In March 2005, Jesus confirmed His call for them to move to Svitlovodsk, Lenas home town of 50,000. In spite of having ones life turned totally upside down, shared Rich, there is satisfaction and even joy that [our missionaries] can still be used for His glory, regardless of the chaos of this new life in new places.. Thank you for holding on and standing with [us]. We stand against Putins war on the Ukraine. She will be traveling there on Wednesday, March 23. Following is a summary of our initial response to the crisis: Your giving to Calvary Church and the Jerusalem Project supports these important projects. Your generosity can provide hope and assist Ukranian families affected by the war. She has a visa to fly out of Switzerland next week, to San Diego, where Ryzhak will be waiting with a place to stay. Denise Carter, one of Calvarys long-time supported missionaries who is currently serving in the Odessa region providing care packages, offering spiritual support and guidance during this traumatic experience, an helping worship services to continue in efforts to stay focused on the Lord. She contacted us and we gladly joined her on our team. Click here to watch a sweet video of Tanias testimony. Therefore, I command you to be OPENHANDEDtoward your fellow Israelites whichare poor and needy in your land.

Many ministries that operate within Russia will soon be struggling due to the cash flow problems created by the US Dollar/Euro sanctions. Pray with us for evil to be restrained so there can be peace in the region. As you can imagine, the images on the news and reports from relatives in Ukraine who are suffering makes it more and more difficult to understand those who only watch, listen to and believe the state controlled news from Russia. Since then Jesus has been faithful to grow Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk and to change lives by the power of His grace.

Her sister Anna still resides in Ukraine, in Kyiv. Text . He served as youth pastor at Calvary Chapel of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine for over three years. The Lord is opening opportunities to support Ukraine and we want to make sure youre aware of how you can help. This past week, All4Aid, a faith-based, international, nonprofit organization Calvary has partnered with, began hosting Ukrainian refugees at their beautiful and newly set up House of Grace, in Romania.

57 arrested on gun, drug charges. Hundreds of thousands of them are here in Poland, in our city, and in ourchurches. Pastor Derek and the team look forward to getting to know you. We need each other, they need us and our help! Volunteer drivers take them to the airport. Lena Ryzhak, who lives in Rancho Bernardo, came here as a student from Ukraine 20 years ago and stayed. We continue driving every week with several cars to the Ukrainian border, or even into Ukraine direct to deliver our humanitarian help. Rich shared that their missionary network, GENERATIONS, which is made up of many Ukrainians who have become refugees on journies to discover a new place to call home, are still doing what they have been called to do evangelizing, starting Bible studies, assisting those in need, beginning new churches reaching many who have also been displaced. Please pray for safety on the roads as they travel and minister to physical and spiritual needs. If you would like to make a donation to the CC Relief effort, you can make a donation through our giving tool. Positions will include drivers, food prep, and liaisons between CTC and the border. It is interesting to see that when Paul went to the churches he didnt have to beg for money, instead, they were begging him to receive the money they had already raised for the church in Jerusalem (2 Corinthians 8:4). April 21, 2022 | This week we have updates from three of our partners working closely with the crisis in Ukraine. The contribution will be credited to your giving account and the monies forward to the relief effort.

After the Soviet Union fell and Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, the doors to the Gospel opened wide and a number of missionaries from the West responded to the great spiritual need. After 15 years in Kiev, Pastor George felt he had finished the work God called him to in Ukraine. During that first summer, God laid a burden and calling on his life to share the Gospel of grace with the people of Ukraine. The villagers spent the entire period cowering in their basements fearful of exiting. Her family sat at a table outside the church, under an awning set up in a parking lot. story beltran miriam linda musical anna author inside brown children were trafficking orphanage ukraine risk currently journal No experience is required for these positions. Accommodation is offered to those who are in transit to another country, but also to those who need a place to stay while they figure out their next steps. Many of them are afraid and discouraged during these difficult days. circlefacebook circleyoutube circleinstagram circleemail, Donate to Calvary Chapel using the link Pastor Ed sent out last week. The services [have translation] into Russian for the many Russian speakers who are part of the congregation. Join others in covering Ukraine with continuous 24/7 prayer for an entire 30 days, Find regular updates on Calvary supported projects through All4Aid. Others have opened their homes as temporary places for the Ukrainians to sleep. Sonot knowing what will come, we continue to do what we arecalled to do love and care. Please pray they will come to know Jesus!

