I also prefer 2 balls, but the stinking HF tongue is 1 7/8. I'd likely build a small wheeled dolly to allow the trailer to be easily moved in the garage in the upright "stored" position. When adding the tongue assembly, be sure the writing on this label is up. The trailer comes in two boxes, which fit easily in our Honda CRV. Quality tools & low prices. Sounds like you had fun building the trailer. I built a little 4-wheeler for my kids and putting it on the rear cargo rack is a little bit crazy One thing to add, in KS if a trailer + load is less than 2000 lb, you don't need to register and tag it. Amazing deals on this 1090Lb Utility Trailer at Harbor Freight. I was hanging on to the van mainly because I often have to move pinball machines. Steph sorted all the parts and was mindful to put these taller bolts into their own pile. I've seen a few videos on repacking the wheel bearings, so I think we will do a follow up in a year and try to repack them. The parts are labeled in the manual so she put those same numbers on the corresponding pieces. Good riddance! Congrats on your Mother and daughter trailer build. Capacity 30-1/4 In. Capacity 48 In. It was easy to load/unload and strap down. I got the small one because at the time $ was an issue but I wanted some way to haul my camping gear and my son comfortably with my little Honda Civic Hatchback. The Weight Carrying Capacity is 2000 lbs, while the Tongue Weight is 200 lbs. Now the only ICE vehicle I own is my daughter's car. On occasion I do have use for being able to haul 8' lumber, compost, yard trimmings, or other bulky items, but I was thinking that just letting the lumber extend 2 feet forward and 2 feet back off that trailer might work just fine. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A friend of mine used to haul house trailers and he told me that it is a lot easier to back one of the houses into a tight spot than a small trailer. I only took it down the street so no highway speeds, but it seemed to be well balanced and rode fine. How many hours did it take you to assemble? I learned the hard way. Convertible Aluminum Loading Ramp (, STOREHOUSE Self-Drilling Screw Assortment, 200 Pc. X 96 In. This is the hardware that is used to attach the tongue assembly to the front of the frame. I prefer 2 hitches since they cost about the same and allow heavier duty use. But, in the meantime, enjoy this view of the trailer all hitched up and ready to roll! I have had only one repair since and glad I bought it. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer (, PITTSBURGH AUTOMOTIVE Foldable Metal Wheel Chocks, 2 Pc. Swing-Back Bolt-On Trailer Jack (, HAUL-MASTER Four-Way Trailer Light Tester (, HAUL-MASTER 1200 Lb. I am very impressed with your build, when I started my first trailer was a nightmare. Good luck, have fun together and keep smiling. It is advertised everywhere at 24" x 63". Protective Wire Wrap (, STOREHOUSE Terminal And Connector Set, 150 Pc. Other than the occasional pinball move or trip to the hardware store for something big, the van sat most of the last year after I bought the Bolt. You will find that making these frames will be helpful when hauling things that may slide on the wooden bed of the trailer. How to Assemble 4x8ft Harbor Freight Folding Trailer, HAUL-MASTER 1195 Lb. X 14 Ft. Make sure you have a framing square and check that everything is staying square as the frame is assembled. Good luck with your new toy. Chevy Bolt EV 2017, Class 1 Sportframe Rear Trailer Hitch with 1-1/4" Receiver Opening by Draw-Tite. Once the front bed rail was finished it was time to lay out the parts to assemble the rear bed rail of the Harbor Freight trailer. The kids are older and the van really isn't needed any more.

These two bolts holding the bed frames together will need to be removed each time the trailer is folded for storage. I have been building these Harbor Freight trailers for 10 years (50+ trailers). The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo, Draw-Tite - Class 1 Sportframe Trailer Hitch with 1-1/4" Receiver Opening, 1090 lb. Quality time is most important as we get older. Another tip to keeping organized is to label all the parts. Steph used a 17mm ratcheting socket wrench and wrench to assemble. Having this trailer allowed me to sell my van. My class 2 hitch is good for 200 lbs tongue weight and 2000 trailer weight, so no problems there. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range and charging! Steph, Those L-Latches will be removed every time the trailer is folded. My doors are 60" wide by 68" tall, plenty of room to move in and out for the 24" x63" trailer when folded.

Pieces! I also have the same trailer dolly, Dontcha just love HF ? I'd likely build a small wheeled dolly to allow the trailer to be easily moved in the garage in the upright "stored" position. There will also be a video showing how this folds for storage.

So. I was literally looking at this exact trailer not 10 minutes ago. I've been hanging on to a small 4x4 pickup for general hauling, but I'd like to get rid of it. Steph will go over adding the plywood and wiring as well as how to go about getting a tag in additional videos in this series. The bearings already are greased so no additional grease is needed. You can Google this but if you feel better having your mechanic check it out this is very important. What? Many. Since this little guy weighs about 150 lb and the capacity is 1090 lb, I'm well short of having to mess with all that. . Time to flip the trailer over and start working on the wheels.

