Deliver relevant experiences driven by experimentation and data. Unlocking the power of biotech with modern software for modern science, The global leader in modern data integration, Payroll, HR, compliance, perks, and benefits for remote teams. A mental health benefits platform for employers. The mobile app uses data analytics to determine the optimal way to pay down debt and makes tracking and managing multiple cards hassle-free. The toolkit includes all elements such as design layout, brand colors, and typography, that a startup needs to build a consistent experience across all channels of communication with its customers. Founder/ CEO:Christian Umbach,Oliver Thamm. The team brings the experience of building and scaling products used by millions of people across Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other leading technology companies. To address these issues and make mental health support readily accessible and affordable to anyone, Yoshua has created Nao, an AI-powered social platform, which helps people coping with loneliness, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other challenges and establish a meaningful connection with members sharing similar experiences. The users can read and submit comments and discuss content live with peers, which allows for rapid iteration, sophisticated feedback, and faster project completion. The system is available in the web and mobile versions. The shipping infrastructure of the internet. This enterprise-grade customer experience web and mobile platform applies machine learning to consumer interactions to track, analyze, and enhance the buyers experience with brands at every step of their interaction. Robert Krajewski Brightloom (formerly eatsa) applies innovative technology and design to help restaurants transform customer experience and streamline operations. A modern payment processing platform focused on government agencies. Founder/ CEO:Brandon Ballinger,Jason Tan. Even so, less than half of Americans have saved enough to retire. Founded in 2017, Allganize provides enterprise-grade Natural Level Understanding and conversational AI to multiple verticals. 11 min read. Human Interest is backed by Y Combinator, SoftTech VC, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Slow Ventures, and other top Silicon Valley investors. Whats interesting, to ensure fast service, Krome uses a proprietary AI-driven platform that instantly assigns submitted photos to experienced editors across the globe. Their platform is integrated with leading e-commerce solutions including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and more, so you can get started quickly without any technical requirements. Extend enables any merchant to offer extended warranties and protection plans through the easy-to-integrate APIs or pre-built e-commerce apps. The company solutions include conversational chatbot, Q&A AI, and entity extraction engine, among others, all of which enable businesses to automate their workflows, provide real-time insights into current projects, and enhance the customer experience with 24/7 access to services. Ridecell operates in the shared mobility space across Europe and North America, offering a High-yield Shared Mobility toolkit comprising intelligent software, business services, and ecosystem partners. Software and APIs to collect, clean, and control customer data. Data Versioning, Data Pipelines, and Data Lineage, Accounting & Payments app for 60M micro-businesses in Indonesia. Robots that mine physical data to predict when things break. The companys mission is to allow virtually everyone to have access to the highest interest rates that used to be only available to the wealthy. International banking infrastructure for global startups. Digital trade financing for small businesses, To make food a renewable resource, for everyone. Compound is a wealth manager for people who work at tech companies. Simple and secure bookkeeping for Indian businesses. Southeast Asias e-commerce logistics and enablement platform, Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI, The space infrastructure services company.

Real-time visibility into critical apps and services all in one place. The community-focused wallet is built on Telegram messenger, and it allows the users to easily and safely manage their digital assets, and maximize control over their finances. They enable all enterprises, regardless of their size, to secure the financial future of their employees. The user-friendly app features a host of financial services and even allows users to borrow cash to cover their expenses. We're Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. All authentication data is kept on an individual users device and remains protected with biometrics and sophisticated encryption. The financial operating system for the next generation of business. Founder/ CEO:Jawad Nasrullah,Ming Zhang,Myron Shak. Fintech SaaS platform for invoices, taxes, wealth management & credit. (Learn more about how we compile these lists.). Similarly to that startup, Phiar puts AI into use to improve the driving experience, enhance the drivers safety, and facilitate navigation on the road. Transforms how grocery stores buy highly perishable foods. Mobile-first software for maintenance teams. Harness is the industrys first AI-based Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that automates the entire CD process end-to-end. Next on our list is a free branding web service that uses a proprietary data algorithm to generate a complete brand toolkit for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses, based on a simple questionnaire. Calm is co-founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith.

Clerkie is doing that by combining conversational AI with detailed financial knowledge graphs to offer individual recommendations to clients on how to improve the management of their financial assets. Community and collaboration platform for K-8 schools and families. High Performance Computing Built for the Cloud. They are just a few clicks away. A no-code SaaS solution to manage and track sales commissions. Calm has over 25 million users and is profitable (10x revenue growth in two years). Everyone can invest $100. Manage all business payables in one dashboard. Formerly FX Labs, CyberSecuriti AI appeared on the startup stage in 2018 with an enterprise solution that protects companies from attacks targeting the API layer. Thanks to the solutions offered by the startup, businesses can create their own chips already within two weeks. Founder/ CEO:Bill Stark,Jeff LaPenna,John Capogna. Backed by funds from Google Ventures, Copper has created a CRM software for companies that use G Suite. Online convenience store for residential and office buildings.