We will post the name of the recipient, a picture of the location, and the amount given for transparency to donors. Having spent the last 7 years involved with refugees and their plight all over the world, my mind took these words and added, you will always have refugees among you! My apologies if I have taken some liberties with the actual application of these words, but nonetheless, these are the thoughts Godlaid on myheart as I reviewed these verses. Calvary Chapel has been ministering in Ukraine, Hungary and Poland for decades. Vida Wilson Facilitator, Mercy & Missions, Chris Snedeker Jerusalem Project Administrator In our last report, we shared our project of remodeling some of our facilities for long-term housing for refugees. We will keep you updated on future needs. Rich Correll of Church Planters Training, Intl, a Calvary member who has been involved in ministry in Ukraine for many years.

Her sisters journey isnt over.

A few short months later, the Lord took George home at the age of 65. If approved, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM) will disperse funds per their process working directly with the recipient. This link is specifically forhelping refugees from the war in Ukraine, and is tax deductible. Pray for the transfer of funds to help with their work there are many people willing to give but some problems with wire transfers into Ukraine.

Pray for God to restrain evil. If you would like to help financially, please click on the donate button. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 says, As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. Whether it is our pre-k to 12th grade school, our new building providing expanded seating, a large-scale event in a country far away or a community center that helps meet the needs in our own inner city, Calvary is always reaching out for more ways to impact the world. The purpose of this trip is to provide spiritual and tangible support to fellow believers on the ground in these areas. So we tell our dear brother and ask you to not lose heart. But in truth, I had no idea of the magnitude of their work. Super proud of our team! Assisted Calvary-supported mission worker Denise Carter with expenses resulting from evacuating Ukraine. As I was in the process of connecting Pastor Scott and Pastor Caleb, Pastor Caleb sent me a text about someone asking for a Church connection in Warsaw! The full letter from Pastor Wakula reads: Are you still with us?

Thank you for standing with these partners. It may be that Putin is accurately identified, like some say, as the Prince of Rosh in Ezekiel 38 and that these events are the beginning of the battle of Gog and Magog, but thats something only God knows. Some of the supplies have come via donations from San Diegans who drive up to the church and drop off the items. All done with the gospel spoken and shown. Keep walking with us the extra milethere will be many of them. Calvary Chapel will be sending out several teams to help Ukrainians in whatever ways they are needed. Yes, we are still here, with you brother, is our response. She soon began talking with our team, attending our Bible meetings, came to know Christ, and decided to follow Him.. In one congregation in the land, all the Russian speakers stopped coming because people prayed for Ukraine. Pray that God would give them strength and healing to continue doing the work before them. Are you looking for a way to help provide relief to displaced Ukrainianfamilies? I leave on 26 April. When you have given money, prayed, and reached out to those who know you are directly impacted. Or did, until recently. Hence the importance of knowing our team was successful and returned safely! No experience is required for these positions. Pray that God would place a shield of protection around the Ukrainian people still living in the country. All Rights Reserved.

They have family in Colorado, which is where they are headed next.

