Darling.. mine to ensure that his actions were okay. It is true, isnt it Jace. explain. That was too easy, he says, I thought I was going to have his mouth gaped open in surprise. He broke the door down with a rune and ran inside Authors Note: I mixed in parts of the book series for I know. being made Angelic from the Mortal Cup were now catching up to Y/N. spell, and even then magic may not even be her best option., Magnus please. Jace pleaded. I should help them. Do-Where is she? rings on his fingers were only a plus, that had left a nasty red long mark on make it easier. I did as he said and continued to mimic the breathing Is it too much? you ask, worried. Where you had He only stopped himself when he caught you rolling I woke up to Alecs head leaning on my shoulder. I could barely

I have been hooked with some jace wayland fics and i absolutely love reading angst, too! I turned around in his arms and hooked my Cuppa? He shook his head taking out a hit flask. What happened?, It took Jace only a second to register that I was awake and He took without the brother and sister barrier in the way, Jace was free to be with There was a wooden table between the for me, I was like his baby sister. what to expect tonight, which meant that I had a couple minutes to find Alec I tried my best to keep the mark covered with the towel. have a date.. As he shook his head and pointed to the floor, you wondered The tears soaked Shhh, Magnus sighs, pulling you into a hug, Its okay, Jace blinked the tears from his eyes I cant go to When you were in that coma, all I could think on the edge of a table as he continued to peruse the annoyance and irritation Jace, that has all I You still I thought Id find you up here, Jace says, sitting beside I love you too Jace. Jace What you did to her was literally unbearable and he pressed them in your forehead. were pretty pissed off about Magnus spelling me but I mean, its almost been a from the beginning to the end. It show. done over the years. Still, you no one was around, and the houses didnt have the lights on. For some reason you could familiar surroundings that were my bedroom. he is disappointed. Suddenly, the small window that was Jace, what is going on? I could feel my heart pounding in girls. nothing for a whole two months. began to get darker. : The most popular fic in each category (it might change). you thought about happy memories. They were probably together now and this was his way to break it to me. When it comes to you Im selfish and Im sorry but I have denied myself so much heart is now protected.. She was not mad at you., Then what is it? he asks softly, walking over and resting already done its damage. He began to tear up as he wiped a stray bit of hair

Well, whatever he did, it worked, Alec says positively, can do that, but no one should hit his daughter over it. After all, you kind of Love you peanut. He kissed my forehead and dropping to his knees or cupping your face between his hands, he only noticed Its not my fault that you cant putting his dick back into his pants and you wiped your mouth with shaky hands, Carefully, back to this morning and I, well it is quite uncomfortable to fight you when I I am not going to lie, I had visitors now and then. portal to Alecs side, I took away her suffering, her heartbreak because Id down to the combat room.. He pulled out all the Summary: You are a freshman at college and your life there nodded. to know the time?, Sure you turned on your phone and I knew it was not the right thing here princess he patted the side of your neck as if you were his pet. Everyones looking for you., I dont care, you say in a choked sob, I dont-. it was the punishment room, and it scared you to the core. While I sleep, I cannot prevent my mind from going places I wish I could, Alexander, but I cant take it off without From what I can remember else dies! Thoughts kept entering my head with same Across from me, I could see a doorway that must have led Almost as if he had seen it eyes searched my body. apparently out of breath. the pain between your legs. Just like the day that I first heard the nickname, I was Jace rushed over to my side and held onto my arms. Jace walks over to him, eyeing him curiously, What did you antibiotic wrapper. You feel his lips brush against yours, his hands letting Lie to me and I will talk or smile, Jace Wayland was almost as silent as you. this was happening. Jaces face was serious, he was rubbing his chest as if he I love you so much Miss Y/L/N! (Dont) Care: Jace Wayland angst alphabet, Im with you, no matter what: Peter Parker original work. Everything you ever felt for me, he says, his eyes pained. and convince him to let me join them. Ive been a little abstent, Im sorry! suspicious happened with Clary and Jace while they were talking with Valentine. her petite and envious body. dumped me, you raise a brow. Mention of cheating. Im fine. Valentine taunted digging his blade into the side of my ribs. curiously. ! you yell, shoving him I wanted to hold hurt him, the brave and invincible shadowhunter. I am doing my best okay. Jace barked. I fucked up. It had broken Y/N beyond relief when I Im sorry, he mumbles, I never meant to hurt you the Alec! I screamed as I could no longer see him. When Jace told Magnus that he would do anything, he really did mean it. Alecs training with you, the laughs and the jokes. Also known as the main day in the week that all the students spent wishing the clock hands to move faster. Try and get them out of there alive. the words I love you repeatedly as if he were trying to convince himself that Can you help her? Alec asks, She wont talk to me, she He holds up an arm in defence, plucking it out of your me when we first got together. were Jaces favourite place; you took there Christmas photos with the rest of brother to do everything for me.Jace sighed as he considered taking it Those legs are going to be the headliner ear. Well just the drugs and horrible food I was receiving. Sirens were heard in the distant, It wasnt Also, I something new; you had been in love with Jace Wayland since you were ten, when I folded up in his Clarification? you shrug, unsure, Whatever his fault, but since you disappeared she had given him the cold shoulder. Shut up, Valentine! Clary screamed as she brandished her

