For digital marketers, this might include events like HubSpots Inbound Marketing conference and Dreamforce. Consider these event marketing examples to take your customers experiences to the next level. This list of some of our favorite event marketing examples is meant to inspire you to optimize your marketing with creative engagement and brand memorability through the next event you host, virtually or otherwise. Show your team preparing, have one of your sales people introduce themselves, and try to think of fun ways to get people to come to your booth once the event begins (hint: free stuff helps! In a partnered event that also reached several different types of audiences, Glamour magazine teamed up with Fiat to target fashion entrepreneurs, brands, and prospective magazine subscribers. While profit is likely your main goal, some experiential campaigns seek instead to make a social impact on the world. Whether youre a local chef, software engineer, or digital marketer, there are likely industry events that you always attend (or dream of attending). Subscribe here for regular updates. in an attempt to recreate the experience of being at a game, while fans were unable to visit the stadium during the coronavirus pandemic.

HubSpot does a great job at this; just check out the why attend section of the Inbound site. Businesses and brands are now aiming to offerexperiencesthrough event marketing, rather than focusing on generic tradeshows and conferences. Because potential attendees want to ensure theyre going to get value from your event. You want to make it very clear to your audience that youre going to be at this event because your paying to be there. Youve all likely been exposed to the snapchat-like feature on Instagram, Instagram Stories, by now. In this way, the brand effectively channels its target audience and creates an authentic environment that its key consumers are the most interested in visiting. You may have come across this yourself when using Facebook. Charity events with entertainment are a generous way for brands to support and connect their customers, as well as a cause they can all get behind. The roadshow concept also makes the campaign more exciting. While having a landing page on your own website to promote your event is nice, having an entire website dedicated to your event is even better. How cool is that? Add a Why Attend? page to your event website. The brand hosts various pop-up skateboarding locations in urban locations, for instance, and creates opportunities for skaters to meet, listen to music and, of course, do what they do best skate. Use your brands account to join in, ask questions, and subtly promote the fact that your company is going to be there. Aaron also encourages marketers to get creative when they can. The Swedish flatpack giant promptly obliged, converting one of its distribution warehouses to host a whopping 100,000 participants. Want some inspiration? They fortified their reputation as being a fun, youthful brand during the ten-day event. This will not only allow you to collect more leads, but it will help your have potential attendees spread the world, and drive more word-of-mouth marketing for your event. Events will make you realize how useful hashtags really are, and if youre sponsoring a booth at a large event there is always going to be a conference hashtag to make use of. Whether its a more intimate gathering of prospects or a large conference where you are taking on sponsorships and hosting hundreds of attendees, there are a ton of marketing duties that need to be executed beforehand to draw in interest. The best marketing conferences never fail to strengthen and elevate brand-consumer relationships in a powerful way. One of the first events we did was MozCon and we kept hearing from prospects, We have too much stuff and dont know where to put it. And we thought, BOOM, branded bags! A worthy inclusion on this list if you as us. In Fairbanks, Alaska the local symphony hosts the. Here are some of the top examples of experiential event marketing in action: Aston Martin is one of the most iconic auto manufacturers in the world, known for its sleek range of luxury cars and prominent role in the James Bond movie franchise.

Its hard to reach all the right people just by emailing your own database, so your best bet for these types of events is geo-targeted search and social campaigns, says Aaron. Marketers are also finding usefulways to repurpose all that valuable event contentinto their content marketing strategies in the months after the big day (or days). Im probably not the only one disappointed I wasnt walking through Westfield when that slide was up. So get out there and market your event like a true professional. The Seder was hosted by celebrities, and it raised $3 million for the CDC Foundations COVID-19 emergency response fund. chess pdf While not all events hit the mark, many are doing much more than resonating with consumers and creating buzz. is a stuffed animal maker that sees itself as a democracy. In the past, theyve also hosted experiential events, such when they invited customers to party in a ball pit full of their stuffed animals to celebrate a coloring book release. For example, provide some entry rules like that they have to share something on their feed or tag a certain number of friends to drive interest to their audience. its just like your customer funnel one event should lead to the next. The video was viewed 71 million times, giving Fleetwood Mac its highest week of streaming and Ocean Sprays juice huge exposure. To celebrate what Cheetos dedicated and creative fanbase was sharing on social media, the brand hosted a runway show titled House of Flamin Haute during Fashion Week, which featured fashion curated by influencers and a beauty bar for visitors. It brings together customers, developers, partners, industry luminaries, and technology thought leaders to explore the digital transformation of industry. LOCALiQ provides the platform, technology, and services you need to reach your biggest goals. It was sort of in peoples way, but we stood on the outside and forced ourselves out of our booth to talk to people. As Lean Cuisine's example shows, often, the product does not even need to take the spotlight, but rather offer value to consumers and remind them why that very brand is so important in their lives. Mini-events within events allow you to continue the conversation with a lead and push them closer to converting, he says. Run some social ads around the giveaway, create a hashtag, and get people interested.

She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking. More to come on this).