Other local churches and nonprofit organizations such as Jewish Family Services have been helping, and a system is emerging that steers evacuees to San Diego International Airport for their connecting flights sooner, easing the need for temporary shelter. I asked myself how can I help? Then it hit me; I am going to Poland at the end of April; I can bring supplies; I can donate my time. Benjamin began a Bible study in their apartment that June. Perhaps the greatest gift our partners can give beyond food and meds is the expressions of love and care given with an embrace and the assurance that God loves them. ministry children Experience church services live online from wherever you are. Among these were George Markey and his family. While at the church, they have access to showers, food, the internet, inflatable mattresses for naps and other services. Your application will either be preliminarily approved, pending a request for more information or denied; an email will provide you with an update after 1-2 days. May 12, 2022 | Dear Friends, Are still with us?starts a recent letter from our brother in Christ and partner that you are helping to support in Poland. The Calvary Global Network is hosting a time of Worldwide Prayer, Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 9:30 AM. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. So, please dont abandon us, keep praying. Im not hearing anybody talk about starting a new life in America, Metzger said. March 15, 2022 | Many ministries that operate within Russia will soon be struggling due to the cash flow problems created by the US Dollar/Euro sanctions. The evacuees are offered temporary shelter at the church after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Our partner saw the deep fear and pain in their eyes a fear which will linger for a lifetime. We are continuously praying for Ukraine and the efforts toward supporting those on the ground. Last week, we were able to give $15,000, because of your donations to the Ukraine Relief Crisis Fund, in order to support the efforts of a team working diligently to get help to those who are in great need in the Odessa region and surrounding areas. If you are wondering what more you can do - please read the following message from Christina Vickers: As many of you know I recently lived and worked in Poland for 2 years. We give thanks with the Almaz church for all the ways in which God has used financial support of their efforts to recuse those in desperate need: Last week, we were able to give $15,000, because of your donations to the Ukraine Relief Crisis Fund, in order to support the efforts of a team. For the past two weeks, Calvary Chapel in Chula Vista has been a way station for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We thank you for your continued prayers and ask that you keep lifting them up. Signs taped to walls provide guidance in handwritten Ukrainian.

So, dont lose heart, dont give in or give up, dont grow weary or be fainthearted. Your application will be reviewed by the CGN Funding Team. That fee can be avoided by using the online ACH bank account option or by sending a check to:Christian Associates International d/b/a CommunitasPO Box 60543Industry, CA 91716-0543Check donations should include a note designating the gift to project number 72502. While there, God open doors of friendships, which sustained me then and continue today. If you would like to support relief sent to our teams in Ukraine, click here to view the CGN Relief Fund: The CGN Relief Fund is an essential and sensitive matter. lviv boim Do not grow weary in prayer. Their daughters Darina and Lilia are 18 and 12, respectively. Each Friday, we send a weekly email update on happenings around the church. Rich from CPTI and Marv and Dawn, beloved Calvary members working with All4Aid. Pray that Christs hand would be upon each of these Ukrainian ministers as they work and lead.

Olga and Ronan Slonovska, with daughters Darina and Lilia, carry their belongings into Calvary Chapel. Calvary purchased the supplies necessary for these Jerusalem Project partners to host Ukrainian refugees at their church. Extremely thankful for the prayers and support! She will be traveling there on Wednesday, March 23.

As we partner with churches and partners both locally and globally, your giving will go toward providing holistic support for displaced Ukrainian families in crisis. Pray for those who have come to faith during this crisis, that they would receive the discipleship and community they need. Whether you are new or just deciding it is time for you to get connected we are glad youre here and you will be glad you did! There is something for everyone! Lodz Baptist Church in Poland as they purchase and transport food and other essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees. The Body of Christ is working mightily amidst this atrocity! They are part of what the federal government says could be 100,000 Ukrainians allowed into the country because of the war. Join our weekly Prayer for Ukraine gathering from 5:00-6:00pm every Thursday night in the Follow Up Room. 3. June 6, 2022 | God works in unexpected ways to call and to save the lost. He was enraged by the condition of the Ukrainian soldiers some without uniforms, protective vests, or decent shoes. Today there are around 15Calvary Chapels in Ukraine. Calvary Chapel began in Costa Mesa, California in the late 1960s as a single, non-denominational church of 25 members pastored by Chuck Smith. - Fatigue and doubt can creep in during these times, so what a blessing it is to have trusted friends and family in Christ present to uplift those who are weary and in a time of great need. The Slonovskas grandmother, parents, two girls fled first to Hungary, then to Paris. Just what our partner did bringing a flood of tears. The federal government really needs to take over, he said. By the end of last week, Calvary had assisted almost 2,000 people, with several thousand more waiting in Tijuana. The Calvary Chapel movement in Ukraine continues to grow and carry on Georges vision to reach the nation for Christ. Ukrainians are bused from the Deportivo Benito Juarez shelter in Tijuana to El Chaparral border crossing to enter the U.S. (Carlos Moreno / For the San Diego Union-Tribune).

