[2], Originally the cohortes urbanae were divided into three cohorts, each cohort being commanded by one tribune and six centurions.

Armour The cohortes urbanae (Latin meaning urban cohorts) of ancient Rome were created by Augustus to counterbalance the enormous power of the Praetorian Guard in the city of Rome and serve as a police service. 18 Missile Attack 162 I recently underwent the traumatising experience of facing Urbans in a last stand online; I took appalling casualties and would have lost the battle were it not for my ally's timely phalanx reinforcements. Now I am broke with the huge army upkeep with soldiers I know will get beaten.

These are heavy infantry who, when not performing garrison duties in the vital cities of the empire, fight as heavy infantry - the men who do the real work in a Roman army! The results are the best, toughest, most unflinching soldiers in the Roman world, men who will stop at little to achieve their goals. Defence Skill

I had 8 full stacks of legionary cohorts with some Roman Cavalry. 2 1

It's going to be a very long campaign. [4], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cohortes_urbanae&oldid=1077815900, Infantry units and formations of ancient Rome, Military units and formations of the Roman Empire, Military units and formations established in the 1st century BC, Defunct law enforcement agencies of Italy, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 18 March 2022, at 09:23.

Shield 14

They fight with two pila (singular: pilum), throwing spears with soft iron shafts that are designed to bend as soon as they hit making them impossible to fling back. carthage 12

In the city center remember, units cannot rout; they make a last stand. I would have sent one unit onto the square to bait them and put that unit on guard mode to stand still, fight, and in all probability take appalling losses. Although outnumbered, they were a counterbalance of sorts to the power of the Praetorian Guards within the city.

Praetorians and Urbans are indeed hard to bring down, but if you can surround them on all sides they ought to die easily enough.

Each cohort contained around five hundred men.

Unlike the Vigiles, who mostly operated at night as firefighters and watchmen, members of the urban cohorts were considered legionaries, though with higher pay than the regular legionsif not quite as much as the Praetorian Guardsand tended to receive slightly higher donatives though, again, not as much as the Praetorians.


That was a lesson I wish somebody would have told me! Although political gangs were a thing of the past since effective power no longer resided in the competing factions of the Roman Senate and elected officials, some kind of police force was necessary to maintain public order and prevent civil disturbances. Unit Type Others would then come around the back and the sides, and everyone would throw pila - that ought to thin out their numbers massively. ], [This message has been edited by Terikel Grayhair (edited 07-30-2010 @ 09:36 AM).

All rights reserved.v2.5.0. In the siege of Arrectium, my 6 pairs of onagers knock down the city's epic wall.

To fulfill this purpose Augustus established three urban cohorts (cohortes urbanae) under a newly appointed prefect of the city.

Urban Cohort is a type of infantry unit in Rome: Total War and Total War: Rome Remastered.

The difference in quality between urban cohorts and legionary cohorts is just too great to be made up for by numbers. 24

In the time of the Flavians this was increased to four cohorts. If you are going to fight in a fully-developed Italia, then urbans and praetorians are indeed quality troops.

Then charge in and cut them down. The urban cohorts thus acted as a heavy duty police force, capable of riot control duties, while their contemporaries, the Vigiles, policed the streets and fought fires.

7 My legionary cohorts and roman cavalry rushed to the square only to face the close to 200 mixed urban cohorts, praetorian cohorts, and legionary cohorts. 860 denarii The urban cohorts are equipped with the same gear as legionaries - it is the men inside the uniform that make them effective - and wear banded armour, the lorica segmenta, metal helmets and carry large shields. Range

Multiplayer Cost I thought the sheer number of my legionary cohorts could overwhelm the more limited urban cohorts of the Julii.

[1] Their primary role was to police Rome and counteract roaming mobs and gangs that often haunted its streets during the Republic.

Ammunition The gangs of Titus Annius Milo, Publius Clodius and others which were used by rival politicians during the Republic had been eliminated mostly due to the efforts of Pompeius Magnus. I had 3 full stacks with more than 1800 men.

If that's nothing enough, throwing cavalry into the melee ought to have done it. ], [This message has been edited by verymeanguy (edited 07-30-2010 @ 10:01 PM). It's a shame they were all grouped together in the middle of the town square.

Julii's less than 200 soldiers killed over 700 of my legionary cohorts and cavalry.

When they have nowhere to run, they fight to the last - and Urbans are good fighters. This role, however, was only called upon in dire situations. They were led by the urban prefect. Heavy infantry

Historically, the urban cohorts were a police force for Rome established by Augustus, and were commanded to keep order.

Right, they just don't rout. ], Copyright 19972022 HeavenGames LLC. Well, I think I just had the shock of my life. Only free citizens were eligible to serve in their ranks. Total Defence

As with the Praetorians, the men of the urban cohorts were predominantly of Italian stock. Unit Size 12 Training for any man in an urban cohort is demanding and produces incredibly tough men. They also carry short stabbing swords for close work.


35 An urban cohort is made up of elite legionaries, recruited because of their superb soldiering skills and loyalty. Total War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Charge

Urban Cohort They fought until like 2 men left before the white flag showed up. Life in the urban cohorts was better than in the 'line' legions, as pay and service conditions were better.

5 3 Other urban cohorts were established in the larger cities of the Empire in later years, and the prefect in charge of the cohorts often became an important political figure. Urban cohorts, (known as city cohorts in non-Roman cities) were later created in both the Roman North African city of Carthage and the city of Lugdunum in Roman Gaul (modern Lyon). Rome Strategy DiscussionModerated by Terikel Grayhair, General Sajaru, Awesome Eagle, [This message has been edited by verymeanguy (edited 07-30-2010 @ 09:39 AM).

I think urbans are a necessary upgrade against the Roman factions. Having some of ther richest regions on the map, I thought spamming legionary cohorts is the right way to go even when I had urban barrack.

As a trained paramilitary organization, the urban cohorts could, on rare occasions, go to battle if necessary.

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