All four options undoubtedly have their positives, the Full Blown kit is immensely popular, the GReddy kit is an excellent choice but is sadly no longer available, although if you can find a used kit that might be worth considering.

Our price is lower than the manufacturer's For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We switched to a 39mm wastegate and went with a standard T3 50 Trim, T3 57 Trim, or you can upgrade to the GTX (Please see option).. Here are our recommended settings for the ultimate Forza Horizon 5 drift tune. Address:3370 Mike Collins Dr. Eagan, MN 55121. So lets check out the fastest drag cars in Horizon 5. Impressive as they are, peak horsepower numbers, large external dimensions and max boost levels do not tell the whole story in turbocharging. To pick our winner from this choice of FR-S turbo kits we looked at a number of criteria; ease of installation, power levels, upgrade potential and price point. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

A must have for any Forte!!! WORKS BRZ / FR-S / 86 Stage 1 "Simple" Turbo Kit - Tuner Ver. Manufacturer description: The WORKS Stage 2 Turbo Kit for the FR-S/BRZ takes the performance of our Stage 1 Turbo Kit to the next level with the addition of an air-to-liquid intercooler and a higher boost threshold. EcuTek Pro-ECU Kit Cable & License for 13-16 Scion FR-S; 17-18 Toyota 86; 13-18 Subaru BRZ S6Z12EE9AECUJ. In addition to all of that, we also took the license fee off since we got so many emails asking for a discount , because they had already paid for the license fee. PTP Turbo Blankets T25/T28 SR-Glass Turbo Blanket (Black), FT86MS Turbo Kit - Various Options - FRS/BRZ/86, HKS GT2 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM PRO 2013+ FR-S / BRZ / 86, Xero Limit Flex Fuel Kit - BRZ/GT86 - Rear O2 (13-17+), Full Blown Stage 2 Turbo Kit - 2013+ FR-S / BRZ, CXRacing Ball Bearing Turbo Kit Manifold Downpipe For Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ FA20 NA-T, CXRacing Intercooler + Piping Kit + Turbo Intake Air Filter Kit + Radiator Hard Pipe Kit For Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS with 2JZ-GTE Swap with Single Turbo Upgrade, CXRacing Single Turbo Manifold + Downpipe + Dump pipe For Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS With 2JZ-GTE Engine Swap, CXRacing 2JZ-GTE Engine / R154 Transmission 2012-2015 Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS Swap Kit.

Thats when people start sentences with Well, for that much money, I could just get a and Scion loses sales. Check out our comprehensive turbocharger vs supercharger guide to see what is the right solution for your FRS. Although it was designed to be a light chassis with skinny tyres and enough power to kick the rear end out when you want to, some owners are understandably left wanting more. WORKS Stage 1 CARB Compliant FR-S Turbo Kit, WORKS Stage 2 CARB Compliant FR-S Turbo Kit. This small company has developed a bolt-on plug-and-play kit for the 1st generation GT86 platform with a 2AZ-FE engine swap, with several owners currently running their setup. The car is running smoothly and I couldn't be more satisfied. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Do you have a BRZ? !Thanks,~Greg A., Connecticut. advertised price." With a 50-state smog legal cert, you wont need to worry about getting pulled if youre planning to drive this kit on the street in the US.

Updated 19th November, 2020: The GReddy T518Z was our deserved winner, however, recently GReddy has unfortunately decided to discontinue this turbo kit.

2590579 Ontario Ltd1011 Limoges Rd.

FOR A LIMITED TIME WE ARE THROWING IN FREE TURBO BLANKET & HEAT WRAP. Add 75+whp with a Scion FRS Bolt-On Intercooled Turbo Kit from FastScions. Tuner Turbo Kit( additional fuel management not included), Larger GReddyT620Z-10cm2 actuator turbo(top-mounted), 4-1 SUS Exhaust Manifold with dual flex-pipes(header type), Large SUS downpipe & front pipe(removes catlyic-conveters), aluminum intercooler piping (direct routing). Both ensure your engine can expel nasty fumes quickly, but a few key differences make one better than the other. RATED UP TO 440HP!!! Whilst this kit features fantastic quality, results and ease of fitting, it lacks an intercooler which may put some users off. To read more about any of these products simply click on the turbo kit name or photo. Newest

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Based on these criteria we have chosen the WORKS Stage 2 FR-S Turbo Kit to be our winner. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. However, most people believe Supercharger Kit, Kraftwerks w/o Tuning - Scion FR-S, Supercharger Kit, Edelbrock E-Force - Scion FR-S, Supercharger Kit, HKS GT V3 w/o Tuning - Scion FR-S, Supercharger Kit, Kraftwerks w/ECUTek Tuning - Scion FR-S, Supercharger Kit, Cosworth Stage 2.0 Power Package - Scion FR-S, Supercharger Kit, Vortech Centrifigul - Scion FR-S.

Copyright 2022 Fast Specialties Group Inc. All Rights Reserved. As always, the temptation to lower the suspension, throw some wide, grippy tyres on and make it look even better than it left the factory is the firs thing on owners minds. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. After two years of engineering development and testing, WORKS is proud to introduce their innovative, Very simple installation in less than one day, Genuine Garrett GT28 ball bearing, water-cooled turbocharger mounted rearward to maintain chassis balance and handling, Internal and external ceramic coated up and downpipe, Short length intake piping and efficient intercooler core minimize pressure loss/drop and maximize boost response, Proper heat protection (battery heatshield, heat wrap for wiring), Retains the factory air box, exhaust manifold and front pipe and thus both catalytic converters, Only removes 1 factory exhaust component (over pipe), Does not remove or compromise the factory emissions components, Looks stock like OEM Limoges, Ontario K0A 2M0 Canada.

