Oh, right. But you know he has a - he has this soul. I was so in love with that speech, and it was so well-written that it was really easy to internalize. I'm very, very blessed. Its a cast of thousands and you never know how things are going to shake out. Wynn Duffy/Played by And now, you know, Jesse has completely really lost the support of his family. Throughout my entire life growing up in Idaho, we would go, you know, to his congregation every week. This whole thing is about self-acceptance. But I told my mom that. Jesse first meets the Group Leader after he has been living at the facility for the past two months and attends an outdoor group therapy session at a campfire with several other recovering addicts. And the scene continues to go on because he thinks that I'm just acting. JERE BURNS: (As group leader) How'd you feel about what you did, Jesse? And they PAUL: Throw a huge party. Yeah. PAUL: I feel like I have my life together, really. So you kill him. And I ended up getting this pretty serious concussion. But yeah. I watched him go. PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) Yo, I've been out there all night slinging crystal. First (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "BENNIE AND THE JETS"). Then you could get a TV movie during hiatus and play either the dad of the woman in peril or the assailant of the woman in peril. Kathleen Kinmontm. That's what we need. But at the end of the day, like, is it really? Why I'm here in the first place is to sell you meth. Yeah. Maybe she's right. Far from it. The thing is, if you just do stuff and nothing happens, what's it all mean? He doesn't have a church he does every week anymore. GROSS: So you're obviously very different from the Jesse Pinkman character that you play on "Breaking Bad." Where am I allowing my son to move to? I always had the plan of moving to LA.

And PAUL: It's been an amazing past year and a half. GROSS: And I love the way your former chemistry teacher, who's now your partner cooking meth, is lecturing you about your lack of motivation the way only a teacher could. Appearances in Breaking Bad

During one session around a campfire, Burns delivers an extended, emotionally wrenching monologue about being responsible for his daughters death. You've got to be more imaginative, you know? And she said, I feel that you're making a big mistake. When did you learn that? You think it's cake moving a pound of meth one teenth at a time? Status On Monday's show, Elton John returns to talk to Terry about his new memoir. So he convinces Jesse that Jesse has to murder the assistant cook. Jesse was supposed to sell the meth they just cooked and bring back the money. He's perhaps best known for his work on television, particularly for his role as sleazy ladies' man Kirk Morris on Dear John, manipulative psychiatrist Anson Fullerton on Burn Notice, psychotic mobster Jake Abernathy on Bates Motel and the understanding Group Leader on Breaking Bad. (He previously did double duty on Justified and Burn Notice.) Yeah. Walt has been waiting for Jesse, who is very late. And I think Tim was not happy with that scene that day, and as often happens on Justified, stuff gets rewritten on the fly. GROSS: So - but, you know, that kind of uncertainty, I could see that being a little helpful because Jesse's never sure how long he's going to live. Take a look at some of the famous twins of Hollywood, including Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and more. The role that many know him for, however, is that of Dixie Mafie middle-man Wynn Duffy on the critically acclaimed Justified. So let's pick up the scene from there. Burns worked regularly along the way in dramatic one-off roles.

What's the point? FRAN MARTONE: (As Colleen) Who cares how you feel? Burns' angular features and Rasputin-intense gaze led to an early-career niche in unsavory one-off and recurring television roles in the 1980s, but he would put a gleefully lecherous spin on unsavory in his breakthrough role of Kirk Morris on "Dear John." PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) Couple weeks back, I killed a dog. Appearances in Better Call Saul Unnamed wifeUnnamed daughter (deceased) And, you know, he didn't know what was happening. And, you know, Bryan would come up and give me a hug and say, well, I'm not going to say anything. I was looking him straight in the eye. And I think that's where I take - not that I'm saying he was really standing up there acting. I love comedy, I love telling jokes, I love the rhythms .. My - most of my teachers were supportive, but there was this one teacher that that came up to me when I was saying goodbye, really, because I had graduated. And I didn't know how to take it. He decided to change the whole dynamic of their relationship and, really, of the show. From that success, he would become comic foil on a succession of ultra-short-lived comedies such as "Bob" (CBS, 1992-93), "The Mommies" (NBC, 1994-95) and "Surviving Suburbia" (2009), as well as two seasons of the office ensemble "Good Morning, Miami" (NBC, 2002-04).

PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) No. CRANSTON: (As Walter White) How much is this? What a load of crap. Jesse then says, "about time", and leaves the session("Problem Dog").