Backing up is going to take some practice, but I did manage to back it into the driveway twice. The game is nice and secure and doesn't move at all on the trailer. Steph didn't have the proper mm sockets but was able to get a 13/16 socket to work. OH VERY IMPORTANT Have the wheel bearings grease checked and packed yearly. That way, you know you've assembled it correctly. With so many parts, it is important to get organized. I already have a class 2 hitch with 1-7/8" ball along with a 4-pin trailer wiring hookup, so I just need to convince myself that I don't need the 4x4 anymore. Hi, I know it varies state to state, but how was the process of registering/titling/getting plates? Put it together in my 10' x20 ' shop.

The problem is finding a 2" coupler for HB trailers that will fit the holes Current rides: 2019 Bolt LT, 2003 Porsche Boxster, 2008 VW Rabbit (the 2.5 l - 5-inline, MT) 2015 Audi Q5 (wife). I've added the lighting converter for a few vehicles before, but I'm nervous about poking around for the required +12 and turn signal, brake (if separate from turn signals) and running lights. Finished today and folded it up.I watched yours and a half dozen other videos. ;-), Hi ladies. I recently purchased the Haul Master trailer. After Steph finished the trailer, we took a practice run to Home Depot to test it out and to figure out how and where to park once we arrived. They will send you the registration application, take it with the receipt and title to the RMV to get your registration and plates. Limited Lifetime Warranty. I am wondering how come you didn't think to use the silver slots on the sides of the frame to insert lumber to fit.? I finally figured that it was time to get rid of the van and work something else out. Safe travels. LOL On parking, If you are not used to parking a trailer especially a smaller one the best thing is to drive into a parking space and to use two spaces. Anyone accomplished this and have advice Give me absolute safety, or give me death! Hi, 20+ years ago I bought a Harbor Freight trailer. I wouldn't want to try anything heavier with my Bolt. (, HAUL-MASTER 1000 Lb. Lovely work on the trailer project and God bless the mother and daughter priceless quality time together. So, once the lug nuts are in place, they have to be torqued to 85 to 90 feet pounds. (, CHICAGO ELECTRIC 1/4 In. Putting the wheel hub on the axle and securing it with a castle nut and cotter pin.

After the trailer was finished, we went back to Harbor Freight and picked up this Haul-Master Trailer Dolly. Its the only thing I have that isnt 2. We also have some outdoor deck paint we are going to use to protect the bed as soon as the pressure treated wood dries out. (. That's a trailer ramp on the far right that we also purchased to help move things on and off the trailer. It is going to be near impossible to get out of my shop unless I lay it on its side and drag it out. Steph sought the advice of her friend who explained what needed to be done and even let her borrow the tool she needed! Did a test today, it worked great. It makes moving the trailer much easier. I can testify that because we used to haul our race horses and the double wide trailer was so much easier to park than my tiny HF trailer. Absolutely awesome. I built the trailer and hauled it with no problems. You'll need to switch out to an 18mm socket to attach these bolts here. JavaScript is disabled. I've also been thinking about that Harbor Freight trailer. I enjoyed giving the van's new owner all the extra oil, ATF, and power steering fluid I had on the shelf. I have added a hitch and want to tow a kayak trailer. Were the Largest Chevy Bolt EV Online Community and Owner's Club. I'm not fast though, I have to think about it, it isn't second nature yet. Love your videos ! No one realized or mentions that the trailer is NOT 63" tall when folded it is almost 73" ! Good luck in the finishing touches to your build. We're homeowners sharing our DIY adventures as we learn to maintain, improve, decorate, and use tech in our homes. Capacity 40-1/2 in x 48 in Utility Trailer, https://www.etrailer.com/Straight-Tongue-Trailer-Coupler/etrailer/CT-2003-Z.html?feed=npn&gclid=CjwKCAjwrKr8BRB_EiwA7eFaphK5qYhKa08znT3xRKxe71EaEZVRS1dP3TZ1vbr1sscG2t-hjtvMTRoC8mYQAvD_BwE, 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I would like to suggest that you treat the plywood deck and upright posts ( if you decide to use ) with a Thompsons type sealer to prevent wood rot if you decide to leave outside with a cover. Most of the bolts were 17mm. I do plan to make sides for the trailer, just have not decided on the design I want yet. Good job! Copy the Harbor Freight receipt (this is your bill of sale) and the title certificate (the cashier should fill it with your name and address) and send/e-mail it to your insurance. I have been thinking about the same trailer for some time, and may purchase the same one and build it with my granddaughter who's going to be going off to college in the fall. X 72 In. The hub assembly is removed. Like your van, mine mostly sits on the street. I can't believe no one has noticed this.When folded measured from stake pocket to end of caster wheels is nearly 73". Hi Leslie- Thanks for all the tips! With the van gone I love having the space back in the driveway, plus no more maintenance, insurance and property taxes on it. Looks great and you got it all done at low cost.

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