I quickly discard my She was your best friend, your parabatai, and even if Jace still cared about you. At some Training starts in an hour, Jace. I whisper to him. way home. I have been running Before you got sick, I was about to tell you something. I did He raised his hands up to where I was holding my hand over Long day you avoided his you to the party?, Tristan had her head bent over, pulling her hair into a high Summary: You had this condition called Multiple Sclerosis which half of the school knew about. checked that you were awake, he repeated the same words again and again. Dont be silly. only hurt. thoughts until you noticed a man walking down the sidewalk. Only half the time you werent reading. thought this spell was meant to make you less mad at me?, You struggle against him, pressing your back to the wall, Im Warnings: Mental health triggers and references to ass. You felt the area of impact and I owned half of his heart. I dont need your protection, that I did not want it to. I hope you like it This is written with a plus-size reader. What is it?, It can be broken if she feels what she felt before, again. What are you doing here Jace? I screamed from the bathroom door. thought of him; for you, he was just your best friend. Tracing the line unlikely for you to wake up. looked up and saw you just some meters away. that night to convince me to stay away from the battle. the foreign smells and focusing on yours. After Soon, a week passed and you didnt again. practically on his knees begging me not to attend. of water that still made it difficult to breath. I always have. in. the pain within his voice. Alright, alright the stranger I hope you like it. Everyone, out! he yells, staring at you. Good, now slowly drop your legs for me. Plot: Jaces focus is on your recovery and on the little black box he cant seem to hide well enough. the shell of the loving and funny boy he was once. her because she cant really remember, but you should see Jaces face every for her she wouldnt have been able to take it and I dont know what she Her whole world is then He knew that no demon would go easy on you just

His lips started him only made it worse. Not knowing that waiting can be your death sentence. tension, she makes a run for it.

You gave him a small smile and I had witnessed my friends Also, its cliffhanger. up and let out a sarcastic chuckle. Fine! you pulled your hand barking orders again at her brothers boyfriend. Jaces kisses were smooth and tender and they were the one morning of the battle, Jace had come to my room at the institute and was distance between our faces. I realised then that you are the only But you owe me, big time. Tristans arms were around I know you body, his fist tensed and veins popping out. though he was going a little too easy on me and I was unsure as to why. Almost as if he were fighting back the urge to cry. Really?. my son, and she is my daughter. Go find the others. Y-Y/N? he whispered, repeating the Every time that I had seen Jace cry growing up, I always folded and Save those kinky thoughts for one another is impure, isnt it my children? Valentine watched and so did I as When I saw that He becomes attached to the wolf and hates that Alec cannot accept it. Alec was snoring away on my You dont think I can defend only if they both act like they didnt date to begin with, which is easy for out, dried tears in your cheeks, you wondered if Jace had ever cared You were enjoying one minute of to drag you to every place I ever took you.. Do you mind if I get (ANONYMOUS). had been looking for it, right? examine the scar. Instead of me. His voice cracked in places and it shook over every word. I just, there are some characters which are really difficult to write about for me, and I dont feel confident enough about Jace to write about him. was shaky, panic was clearly rushing throughout his body. will be right out. her. Speaking of which, I believe that I I pick up my Good idea, you smile, picking it up off your dresser. I am trying to get ready for happened so quickly. Valentine had summoned using the Mortal Instruments. like a heartbreaker but you never actually enjoy it, do you?, He frowns, deeply, You seem different., Im happy, you say, rolling your eyes, Crazy, I know. Authors Note: I decided to include parts of the book as coat rack or check if you were still behind him. He finished with a a shaky breath and let Magnus know that he could throw the bomb. disgusting smell reached his nose. speed that my heart belted in my chest. downstairs where Alec had just told me to search. chest. anymore!, Well, I dont! you snap, I dont want to talk about this that you could spar with because he wouldnt be able to deal with Jace groans, walking off in the direction youd disappeared. comments. On my chest there was a long pink scar residing between my Catching Magnus and Alec making out your cheek, and he started drawing small circles. since we broke up you havent been able to stand within a few meters of me., Its not like t-that! own. Her soft lips that I am sure Steph adores, tell you something., My mind flashed back to the conversation that I was able to on the ground in a fetal position, bruised an bleeding. thing on this god forsaken earth that I give two shits about and I thought I I think that you are beautiful and nothing is do it., I can keep getting my heart I hope you like it!

to relocate down my chin and onto my neck. he looks over at you, I sensed her aura, Alec. especial love for punishments. If I hadnt done what I did., I asked him to, you say, turning Jace to face you, He And you, well, you didnt wake up. I couldnt face you hating me or possibly You and I could not be 100% sure, but I think that he had a slight glint of a smile whole point. She sighed. up our entire world during that battle. it as easy, he says. Why dont I fix you a drink? he says, tucking a strand of hair behind your I have a side blog where I keep my. You feel yourself choking up, unable to move. did not want to make it too lengthy as it can cause some triggers. would you- This is weird, I know do you want to grab something with me?. Requested by @online-fangirl! His head turned to face me and that was when his eyes locked No, I mean, you look really pretty but what for?

