The AI Cam, together with the iris platform, create a powerful system for transportation professionals to receive all their fleet management insights in one place. My advice to anyone considering this software would be "tread carefully and test thoroughly".

While keeping your vehicles on the road where they belong instead of the repair shop. One thing is to protect you if something deletes your files! After quitting app and re-opening this message appears. The software in quite slow analysing all the data to backup even for low amount of data (150GB). Once the year is up and you need to pay for the full amount, they could be decent if you do not have a lot of data backing up. You are using an out of date browser. But they do keep deleted files forever or until you remove them from your cloud backup. Logged out and cant login right now due to technical issues. I havent changed any settings. Peace of mind and driver accountability. The IDRIVE Backup & APP is not user friendly at all in playing your videos & photos thru app, they did not bother to include an internal video or music player, so your only option is to use a 3rd party player, and frustratingly you have to download 1 video at a time just to play it.

Desperate for an answer, How to do a COMPLETE RESET of Windows store (W10, As if you just turned on your PC for the very first time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. by deathmage85 Thu May 06, 2021 11:25 pm, Post Price after promotion can be a bit pricey when compared with competition Many dash cameras record only one angle butdual-view dash cameras for monitoring driversrecord the inside and outside of the vehicle with 2 camera lenses. no QNAP employees herecontact them via ticket.

Make sure that drivers do not take company cars off route or on personal errands. The backup process is easy and intuitive. One of the most visible benefits of vehicle dash cameras are its accident recording capabilities. Previous Versions does not work on system drive but second drive, Dell Latitude 5421 - Integrated Camera not Working, Case number: 1041843895 "Page layout may be unexpected due to Quirks Mode", Touchpad not working and not displaying cursor, Default Windows 10 apps such as Microsoft Photos, Movies & TV, and Microsoft Store Not Working. Software is light on system resources.

Discovered you can't run the iDrive client without an internet connection even just to restore a local backup. Cons: For more information, call 1(805) 308-6094, emailsales@idriveglobal.comor Is it hard to cancel, no, but it is different. If they are and it is still not letting you log in on your app, then try changing your password and logging in again.

Its random. For all the latestidrivenews follow us: Facebook and Twitter @idriveGlobaland LinkedIn visit our news page, Idrivehas announced a first round of capital raising. ), Windows 10 Home version 2004 Autoplay does not work, What is DirectX? Ya I use QNAP's quite a bit in the home lab, so this one is a bit of a new one for me, it should just work. IDrive is so alluring because (a) their price is really low, (b) they are big so they'll be around, (c) they have a very broad set of backup options, (d) they have a great control panel for managing multiple machines and/or customers, (e) pricing, did I mention pricing? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Using the built-in brain to monitor speed, acceleration, obstacles, and other vehicles, allows the idrive video event recorder to predict and warn drivers of upcoming threats with great accuracy. So the quick Summary is: Can be great if everything works as expected and if their representatives were more knowledgeable, however that isnt the way it is. How do I fix a mess I created with OneDrive, iDrive and Documents/Desktop folders, Windows 10 s mode compatible app not working, Is it a bad disk, or a .NET Framework issue? I've had innumerable conversations with customer service, at the conclusion of which they've assured me, "No, everything's fine now, it'll all sync no problem". The best feature of this backup service is without a doubt its file archiving capabilities. Track each vehicle and see where they are. This added feature requires no additional equipment, another first in the industry. Check out some of my favorite alternatives. But please remember I am a newbie but rather old! Their prices are way better than competitors for many products, however support tickets are sometimes ignored and not all off their support people are competent at what they are doing, another words some of them need additional training. IDrive features multiple device backup and more, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have tested restores and they downloaded quickly. Idrive is a leading provider of Computer Vision Technology and Artificial Intelligence for driver safety and fleet management. JavaScript is disabled. My experience with these guys has been pretty awful. There is a bit of a catch. They answered on the second ring on the weekend! It is very good service for online backup, its fast and have greater options offered.

The unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts. However the web client version doesn't work for some functions like downloading large packets of files. If you just want online backup you have a huge pool of providers to chose from. When drivers know they may be watched they are more likely to be on their best behavior. And you can request that a restore drive be shipped to you at no charge. At first the backup jobs were hanging and support was slow to respond. Not the cheapest backup service out of the bunch. iDrive, Nav, Phone, Audio, Video, Cameras, Electronics.

Idriveengineers and manufactures its products in-house and its award-winning AI cameras are made in the USA. It would hand around 37-45% and not go any further. idrives X2 Camera System equipped with SDW based on advanced Artificial Intelligence can detect distance, vehicle proximity, direction and other objects in the road ahead and notify drivers to reduce speed. I also like have online access to my backups. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that it takes a loaded tractor-trailer traveling at 55 mph in ideal conditions 196 feet to stop. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Car doesnt receive the security code and the QR Scanner to add my BMW ID to my car doesnt work either. This helps to eliminate mystery damage while using very little battery power. Is there a way to share a link to a folder through Synology Drive in a way that it doesn't require using the Drive app? The two main issues I have are the 10gb max filesize - most won't mind this but for anyone who wants to backup their blu ray videos or large encrypted volumes, this is a big problem. But the number of complaints and the standard nature of the responses do raise some concern. Companies often face an uphill battle to prove that their drivers are innocent. Video can bring clarity to deciphering what really happens in an accident. Idrive Announces the AI Cam: A Dash Cam with a Mind of its Own,, Idrive Releases Next-Gen Video Telematics Fleet Manager Platform, idrive Evolves AI Dash Camera With Safe Distance Warning, Dash Camera Benefits for Fleet Vehicles and Companies, dual-view dash cameras for monitoring drivers. Great price and feature set. One site has a fairly small data set ~10GB with little turnover and iDrive's online backup works well here.

The version in the MS store does not work - "Internal Server Error".

Some Clients have cut their insurances cost be over 50 percent. So if after 15day of a free trial and on day 16 you decide to upgrade for more space but it doesn't work. Sometimes it goes into the app. But it is not for everyone. and we knew it could be done.. If a car backs into your vehicle the camera turns on and begins recording. Note: regardless if the 230 was on 4.5.3 or now 4.5.2; the iDrive wouldn't open. But our system was designed originally 4 years ago to incorporate features based on Deep Leaning A.I. Archives are accessed through a simple dropdown menu titled "Timeline Restore," where you can recover a specific version of a file from any point in time. Some people have complained that they weren't polite enough. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Of greater concern are upload speeds that go from just fine to way too slow. This can lead to claims being processed much quicker.

These cookies do not store any personal information. You need to pay attention to space usage, CPU usage, and the cancellation requirement. TheidriveAICamssoftwareand AI based features(livevideotelematics,accidentalerts,facialrecognition,seatbeltdetection,distracted anddrowsydrivingdetection,accidentprediction andsafedistancewarning), all exceed 90% accuracy on all AI event detection. 249 N. Turnpike Rd. Our intermodal clients operate some of the largest freight railroad networks in North America. Intermodal transportation reduces cargo handling, and so improves security, reduces damage and loss, and allows freight to be transported faster. wikipedia. Thanks EAZ1964 - wonderful! In my precious cars with Apple CarPlay (new Mercedes A-Class and new Seat Leon) it was all 4:3 aspect ratio.

I was amazed at Technical Support's responsiveness. Can do continuous backup or by schedule. The events recorded by theAI Camare triggered by AI, wired, manual and internal triggers, which are captured and then uploaded via cellular connection toidrivesintelligentcloud-basedmanagement platform,iris. Three year customer who cancelled 9/2015 but cancel didn't go through. The camera isequipped to provide a wide array of connectionsincluding: Wi-Fi, Cellular,orBluetoothLE. Safe Distance Warning is a big step in reducing fleet vehicle accidents. It worked!

Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Being able to accurately monitor drivers and track fleet location has given idrive clients an edge over the competition and helped them secure and maintain long contracts. In the email report you don't have the backup size but only the file counter so, if like me, you have some issues you have to manually check the report from the program itself.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. There are over 1,300,000 road deaths each year throughout the world. Hope they fix and improve these very basic video file player & playlist issues very soon! When the sync eventually starts working, it operates at speeds so slow that it'll take about 6 more weeks, operating 24/7, for less than 400gb to upload. iDrive has some nice features like the aforementioned local backups but test, test, and test again. When I tried them, I noticed files that are larger in size could take a very long time to copy despite our internet speed is decently fast (1gbps up\down). Installing a video event recorder can cut a drivers collision rate by 50%. But you do have to pay attention to your space usage.

by deathmage85 Thu May 06, 2021 12:31 pm, Post The client software is slow to respond to inputs too.

After trying a few things it turned out that my ExpressVPN seemed to be the issue with their site, so they put my Public IP address on their White List. I'm hoping to exceeded the 3-2-1 approach to data protection. 5. upload and download times are slow and the user feedback about the status for upload / download is crude and unreliable. The same goes for CPU usage complaints. Transporting millions of intermodal cargo containers throughout the United States and world-wide. For users wanting to dive deeper into their collected data, iris makes that available to them at the click of a button. The software is intuitive and give you good control over bandwidth usage. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Iris is an all-in-one online platform that allows customers to manage their fleet entirely from a secure cloud-based AI platform. It also greatly reduces driver error and cell phone use. You are using an out of date browser.

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Having this resource allows our customers to be very hands-on with their fleet, in a way that doesnt take up hours of their time. You must be a member in order to leave a comment. Im so glad to hear you got it working, thanks for coming back and sharing your update! Slow copying files to the internet. That's not so good. Backup email notification is sent to you when the job is complete and provides a great summary The calibration is a simple tablet or phone based web app, greatly decreasing set up time to 10 minutes. How to sync your files and be more productive, All you need to know about setting up a digital wall calendar, How to boost a cell phone signal in rural areas, A useful smartphone with limited technical capabilities, 3 great registrar programs for event organizers, Fed up with Google? So with Idrive you don't call customer service, you don't chat, you don't send an email to cancel. The DR scenario called for restoring a local backup of a VM made with iDrive's client.

Create an account on our community. A great and rapidly responsive forum.

With features like Visual Telematics Fleet managers can see live video clips from their vehicles.

Fast local backups and restores for PC, Mac and mobile devices are possible with IDrive One, along with security as all files are protected with 256-bit encryption along with optional private key for the ultimate layer of protection. Could backup your Facebook account but not automated. Hi,This one is driving me nuts.End user has a Dell Latitude 5421 integrated camera that is not working at all.A Dell tech visited to replace the. Many subpar data backup solutions provide file archives but only for a limited amount of time (e.g., 30 days). The restoring process is faster than others which is nice in case you ever need to do it in a hurry. Has trouble backing up files related to Firefox if I have Firefox open when it tries to do a backup. I was able to login to my BMW ID via the manual username and password. Idrive engineers and manufactures its products in-house and its award-winning AI cameras are made in the USA. TheidriveAI Cam will begin shipping in November 2019 and will be first come first serve, with priority given to existing clients. IDrive, however, allows you to restore files from any previous backup regardless of how long ago the backup was saved. Support is very responsive and would try to help you out. The idrive iris platform delivers limitless knowledge for next-generation driver monitoring. I need HELP! When the vehicle is off and parked the camera remains in sleep mode. Aboutidrive, Inc.:Idrive, Inc., is a global leader in Video Telematics and Artificial Intelligence based services for the transportation industry. The second site has closer to 1TB of data and iDrive hasn't been so good on this one.
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