No one will understand the challenges of a budding startup like another startup. Tally is the first automated debt manager that helps users clear credit card debt. The card is usable at ATMs at no additional fees and connected to a checking account. Krome Photos is a fast and affordable creative photo editing and design service that can be used by small and medium businesses to advertise their products online and expand their digital presence. We use technical and analytics cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Open source tools of modern distributed systems. Krome receives photos taken on mobile and turns them into listing images, ads, infographics, and other visual marketing assets. Whether someone wants to proactively manage stress or treat depression, Modern Health guides people to the right care at the right time and helps companies save money on interactions and healthcare costs. Helping businesses make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa. Beam is a San Francisco-based technology company that offers mobile-only, high-interest banking to its users. Founder/ CEO: Ryan Pandya, Perumal Gandhi. Furniture rental for people and businesses. Empowering restaurants and small food makers to ship nationwide.

Looking for tech business veterans and consultants? Your all-in-one digital platform for trade across the Americas, Precision medicine for Africans and the global population. The next San Francisco startup, Checkr, also builds on machine learning intelligence to deliver a platform for providing recruitment teams with an AI-powered background check. Payments infrastructure for the internet. As a goal, Wise aims to deliver a fully integrated ecosystem of growth services to empower its customers to streamline their business. Founder/ CEO:Yuteng Cao,Chuan Yu,Sean Zhu. The app contains up-to-date information on thousands of charging points in the vicinity and provides information on charger availability and compatibility with a given car. And stay tuned for our next startup summary; well be heading to Atlanta, the Empire City of the South! They are proud of the product and work hard to provide you with the best possible experience, even if it requires the creation of new technologies and design paradigms. Shogun empowers brands to create exceptional ecommerce experience. On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. End-to-end solutions for the entire ML lifecycle. Continuous deployment at enterprise scale, WebRTC video and audio APIs for every developer, High quality, on-demand content for hypergrowth companies, API-first stock and crypto brokerage platform. The tiny sensors can be used across a range of applications such as weather monitoring, predicting environmental changes, measuring gas pipe performance, or tracking vehicle performance. Another health and wellness proposition comes from BlueSmart, a specialized range of IoT baby products. Helping startups get the most out of their equity. The startup founded in December 2018 provides a 100% mobile business banking solution, which includes an FDIC-insured banking account and a Visa debit card, and is soon to be extended with invoicing capabilities, credit card, and point of sale payments features. The app connects to the Facebook account to enable fast and easy borrowing, and it makes it possible for both parties to define the size of the loan, and choose payback dates and terms. A full stack payments and neobanking platform for businesses in India. Delivers direct from the farm to your door. Sysdig also focuses on security but seen from a completely different angle. Branch is a 100% mobile-based financial app that leverages data science to offer fast, affordable loans to customers mobile wallets. Founder/ CEO: Alex Tew, Michael Acton Smith. Healthline Media is a well-established health information website that provides health-related content, tools, and solutions. Their mission is to democratize software development by allowing anyone to create software tools that meet their needs. The companys goal is to transform Calm into one of the most valuable and significant brands of the 21st century - Nike of the Mind. It is the only solution that can meet the full range of mental wellbeing needs through both evidence-based technology and the professional support of a certified trainer or therapist. eSignature software for small and mid-market businesses. Airtable is an independent privately-owned company headquartered in San Francisco. The startup is a retail technology company that creates interactive shopping displays (wall mounts, countertops, etc.) Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby. Customizable beauty for hair, skin, and body care products. The founder wants to change that. Integrated physical and environmental commodity management. Chime is the leading US mobile bank account designed to help people avoid fees, automatically save money, and improve their finances. It is a web-based centralized workstation that integrates with all collaboration apps to provide a single platform for communication with various teams and across all projects. Helps job training programs find qualified applicants. Developer tools to easily build in-app purchases and subscriptions. Payment operations tools for money movement. Through the solutions clean and intuitive interface, solopreneurs and freelancers can connect to other professionals and clients, and manage all aspects of their business, from issuing invoices, through developing contracts to tracking projects via the web or mobile app. Hipcamp is Airbnb for camping aficionados. The AmpUp app makes driving an electric car much more convenient. Communities can use it to report crimes and receive real-time updates on whats happening in the neighborhood. Reinventing the international supply-chain in LATAM. Brings rewards and benefits to the debit card. Juggling between dozens of business applications is frustrating and counterproductive.

Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy. Founded this year, PayPoints is one of the youngest startups featured on our lists. As the startup claims, thanks to this intuitive, drag and drop tool, businesses can create powerful native mobile and web apps without any programming or integration. sweater houston problem vs knit Legacy helps you test, improve, and freeze your sperm. The integrated platform takes from data-driven intelligence to deliver real-time visibility and protection from all kinds of online fraud and abuse, processing 35 billion events per month. Not only does the Bay Area have the most high growth hottest companies in Growjo it also has the most per capita. This is a great opportunity to be part of a startup focused on solving real-world blockchain problems. TRM is building a safer financial system for billions of people.

