is another palpable step up in rap quality, while the only things occasionally limiting Spitta are the beat choices. This 2010s hip hop album-related article is a stub. Best Track:"Moon & Stars (Remix)" ft. Big K.R.I.T.Rating: Three Doobies. Best Track: "Speedboat" ft. Wiz KhalifaRating: Two Doobies. The Stoned Immaculate feels like the album Curren$y wanted to make for years and could finally accomplish with the connections and financial backing of Warner Bros. Best Track: "Jet Life" ft. Big K.R.I.T. For rappers like Curren$y (who coincidentally got his start near the end of that era), relatability is half the appeal. Yeah thats fuckin, Know from my Rollie I was set up, I cant let up, you in some shit that dont concern you. Babies, if you give them an inch let them think theyre the boss and theyre gonna [be the boss]. Speaking of Devin the Dude, hes one person your career trajectory reminds me of. Best Track: "Flyer Than The Average" ft. Curren$y and Wiz have a wonderful rap rapport that compliments each respective rappers strengths and sometimes polishes their weaknesses. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are like hip-hops Chris Farley and David Spade. Best Track: "The Set" ft. Doing what the fuck I wanna do. People like Devin the Dude kept me inspired and in touch with that side of me. It wasnt until Curren$y ditched mainstream fame pursuits and dove into the underground that he really took off. The Drive In Theatre is another Curren$y mixtapethat sounds like it could be a full album. [For instance,] Ive got a bowl of grapes now. I could drive a Lamborghini to Wal-Mart, and motherfuckers who didnt see me get out that Lamborghini wouldnt know who I am. A bonus treat comes in the form of an A+ Action Bronson feature. Chuck lets me drive our hangout sessions. Rozay is a master of product placement in his rhymes. How did yall meet up? Best Track:"Three 60" ft. Juicy JRating: Three Doobiesand a Roach. Spittas production choices continued to strengthen with this release, and while it wasnt his most focused release, it was clear that he was on the cusp of fully owning the lane hed spent the last year carving out for himself. Individually, theyre great, but together theyre unstoppable. You dont even have to ask me what I was listening to growing up. Curren$y and DZA offer two very different variations of a similar aesthetic, and the end result is smooth; a great addition to Curren$ys now-towering discography. its like you lets get high and talk about movies..fuck it, lets go to the movies ..lets eat first,lets go to a pawnshop and by a fuckin PlayStation and then we never make raps, Spitta (@CurrenSy_Spitta) July 25, 2020. This tape not only showcased Curren$ys great chemistry with the Young Money crewbut marked the beginning of Curren$ys obsession with all things air transportation. It was released for online download on August 5, 2015.[1][2]. I feel like I should know it but I can't put my finger on it. I dont want to watch Menace [II Society] and Scarface back to back all day, my nigga., So now Im quarantining by myself, I watched all five seasons of Daria. 2016 has been a banner year for Kendrick Lamar guest features, so it's only right we ranked them all. In 2018, Curren$y partnered with farmers to launch his own signature cannabis strain, Andretti OG. A fitting end to a year of absolutely mind-boggling musical output, Fin serves as a summation of Curren$ys artistic growth throughout the year, and provides a glimpse into the next logical step of his legacy. Although not technically a solo release from Spitta, Jet World Order is the first release through a joint venture between Curren$ys newly founded Jets International (which would later become Jets Life Recordings) and iHipHop Distributionand is a clear milestone in Andrettis journey towards building an underground empire. Does it ever really feel like work? He broadcasted with fans on Ustream years before Instagram Live and solidified his friendship with Wiz Khalifa through the platform. This is awesome., . These 10 rap album sequels, however, are great. People were saying that during the Verzuz. Everybody knows youre the worlds greatest stoner. Riot used to tell me all the time, Man, you gotta do something with my boy Harry Fraud. And Im just like, I dont know. I dont know why.. (Starts singing theme song.) Best Track: "Talk My Shit"Rating: Two Doobiesand a Roach. 1 is a bit sloppy and lacks the laid-back vibe Spitta became known for, but thats kind of why its awesome. By Chase N Cashe] (2:44), Like Five Duece Four Trey [Prod. Im so happy My son is coming to stay with me for a while man.. This motherfucker has been on repeat in my car since it came out 2 years ago, and it's got a bunch of big name features that everyone on this sub should recognize. According to Curren$y, this project was completed (or at least put together) in a day, and although Chase N. Cashe provides some great production alley-oops, Curren$ys rhymes sound tired and lazy, and not in the endearing way they usually do. Its great.

After a frustrating run with Young Money, Independence Day is Curren$ys breakout solo tape. It sounds like Fraud created a soundtrack for successfully evading the police on a speedboat. Play Jenga with your stacks fool we hustling, Type out all lyrics, even if its a chorus thats repeated throughout the song, The Section Header button breaks up song sections. Best Track: "Everywhere"Rating: One Doobie. Best Track:"Right Now"Rating: Two Doobies. In the process, Curren$ys managed to build a devoted social media following and avoid controversy. I had never seen The Wire. Features from Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, and Smoke DZA turned an already dope project into one of Curren$ys best.