But going to work every day and kind of zipping on his skin is such a - you know, such a dream. on So - and they'd always tease me. Best known for his roles "Kirk Morris" and "Jack Farrell", with his sharp, raspy nasal voice, sneering smile and fierce look, Burns has made himself really an actor to watch. You are so lost at this point in the storyline. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And one of them says, oh, well, the dog was suffering. The reality is that if youre not a series regular, then the majority of these parts are bad guys, he said. You drop him off at a shelter. Just think outside the box here. And he's just this, you know, messed up kid trying to find his way. Does this mean that Wynn could finally become Justifieds Big Bad next season? He portrays the Group Leader in Breaking Bad. Like, what's your plan? PAUL: It was great. Jere Burnss wife couldnt take it anymore. It is a great release. And then you just really become dead inside afterwards. You mean the actor thinks you were just acting. Shes willing to go anywhere and do anything. Added Ehrin: Theres something about the chemistry between him and Vera thats just so golden, something so real about both of them., In Batess final two episodes, the tension between Abernathy and Norma definitely amps up and comes to a head, said Ehrin. BIANCULLI: Aaron Paul speaking to Terry Gross in 2011 - more after a break. Though Duffy fully confesses to killing Simon to Art and Raylan in the episode Fugitive Number One (after he found out Simon was going to reveal Duffy was a rat to Grady) Duffy still refuses to confirm or deny this when asked directly by Vasquez in the episode Collateral. Like, what if it doesn't work out? And here's a clip from that scene in the support group. And he throws Jesse out of this house. (SOUNDBITE OF DAVE PORTER'S "THE MORNING AFTER"). Jere Burns, who plays the motor-home loving Wynn Duffy on FXs Justified, joined us to talk about Fugitive Number One, the violent, intense 11th episode of the shows final season. 73% It's all good? Jere Burns is an actor, best known for his roles as Wynn Duffy on FXs Justified, Jack Farrell on NBCs/ABCs Something So Right, and Kirk Morris on NBCs Dear John. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. CRANSTON: (As Walter White) This is unacceptable. I'm done. And now he's involved with this big drug ring and - where there's a lot of violence, a lot of money. john williams born february american towner essay 1932 past cause prabook web class Why don't you just sell the whole pound at once? In 1996, he took a rare lead on the family comedy "Something So Right" (NBC/ABC, 1996-98). Im a little under the gun here, because I trusted people to do stuff for me, and they failed. GROSS: That's my guest, Aaron Paul, as Jesse Pinkman in a scene from this season of "Breaking Bad." PAUL: Oh, yeah. Character information I mean, he would get up in front of all these people and kind of just get lost in the moment, as well. Images (3)/Videos (1) Whether playing comic or dramatic roles, Burns showed a chameleon-like penchant for reinventing himself with every new character in a variety of mediums. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Well, some of the worst beatings really came at the very beginning, which was done by a character - name of Tuco, this guy played by Raymond Cruz. I thought you'd be ready for another pound today. GROSS: And then members of the support group try to comfort Jesse. We'll kill the fatted calf tonight, so stick around. And so when I started taking it very seriously in high school, and they would see, you know, these productions that we put on, and they'd see how excited I would get about them, they were all about it when I mentioned to them that I wanted to take zero hour - where I'd go to school early, you know, to do an extra class and take correspondence, which was really homeschooling, as well - just to graduate early, so I could get out to LA, you know, sooner than later. I made you my b****. And I catch it. I actually - my mom came out with me, found a little studio apartment, and she just wanted to make sure I would get settled. And so they'd always joke around about it. But I couldn't be such a polar opposite from this kid. Appearances in Breaking Bad. Tim had found a passage in one of Elmore [Leonard]s books that had a Russian roulette scene in it, and Tim pitched to me, Instead of doing whats here, why dont we come up with something? So he and I createdmostly him, but we did it togetherthis scene. I might have had a bigger part last year, but then I got pneumonia, and then they were allowing me to go back and forth to Canada to shoot Bates, so Im not really sure. It's pretty forthcoming about family, addiction and sexuality, and so is their conversation. And it's so much fun just to kind of zip on different skins. Just do it. Like, I love - you know, like, I love your passion. And I just land flat on my, like, head and chest. PAUL: Yeah. He's - he is so broken now. The problem was that I died at the end of it, Burns said. GROSS: This is the creator, Vince Gilligan.

BIANCULLI: This is FRESH AIR. I am breaking the law here. I just, you know, ended up going to the ER and spent about six or seven hours with one of our executive producers. I - 100%. I have some experience in that area, I know that world, and it came really easily, Burns said. Justified Wynn Duffy (2010-2015), Max Headroom Breughel / Breughal (1987-1988). After Jesse was released, he began attending regular group therapy sessions in a local church which were also lead by the leader from the clinic. PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) No, that's 2,600. Top Deals This Week: Save on Sony, Roku, & More, Sling TV Deal: Get Free Showtime, Starz, and Epix, Watch Hit Movies & TV for 80% Off: Bohemian Rhapsody, Jaws, & More, The Ultimate Guide to HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and More in July 2022, All the New Shows and Movies on Netflix in July, New Amazon Prime Video Movies and Shows in July, What to Watch Tonight and Later This Week, Show Recommendations Based on Shows You Already Love, Yellowstone and Longmire Fans Will Love This New Western TV Series, 8 Shows Like 1883 to Watch For More Wild West Action, 7 Shows Like Young Sheldon to Watch While You Wait for Season 6, 9 Actors Who Should Have Been Nominated for the 2022 Emmys, 8 Shows That Deserved Better From the 2022 Emmys, Galadriel in New Teaser for The Rings of Power: 'You Have Not Seen What I Have Seen', Walk the Halls of Abbott Elementary in This Immersive Fan Experience at San Diego Comic-Con, Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family, The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw, Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter, Ultimate Guide: Best Shows & Movies in July. And the leader of the support group speaks first. No matter how many dogs I kill, I just - what? They'd always joke around saying, oh, did you read the next script? And then another person in the group assumes, like, well, you must have started using meth again. Totally. What's your second - what if this doesn't work out for you? Jere Burns Age He's actually retired. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I left Idaho at 17.