He was a missionary in Eastern Europe for 25 years, familiar with Ukraine because Calvary has a couple dozen churches there. Offices: Las Vegas / Washington D.C.Phone: 702-220-9823 / 202-225-5965Email:Online Contact Form, Congressman Mark Amodei2nd District of NevadaOffices: Elko / Reno / Washington D.C.Phone: 775-777-7705/775-686-5760 / 202-225-6155Fax: 775-753-9984 / 775-686-5711 / 202-225-5679Email:Online Contact Form, Congresswoman Susie Lee3rd District of NevadaOffices: Las Vegas / Washington D.C.Phone: 702-963-9336 / 202-225-3252Email:Online Contact Form, Congressman Steven Horsford4th District of NevadaOffices: North Las Vegas / Washington D.C.Phone: 702-963-9360 / 202-225-9894Email:Online Contact Form. They are from Kharkiv, Ukraines second-largest city. The evacuees stay at the church for a day or two before moving on to live with family or friends already in the U.S. I know, after two and half months of ongoing war everyone is tired, and more and more people are losing high interest in knowing whats new out there. Metzger said he expects it will be days, not weeks before Calvarys services are no longer needed. Secondly, those who have successfully fled Ukraine, have landed in Hungary and Poland, and will need funds for food and shelter. A drop in the ocean in face of the huge needs, we know.

His churchs proximity to the border about 9 miles made it a good fit for a way station. Celebrate with us! He writes news features and human interest stories. View our messages on any device or even on your television. The form below is specifically for individuals, Ministry Leaders, or organizations working either in direct response to the war on Ukraine or helping family and friends get to safety. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times.

With your generous giving, there is $104,515.65 remaining in the Relief Fund and we continue to work with local partners to support ongoing efforts to care for people affected by the war. A current mission partner who lived for several years in Ukraine, she will be able to provide on-site updates that will help us coordinate ongoing support. That they may be filled with the strength of Christ to endure. CGN Leader, Jeff Gipe, shares some information on how to send and receive support for Ukraine. I couldnt sleep, all those days, worried about whether she was safe, Ryzhak said. Its been three or four times that: single women, mothers with children, families of six, older couples. Learn About The Word of God from your home or work. Praise God that even in the darkest of storms where hope may seem lost, there is nothing that can thwart Gods plan or keep his hand from moving powerfully. They also asked for woman and childrens undergarments, socks, (all sizes) dry foods that can be made quickly and is hot, such as oatmeal, pasta, rice, and chocolates for the kids. We are looking for individuals 25 years and older who are available for a weeklong commitment who feel called to give aid during this time in a trip we are organizing to help the Ukrainian people seeking refuge through the Tijuana border. The church continues to grow and reach out to the community with the Gospel today. The Slonovskas said they were surprised to hear about what Calvary Chapel was doing, and grateful. Terms of Service Today Calvary Chapel has grown into a movement of more than 1700 churches in over 60 countries, including some of the largest churches in America. Well do it for as long as we can, said Phil Metzger, lead pastor at the Otay Ranch church. This revival spread across the United States and beyond and became known as The Jesus Movement. Find out what Calvary is about and see what to expect if you are new! Pray for: Click here to watch a sweet video of Tanias testimony. After the Ukrainians pass through U.S. customs, they are brought in cars and vans to Calvary Chapel, which repurposed some of its school classrooms into spaces for the newcomers. Thankfully, there are Ministry Leaders in Hungary and Ukraine that are preparing for the tens of thousands of potential refugees. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, he worked for the Santa Barbara News-Press for almost nine years before coming to San Diego. We at CGN wanted to do what we can to help our Calvary family understand what is happening in Ukraine during the start of this war and how we can all be praying. Late last month, the county said it was gearing up to welcome refugees whose U.S. destination is here. You can utilize the skills God has given you to make a difference in their lives as they face this unimaginable circumstance. Our congregation has done well during the pandemic and shutdowns, but now we face a unique challenge. This is one of three housing units they have been working hard to set up since the beginning of the crisis, the others being the House of Peace (opening tomorrow) and the House of Hope (a large former kindergarten building for which we received concession of use by the local county to adapt into housing). They show up at all hours, a couple hundred daily, after long journeys that have left them exhausted.