Plus, you get to hear Curren$y spit over Outkasts Elevators beat, which it turns out is fucking perfect. By Chase N Cashe] (2:56), T.Y. With more varied production than This Aint No Mixtape, Jet Files allowed Curren$y to further flex his versatility, as well as the ability to run the show on a full-length project without multiple features. Bourbon Street Secrets is Curren$ys collaborative EP with producer Purps, who takes a more trap-inspired swing at the sound Spitta has built around himself. Im building [my son a] Corvette bed. this year is the gift that keeps on giving. Its just a rapper going in over popular beats, Gangsta Grillz style. [For] his videos hes got the lights and dollies, cranes and all that shit. He was helping another friend whose lowrider broke down on the side of the road. Best Track:"2 Us Its Nothing"Rating: One Doobieand a Roach. Thats what everyones trying to do. Its insane how much time me and @Chuckisdope can spend hanging out and not get any music done. Im cool. Best Track: "The Pledge (In and Out)"Rating: Two Doobies. Before the pandemic, he was in the process of re-opening Life Burger, a burger shop in New Orleans.) When I told a couple friends I was interviewing Curren$y, they mentioned even more projects. Corner Boy PRating: Two Doobies. The rhymes are tighter, the mix is of a much higher quality, and you can tell Curren$y is starting to settle into a pocket that hell eventually spend the next 11 years perfecting. Have you been watching the Verzuz series? Jet Fileswas Curren$ys second album through Amalgam Digitaland was featureless aside from a collaboration with Fly Union. (Curren$ys discography with Fraud includes 2012s, is a fitting title. Im just living my life. Curren$y still lacks original production, and while some of his beat selections are great for the novelty of hearing him go in over another artists beat, more often than not it feels unnatural and the songs suffer because of it. Best Track: "Money Shot" ft. Mac MillerRating: Two Doobies. I understand how [collaborations] could benefit me, but people only want me to do shit because its gonna benefit them, too, anyway.. A surprise 4/20 release by Curren$y last year found the NOLA emcee returning to the lane hes spent years mastering: sprawling, relaxed production under top-notch weed and car raps. For longtime followers, it feels like celebrating the accomplishments of a friend., What Kung-fu flicks and mafia movies are to disciples of the Wu-Tang Clan, 80s era crime dramas, sports cars, and cartoons are to The Jets, the nickname for his devoted fanbase. Cathedral is a mixtape by American rapper Curren$y and producer Chase N. Cashe. Hes at his best when he's working with productionthat is created specifically for him, forming a cocoon of comfort around his stubbornly-consistent rhyme pocket. If your interested start small curren$y cigarette boats with harry fraud covert coup with the alchemist he has an ep with styles p 1st 28 I think he has a mix tape with wiz curren$y really does have a big body of work, First Based God x Chance, now this? Chuck lets me drive our hangout sessions. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? [Prod. The production choices are a clear improvement from his previous releases as well. Dude will be like, We gotta do this. But if me and Chuck hanging out Im like, Aw man, we should watch fuckin Short Circuit and [Short Circuit] 2 and then listen to this beat. And then hes gonna think of another movie that was like Short Circuit. Saturday Night Car Tunes and More Saturday Night Car Tunes was some awesome stuff from the past year. This is considered by many to be a classic in both artists catalogs, and for good reason. Produced entirely by Cool & Dre, the project achieved the same laid-back confidence of projects like Here while a nice variation in sound to compliment Curren$ys newly regained finesse. Here's a flowchart in case you're interested. Best Track:"Still" ft. Cited by XXL as EP Of The Year in 2012, Spitta shines over Harrys enigmatic production. His initial come up was through No Limit Records as a member of the 504 Boyz in the early 2000s, which he later parlayed into a relatively unsuccessful stint with Cash Money/Young Money. So I might as well sell that dope to you. Best Track: "Michael Knight (Remix)" ft. RaekwonRating: Three Doobies. Dude will be like, We gotta do this. But if me and Chuck hanging out Im like, Aw man, we should watch fuckin, 2 and then listen to this beat. And then hes gonna think of another movie that was like, He suggests that, then Im like, Aw yeah, we should watch that. Then well watch that, and be like, We should go to the real movieswe should write a movie! Then nothing fucking happens. Ive been into building model cars and going to hobby shops as a kid, but in New Orleans there were like one and a half hobby shops. Might be a dumb question but does anyone know the sample used in All Over? Its great. I feel that Covert Coup is a flawless mixtape. In turn, how does that usually happen with younger artists for you? In The Night (Feat. 2022 The DJ Booth LLC. I like watching The Flintstones, Scooby DooSeason one of those. Now on his fifth studio album, Curren$y hit his stride and found a comfortable niche to settle into. That was something I always wanted to do. It feels like work when Im talking to whoever asking me like, (uses exaggerated voice) Whats your favorite weed strain, bruh? Best Track:"Elevator Music"Rating: Three Doobies. Ive been into building model cars and going to hobby shops as a kid, but in New Orleans there were like one and a half hobby shops. When I get out, its like, Yo who the fuck is that, Bruce Wayne or something?. Best Track: "The Day" ft. Jay Electronica & Mos DefRating: Four Fat Doobies. That was something I always wanted to do. However, Curren$y shines brightest on the shimmering, trance-like In the Coupe, which features Jim Jones. I was terrified because I didnt know how this was gonna work out.

Arguably Curren$ys strongest mixtape release since How Fly, New Jet City has the feel and quality of a full-fledged album. I had just seen him. All hail spitta, Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! Speaking of unfinished projects, on N.O.R.E.s Drink Champs you said you and Smoke DZA were going to start a podcast. I already didnt fuck with people. The lyric/production relationship reached a strength not yet attained throughout a full release, and the conceptual elements show Curren$y at his most comfortable, which is also when hes at his best. Curren$y linking up with Alchemist came out of nowhere, but immediately it seemed like the two were destined to be an infamous pairing.

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