4% Originally a one-shot guest appearance, Burns was gradually upgraded to recurring and then to a regular to the positive fan and critical reception to his performance. What up, beeyotch (ph)? BIANCULLI: This is FRESH AIR. And then you say it wasn't that. What are you talking about? Copyright 2019 NPR. GROSS: But that - he also made it clear that's no guarantee. How nice is he? AARON PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) Yo, yo, yo, one, four, eight, three to the three to the six to the nine, representing the ABQ. Why not? And they just applauded me, and they said, go for it. And my entire body flips around. I still do. So Im more than a little annoyed by the circumstances that bring me to town., Thats a trait shared by Justifieds Wynn Duffy, a mainstay of the shows Dixie Mafia, who escaped the chopping block not once but twice in the FX dramas early seasons. I dont begrudge any of the stuff Im onI love it to deathbut a half-hour comedy is a really fun life., her work as Hollywoods most infamous mother. And it's incredible. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. PAUL: I do, yeah. And he goes, you know, originally, Jesse was supposed to die at the end of this season.

5:00 PM PDT I mean, I used to until you killed him. You might as well just shoot for whatever you want to do. And he goes, I want to tell you something. - do an inventory and accept? PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) So I should stop judging and accept? 5 Tips on Taking Control of Your Finances, How to Make the Most of Halloween in 2022, 7 Reasons to reate Single-Page Applications. And he's, you know, eating with all the writers. 5:00 PM PDT Vera is a gift, so working with Vera is amazing, Burns said. It's packed up. PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) Why not? Oct 15, 1954, Birthplace: Hey, prepaid cellphone - use it. Jen is working with Steve to sell his house. PAUL: (As Jesse Pinkman) What do you mean, like, to a distributor? CRANSTON: (As Walter White) How much meth did you sell? But then there was a point where he picks me up, puts me on his shoulders. Yeah. And Jesse just seems like he's constantly just struggling to keep his head above water. BURNS: (As group leader) Colleen, we're not here to sit in judgment. GROSS: But he's had to do it. Like, what are you - what's the plan? sam map political against leader court number jail government which You accept?

However, during the session, Jesse nearly breaks down and yells at Group Leader claiming that his philosophies on "accepting yourself" aren't true. You want this. Last Monday, she confronted him after watching her husbands second episode of Bates Motel, where he is currently playing Jake Abernathy, a sinister motel guest who has done the impossible: terrified the woman who gave birth to Norman Bates. 50's In fact, you know, he's a meth head. I remember when I started, television was sort of the poor stepchild to film, and now everybody wants to get on a great series. CRANSTON: (As Walter White) Last time I checked, there were 16 ounces to a pound. I mean, he was a lost kid at the beginning of the series, you know, just kind of struggling to find his way. Concord Originals, Outfest Fusion Unveil Pitch Contest; Passionflixs This Man Sets Cast; Acquisitions By Freestyle, Video Project, Adventure Entertainment, Cranked Up, Tubi; More Film Briefs, Producer Lucinda Bruce takes on US indie market with Niki Byrnes Evan Wood, Favorite Character Portrayed by Natalie Portman, Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant, Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family, Something About Burning Meat, Bridges and Rugs, The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw, Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter, #18: Jere Burns - Breaking Bad/Justified/Angie Tribeca, Steve Howey/Jere Burns/Chris Oh/Tara Sophia Mohr, Will & Grace: The Final Bow (Curtain Call).

Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Occupation And so they shut down production for a little bit. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. And so you, Jesse, kill Gale. After Jesse was released, he began attending regular group therapy sessions in a local church which were also lead by the leader from the clinic. When Will NCIS: LA Reveal What Happened to Hetty? AA meetings may be frequented by bad influences. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. The authoritative record of NPRs programming is the audio record. And everybody's trying to help you justify killing this dog. You know what? And I go, what's that?

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation CounselorNarcotics Anonymous group leader He also played in Dear John, Burn Notice, Justified and Angie Tribeca. 19821996 Both Cranston and Paul won Emmys for their "Breaking Bad" roles. You've been beaten in a lot of very imaginative ways. It's - you know, I forget who told me this, but they said, you know, acting is really like a cheap form of therapy. It was quite the opposite. And its making me look bad. In 2010, he seemed to begin a new phase, breaking away from sitcoms to effect colorful, scene-stealing supporting roles on some of cable's best-regarded dramas: a drug rehab group leader on "Breaking Bad" (AMC, 2009-13), a vicious Southern criminal on "Justified" (FX, 2010-15), and an ever scheming member of a beyond-the-law syndicate on "Burn Notice" (USA, 2007-2013), before returning to his comic roots as the caustic Lieutenant Atkins on the surreal police procedural parody "Angie Tribeca" (TBS 2016- ).
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