In the meantime, families like the Slonovskas arrive, suitcases in hand, exhausted. ? 15:11, the responsibility to the ever-present poor/refugee amongst us falls on the body of Christ; There will always be poor people in the land.

Some Ministry Leaders in Ukraine have been successful in helping their families and friends leave the country; others have stayed in Ukraine to minister and help others navigate through these very difficult days. Attend a Life Group, sign up for an event or opportunity to serve or join one of our many ministries. We have shared updates from various partners over several weeks, here is a focused list of some of the projects we have been able to support through our Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund: We continue to pray, continue to provide support and continue to keep our eyes on the Lord as we wait expectantly for an end to this war. God began a great work among the youth of California at that time and thousands of people began coming to Christ, many through the ministry of Calvary Chapel. (Sandy Huffaker / For the San Diego Union-Tribune). Donate cash directly to City Church Warsaw. Ukrainian children play at Calvary Chapel in Chula Vista. July 1, 2022 | Did you know that the Ukraine Crisis Committee has distributed $142,035.16 from the Relief Fund and $95,000 from other special funds? (c) 2021 Calvary Church, Grand Rapids. Olga is a hairdresser in Ukraine. She was at Calvary Chapel on Thursday, working as a translator, doing what she can, she said, to pay it forward.

In this video, food and basic need items were given to a pastor who is closer to the war zone to help his people.

March 23, 2022 | Check out the latest video update from one of our partners, Rodrigo Silva, the Managing Director at All4Aid, at the Ukrainian-Romanian border! What future is there ahead of us? According to the United Nations, more than 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced by the war, including 4.3 million who have left for other countries. They will be staying with a relative they havent seen in seven years. Pray for many in these difficult days to find their hope and strength in Christ. Anna, too, has fled the war, traveling on train and on foot, waiting for hours without food and water to cross the border into Poland, and eventually making her way to Switzerland. What we do know is that the images of civilians suffering, children dying, and neighborhoods being bombed by Russian forces are not only deeply grieving but they evoke a strong desire to take a stand and say, no more. And in that regard, the strength of Ukraines leaders and people, in the face of overwhelming odds, has been nothing short of inspiring as they push back on this present-day evil.

With your help, we can be ordinary people, banded together through the Body of Christ, serving as the hands and feet of God, here on Earth, doing for the least of these, as we would do for Christ himself. During this time he and Lena were married (Sept. 2003).

They raped women.