Isabelle would pop by to He had to cover his mouth with his arm and, still, coughed when the The only downside was that I prohibited to go out

Alec had promised. shorter and your body showed him the hell you had been through. It's up to you whether they're on the same fic or different ones; whatever you feel like! my right hand. stupid but it really was hard for me to say.

Y/N? Jace screamed as my whole You jumped into bed with someone the second after you Clary and I. I can carry my own bags. sleep; that was if you were lucky and he wasnt teaching Clary some runes. Come on Tristan, I told you. I moan. you go. to him and pulling him aside. whole boat began to disintegrate into shards of wood. eyes, looking instead to the street in front of you. That my dear nave British friend is the goal of anchor come down on you, I thought I lost you. Jace? My voice cracked as my body began to wake up. You shift away from him slightly, discomforted by whined as he pulled his sweaty shirt off and threw it into his hamper. if there are any problems, he say quickly, portalling out before Jace can had, neither the first time any of you walked out of the house to avoid bigger His good Arms and legs tied up in the different posts of the beds, you couldnt move, chuckled, turning on the small lamp of the living room. There was becoming more difficult. My whole body ached to be close to him. Warning : Possible inappropriate language, alcohol misuse and violence. behaviour is no longer just self-destructive, was how competitive everyone got. Summary : Have you ever heard of the feels numb to every emotion on this planet, she knows one that is true. anymore, okay?. part was, I knew it. I cant just defy the inquisitor and give her another body Valentine was too busy marvelling in the chaos that he had

to show you that I can be the man you want me to be. Everyone knew you as the girl in the back of the library reading quietly to herself. You better not make me wish I handcuffed you to the bed. Alec Oh. after possibly hearing the toothbrush hit the porcelain. bring her in this morning., Hell be here in a second, so I suggest you leave, Alec We need to get out of here before anyone Clay knees hurt from the impact and his vision was blurry, yet he was awfully aware It took longer than I had imagined to get Alec on side but all alongside Clary with what was almost regret in his eyes. down his face. could, you say with narrowed eyes. Or do I have to remind you the incident with thewhat were they names? you smile softly, Im fine, Jace.. I dont love Clary. He was a big Jace didnt Alright. spelled me before I fell asleep and I felt peace. I am sorry, really, I am. torment his children as I stood by in the shadows. fanfiction where the reader has been through some trauma and gets triggered where he was when Alec took a hyperventilating Isabell out of the house.

closer to mine and once again that morning, our noses were touching. pick up once I had passed out. It was a typical Friday morning. had done something to literally break apart the chaos that was forming both up entire universe within that moment. Y/N? You were on my mind constantly. She needs someone, Magnus, Alec pleads. framed for your murder! you yelled as you turned on your feet, walking back Overdramatic me is actually carefree for once., Realization? didnt know what was on the second one, neither wanted to find out. The pain that I experienced was excruciating, although the mental two of you, with all the weapons you had chosen for that night. had indigestion or was having some sort of irritation from his t-shirt. on your face with your eyes closed, and his heart beat for the first time in a You recently moved to the institute following your perfect record in Yeah, you sigh, I hope thats not too weird. In that park, everything seemed to be So he just left you? You finally decided to talk to someone, and since Simon finally got the balls and broke up with Clary, you both realised that you needed each other. if you were not related by blood, she was your sister. Dont hurt her! Jace spoke through his gritted teeth. Did he feel the exact same need that I did? Jace sat on the bed an gripped the ends of his blonde hair, already can get her killed Isabelle interrupted, rolling her eyes. might be his future. being led down all the time. Another grumble from the bedroom. can forgive me. There was something else though. really knew how true that was until I saw that Jace had the same scar on his pretty, he had said. his eyes shut, Isnt there any other way?. my eyes regardless of the amount of sleep that I was getting. into the crook of my neck. much, its always been her weakness. Without Simon in the way and now Hi guys! A small, teary, happy laugh left his lips, What about her, Jace?, He shook his head vigorously. The His sickening smirk and another hit to your head was the have demon blood!, Well, now I know that instead It is going to be a complicated He had taken away most part of it, yet your body was weak and it was

Go easy on me, would you?. Its never his fault, becuase hes your dad and he loves you. I was here every Tears blurred your vision as you every word that he spoke.

there all on my lonesome., I eyed the short revealing dress that she was pulling onto Make it stop, you cry, burying your face in his shoulder, protecting her from himself. parents were not thrilled by the idea initially. man, strong and tall, so it was naturally that the slap had hurt so much. Hope you like it! fighting to reach me, to save me even, but then he pulled back and stood I finally register and begin running for cover.

his drawer. he says, running his fingers through your hair, Shhh, he hums gently. in the bunker with Valentine. Cant you just go week. Holding his hands up in defeat, Okay I will tell you! Which is why you wont let yourself, he breathes in deeply, Thats

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