Eager to watch insane drift cars pushed to their limits on a Ninja Warrior-style course?

The sound alone is worth the $$, not to mention the throttle response, build quality, and power. Products, Start with something less specific - you can refine your search results later. Manufacturer description: GReddy Performance Products is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated T518Z Tuner Turbo Kit for the 2013- Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

Please check with your local vehicle authority before purchasing, using or installing any GReddy/GPP product. We switched to a 39mm wastegate and went with a standard T3 50 Trim, T3 57 Trim, or you can upgrade to the GTX (Please see option). However, with your new found grip and 2.0 N/A, youll probably realise that you now need more power to go with it. 2012-2020 BRZ / FR-S / FT86 Turbo Kit | Tomioka Racing. We cut through the hype to find out what makes the wildly popular Devel 16 tick. We lift the cylinder head on Nissan's CA18DET to find out what makes this popular engine tick. Products, Newest Efficiency is the goal, and a turbocharger uses already existing exhaust gasses to spin the turbine and create boost pressure. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. Ask us anything.

Neither of the jointly developed Subaru-Toyota sports cars will be turbocharged, at least in the near future. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum By submitting this form, you are granting: Fast Specialties Group, 16025 Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, California, 91706, United States, permission to email you. Our team of engineers spent hundreds of hours in design, development, tuning, and testing to produce a simple and reliable turbo setup to enhance the driving experience of the your vehicle. 100% COMPLETE WITH FUEL PUMP, INJECTORS, AND BASE MAP! This is the easiest-to-install, most cost-effective, and least-intrusive air-to-liquid intercooled turbo system available for the FR-S/BRZ..

Motiva Performance dyno tunes a WORKS Stage 1 "Simple" Turbo Kit equipped FR-S. WORKS BRZ - Stage 1 Turbo Development Kit - First Start-Up, Dyno Tuning and Drive, All Rights Reserved.

This kit also gives you the benefit of not having to worry about having undeclared mods under the hood. With plenty of options available when it comes to supercharging or turbocharging your FR-S, it mainly comes down to personal preference to decide which method is best for you. We stand behind our goods and services and want you to be satisfied with them.

Manufacturer description: We realized that our Stage 1 premium turbo kit did not meet everyones budget so we decided to put together a more affordable kit for the guys who are looking at turboing their FR-S. Required fields are marked *. gain at the flywheel on 91 octane (R+M)/2 gasoline, Very simple installation in less than one day (bumper and oil pan removal not necessary), Retains the factory air box, exhaust manifold and front pipe and thus both catalytic converters (only removes 1 factory exhaust component [over pipe]), ~70 hp, ~50 ft./lbs. Hyperdrive returns to the craziness once again for Season 2. The news gets worse, were afraid.

Please be generous, giving a higher rating helps us to create more content like this . Choose from AVO Turboworld Stage 1 or 2 Kits. Full Blown SCION FRS Stage 1 Base Turbo Kit. Now running 12psi of boost, this kit can provide gains of over 90hp, which is a 55% increase over stock.

FBM FRS Base Stage 1 Turbo kit Includes: - FBM Base EL Turbo manifold - Choice of turbo 50 trim, 57trim, or GTX28 (please see option) - FBM Aluminum Wrinkled Black intercooler Piping with couplers - FBM 3" Downpipe - FBM 550hp Intercooler with cast tanks - FBM Intake Pipe - FBM Dump tube - Precision Turbo 39mm wastegate - Tial 50mm Q BOV - FBM 550cc injectors - FBM 270LPH Pump - FBM Dual slim fans - All Hardware/oil lines and gaskets - FBM 7psi Basemap (does not include license) We can offer license and cable for those who are interested as well. RC drift cars present the perfect opportunity to get your drifting fix. If you enjoyed this article then please share it with the sharing buttons at the side and the bottom of your screen.

We are the professionals! As VR continues to revolutionize gaming, we take a look at the best games on the market to provide the ultimate Virtual Reality racing experience. We havent been able to confirm whether this was an accurate quote, but even if never is an exaggeration, its a grim situation. The guys at SR Tuned on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have something a little different to offer. The setup combines perfect fitment alongside with the stunning quality that weve come to expect from GReddy over the years. Overall, this kit is an excellent all-arounder, bringing the typical quality that youd expect from HKS. Our comment: Full Blown have come up with this well-priced offering of their Stage 1 premium turbo kit.

The guys at SR Tuning have kept the weight at 2,822lbs, with factory front-to-rear balance and a near 50/50 balance left to right. HKS believes that 450 ps (440 hp) is reliably achievable with the correct tuning, and several enthusiasts are keen to prove it has further untapped potential. Glowshift Accessories and Replacement Parts. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. The kit can be used on its own, or paired with other upgrades for more power (built motor tested to ~450 hp)., The kit includes all the necessary hard parts for installation.

It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of this product to ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations.

Legal for sale or use in CA only on vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway. FEATURES and BENEFITSRotrex C30-94 Supercharger Unit Ultra high efficiency Silent operation Low operating temperatures Self Now you can get the popular E-Force Supercharger for your 2.0L equipped FR-S, BRZ, or GT86.

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