Like most congregations in the land and abroad which have both Ukrainian and Russian believers the war in Ukraine is creating tension among the believers. March 21, 2022 |This past week, All4Aid, a faith-based, international, nonprofit organization Calvary has partnered with, began hosting Ukrainian refugees at their beautiful and newly set up House of Grace, in Romania. Grateful to God! As we continue to monitor the situation, if the Lord highlights additional needs we will let you know specific ways you can be involved. We are with them, be with us!!! We understand that many of you may be in a great trial of affliction just as the Macedonian Churches were in Pauls day. Our All4Aid team just drove 700Kg of food and hygiene items into Ukraine! This is one of three housing units they have been working hard to set up since the beginning of the crisis, the others being the House of Peace (opening tomorrow) and the House of Hope (a large former kindergarten building for which we received concession of use by the local county to adapt into housing). Please continue to pray for their team, especially those who are taking risks to bring food and supplies into Ukraine. Finally we feel safe, Olga Slonovska said Thursday morning. She was an unbeliever who came to the church for the first time in her life. Pray for peace in the region. For more information. There will beno10% administrative fee, but credit & debit card gifts will incur a 3% fee. The contribution will be credited to your giving account and the monies forward to the relief effort. Many were in shock fearing the Russians would return. Pray that Christs hand would be upon each of these Ukrainian ministers as they work and lead. Recently as I drove the streets of Bucharest and worked side by side with my colleagues at All4Aid as well as many other brothers and sisters in Jesus, I was struck with the words of Jesus to Judas as Mary anointed Jesus feet with expensive perfume; you will always have the poor among you! If you have further questions about how to pray and offer support in the midst of this conflict, please contact You can utilize the skills God has given you to make a difference in their lives as they face this unimaginable circumstance. April 4, 2022 | We are praising God after reading this note from Rodrigo, All4Aids managing director, who continues to update us on how God is at work amind this crisis. Hundreds of Ukrainians are waiting in Tijuana to request protection in the United States, Inside the battle for control of a legendary music club and the soul of a high desert town, How two L.A. COVID swindlers dodged the FBI and joined the European jet set, USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID, Coronavirus cases are soaring in L.A. County, but this wave is different, Californians can soon use cryptocurrencies to donate to state and local candidates, Northern California brush fire grows to nearly 90 acres, destroys at least one structure, Authorities seize 228 alleged cockfighting roosters, 500 pounds of marijuana in Antelope Valley, Berkeleys Moorish-Tudor fever dream of an apartment complex sells for over $100 million, Convicted killer set free under Prop. Due to the great need in the region Calvary has created the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. As I meditated on these words, my heart is overwhelmed and filled with joy at the openhanded response and depth of generosity Calvary Church has provided in their quick response to the poor/refuge seeking safety and refuge in Romania. We have a Meet and Greet at 12:30 on the first Sunday of every month in our Worship Center. Donate cash directly to City Church Warsaw-. Pray for strength and encouragement for all those pastors and ministers in Ukraine who are pouring themselves out to bring Christ to those in need. These funds will be used by Mercy and Missions and the Jerusalem Project to enable the church and our mission partners to minister in Jesus name to those affected by the war. For us, its unsustainable, Metzger said as he watched a swirl of activity around him at the church.

As we have watched the evil acts being carried out against Ukraine, and praying for Gods intervention, I have also been communicating with my friends and contacts in Poland. His question is not a reflection of the support of Calvary Church, but a question likely reflected in the hearts and minds of those in Ukraine still facing dire straits, as the world continues to move forward. Pray, do good to others, and focus on the future the eternal destination of your soul.. Pray that she will be a blessing as she ministers to those fleeing Ukraine, which has also been her home for the past 26 years. The apostle John declares, This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us (1 John 5:14). 2. They will have an opportunity to visit churches and ministry leaders who have been tirelessly working to protect and cover their communities for over three months now. Benjamin Morrison took his first trip to Ukraine in 2001 with Calvary Chapel Bible College of Indianapolis. I was so moved by all that my little Christian Church and friends in Poland are doing to help facilitate the transportation, feeding and housing of millions of Ukrainians as they fled their homeland into Poland.

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