The only observability and data platform built exclusively for mobile. Working in a whole spectrum of technologies, Build Sophisticated Marketing with Hubspot, Your bi-weekly collection of hottest tech news, 60 Mind-blowing San Francisco Startups to Watch Closely, Incs list of 5,000 fastest-growing private companies, only 24% of millennials are financially literate, Your Starter Guide to Developing a Winning MedTech Software Product, The State of Central & East Europe IT Outsourcing and Offshoring Report, The Business Side Of iOS Mobile App Development, Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Your Business, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide For Entrepreneurs and Product Owners, Choosing React Native For Your Mobile Tech Stack. Lets see how they do it!

An interaction and payments platform for local businesses. We hope that our list of 50 disruptive startups in San Francisco has demonstrated that. By extending a simple, unified API, the solution allowssoftware developersto quickly build native integrations into the systems used in the company, without the need to customize and maintain each integration individually.

Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. They are an automated paperless system that reduces the administrative burden for the clients. A learning platform that enables you to train your staff or customers. Inspired by the incredibleTechCrunchs SF Disruptevent we have just attended, we hand-picked 60 top San Francisco startups that have the potential to make a transforming impact on our lives. Live home fitness training powered by computer vision. Founder/ CEO:Brian Tang,Eliot Sun,Timothy Liu,Vinod Chandru. The platform that powers technology in the classroom. Currently, over 60 integrations are supported for a variety of products including cloud storage, messaging, calendar, CRM, and more. Dawid Karczewski Figure is a financial technology company that uses blockchain, artificial intelligence and analytics to provide innovative solutions for home equity and other products that help improve the financial lives of their clients. Currently, over 500 retailers use the solution, including Gap, Bose, Sephora, Home Depot, and Patagonia. Its an electric vehicle charging network that enables drivers to identify available chargers within the specified location, book them, and share their private chargers for a fee. Share your thoughts with us and tell us which of these top San Francisco startups has inspired you to pursue your business idea throughweb and mobile development. zGlue is a Silicon Valley company offering an innovative platform for building quality, secure custom chips on demand. The story of HoloAsh is a personal one. Health enterprise API for data on doctors, insurance, costs, & quality. Business and self-development and psychology enthusiast. IT Marketing Expert at Ideamotive. The API easily integrates with any communication system, including SMS, mobile push, email, and chat. Product analytics to help convert, engage, and retain more users. Metromile leverages its AI-based claims system to facilitate claims processing and extends its innovative platform to insurers around the world to provide them with integrated, data-driven customer experience and fraud detection capabilities.

Considering thatonly 24% of millennials are financially literate, developing a personal financial planner for mobile seems like a great idea. Professional help was often not available or high-priced. The essential platform for modern medical practices and patients. You can learn more about it in the. The company offers to join a culture and environment that encourages you to do your best work - a place to be inspired, appreciated, transcended, and teamwork on the issues that matter most to their clients. A modern health savings account (HSA) for employers and individuals. The online financial management service for everyone. The platform takes advantage of data intelligence and automation to match and connect organizations with mutual interests and help them unlock business opportunities and partnerships across various industries. stocking holders reindeer christmas holder twig pottery decorations stockings barn holiday 2009 decor rstyle potterybarn october hanger deer bit tree 7 min read, Picking The Best Language For iOS App Development In 2022, Miosz Kaczorowski Our operations software makes it easier to run--and grow--your cafe. Founder/ CEO:Bryce Galen,Joel Washington. Button Wallet is a messenger-based software solution for trading and buying cryptocurrencies. Congrats to the Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley for 2022. Founder/ CEO:Albert Mansour,John Hakim,Mark Maurice. Cheese and dairy products from plant-derived dairy proteins. The platform monitors millions of containers across hundreds of customer organizations to provide their IT professionals with in-depth visibility into systems and containers. The system provides simple APIs allowing software developers to integrate with credit card issuers quickly and without hassle, and add any reward program to their e-commerce payment system. Medicine or testing kit, prescribed online and delivered to your door. Founder/ CEO:Daniel Jung,Matt Flannery,Random Bares. She creates and implements 360-degree marketing strategy. The genetic testing platform detecting and measuring disease. Chime is a startup based in San Francisco that aims to help its members lead healthier financial lives. When they started out, their dream was to make the most delicious milk and sell it under the Perfect Day brand. They provide extended warranties both online and offline, and provide consumers with a modern digital experience that eliminates the problems customers face today with legacy offerings. Founder/ CEO:Sanjeev Somani,Saurabh Saxena. A complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application. Cloud solutions for the construction industry. Transforming cities with self-driving shuttles. Talent acquisition platform for hiring hourly workers. The gold standard in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and taxes.

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