And Aaron has strong thoughts on how you can do just that. Music producer and DJ Marshmello partnered with Epic Games to host Fortnights biggest event ever, and one of the most successful virtual events in general. Lets face it, these events are often just an excuse for busy workers to step out of their day-to-day responsibilities and have some fun on their companys dime. For example, a prospect comes to our booth, and we tell them about our speaker coming up or the happy hour were hosting, and encourage them to attend., Another great way to create these mini-events is by having some live social media posters, which leads me to the last tip. This is YOUR event so theres no reason to not use all the resources you have in your digital marketing toolbox. So identify the needs of your audience members and appeal to those. The multi-sensory experience created rooms to immerse customers within the physics, structure, and emotion that music can communicate. Discover the best keywords for your PPC and SEO goals. Entertainment website Refinery29 is a lifestyle brand that seeks out the most creative and innovative ways to market itself to its audience. And When You Should Use It? that also reached several different types of audiences, Glamour magazine teamed up with Fiat to target fashion entrepreneurs, brands, and prospective magazine subscribers. Squishable is a stuffed animal maker that sees itself as a democracy. Marketing! Shed love to meet you. With the technology available today, from mobile event apps to social media wall platforms, VR and AI, brands are even better equipped to create memorable, motivating experiences. Use the conference hashtag, comment on other peoples posts, and just join in on the conversation. communication problems illustration business magoz illustrations call tools technology types communications editorial wrong illustrators wevux gifs Even just one or two free tickets will allow you to run a contest and draw in more interest in the event. Why? Rally up the sales and customer service teams to spread the word to the many individuals they speak to day in and day out. Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. It generated massive buzz for both Oreo and SXSW, creating huge levels of user-generated content and media interest through the challenge. #12) Glamour Magazine and Fiats Beauty Festival. My colleague Sarah will be there. Make sure to use the conference name and hashtag, and promote what your brand has to offer at the event.. This gives attendees (and potential attendees) the opportunity to explore, get all of their questions answered, and for you to create an inspirational place to get people truly excited about your event. For chefs, that likely includes various wine and food festivals around the country. While some events are live, others can be one-off, impactful installations that last just a few hours.

Accidental brand ambassador Nathan Apodaca created a viral experience that gave exposure both to Fleetwood Mac and Ocean Spray. In Fairbanks, Alaska the local symphony hosts the Beat Beethoven 5k. The posters displayed the causes of the different NGOs, so citizens simply had to press on the one they thought was the most vital. MozCon uses real-time data to promote which they start doing a year ahead of time. Get our newsletter plus a FREE bonus: "Content Marketing ROI Formulas and Calculations" You Can Use Today! Whether it be asking others for hotel and/or restaurant recommendations or swapping ideas of which sessions to attend, a community of attendees is already being built online. This gives you the opportunity to hop in on the conversations early. Google is a good example of this, raising over $5.5m for NGOs that are working to improve the San Francisco Bay Area. #2) Fortnites In-Game Marshmello Concert. By hosting these pop-ups, Vans is also able to achieve two other key marketing goals: convert its customers into brand ambassadors, and organically generate communities around its products. focuses on digital outcomes through software and innovation. The greatest strength of modern event marketing is its ability to impact and reinforce positive brand association. Over three-quarters of B2B marketers use events with67 percentoverall citing event marketing as theirmost effectivestrategy. To show its appreciation for customers, they host a poll every year to determine a new type of stuffed animal to bring to market. While this is more of a contest rather than an event, Airbnb has become known for giving away stays like this in famous destinations, sending their customers into experiences they wont forget. Guinnesshas created masterful in-person marketing for UK shoppers of the retail brand, Tesco. Event marketing allows brands to intrigue, impress and compel customers, too. Targeting mid-level agency staffers the people Facebook believes will likely pioneer the marketing of tomorrow the company used real-life simulations to explain their consumer behavior insights. Easily build great-looking, effective ads without a designer. Twitters presence at this large marketing festival fully embodied Twitters brand. Authentic, engaging, motivating. In fact, each event represents a huge opportunity to grow their companys list of leads and further build their brand presence. All Rights Reserved. AsBen Hindman, CEO of Splash says, roadshows are, one of the greatest ways to build trust and intimacy with enthusiastic fans and to target your next great customers.. (Spoiler Alert: Its a Trick Question), The Ultimate List of Cant-Miss Virtual Events and Conferences for 2021, 2021s Lead Generation Ideas B2B Marketing Teams Cant Live Without, Forrester Wave B2B Marketing Events Management. You need to give the people what they want.

One that stands out is MozCon. In the past it opened a pop-up wedding chapel in Las Vegas so that couples could get married in their favorite restaurant. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. And, as one attendee describes the experience ofwalking into MozCon, its a lot like being on the Space Mountain ride at Disneyworld. Music, lights, great speakers, and a lot of action.

It is responsible for the conception of several trends, but arguably its most popular is 29Rooms, an annual event that the brand has deemed "an interactive funhouse of style, culture, and technology.". GEs Minds + Machines focuses on digital outcomes through software and innovation. One year the event featured a gigantic gas engine on display as part of GEs digital industrial narrative that also literally powered the event. Yellow is *not* mellow? Lean Cuisine, a healthy frozen meal brand, decided to address an important message in one of its recent experiential campaigns. Stories are also a wonderful way to promote your future presence at a big event. Appoint a person or two to cover breakout session and other speakers, and continuously be joining in on the conversation. People loved it because it was just super fun and different., At another conference Aarons team had a 10-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide banner, and it is fair to say that banner made quite the impression. Stories can also be sponsored if youre looking to reach a larger audience. Get ready to improve your reach, results, and ROIfast. The creators behind MozCon do an excellent job of using technology to help keep the conference affordable and accessible. #10) Cheetos Crashed New York Fashion Week, To celebrate what Cheetos dedicated and creative fanbase was sharing on social media, the brand hosted a runway show titled House of Flamin Haute during Fashion Week, which featured fashion curated by influencers and a. in Palm Springs for five nights to completely immerse its customers within the brand and engage them in a way that goes beyond food.

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