My first Suicide Attempt and Why I Never Want to Die Again! Follow her on Instagram here. Just remember to put on one of the chadors by the entrance if youre a woman. islam muslim converting converts convert backer female islamic muslims europe marriage increasingly europeans many witness bear kristiane makes britons niqab Outside of the fact that admission is free and that the mosque is a photographers dream, visiting the mosque is special because youre given so much access. Please try again. Wazir Khan has been severely neglected in the past, but the local government, together with the Aga Khan Foundation and international organizations, has made great headway in restoring and preserving the mosque for future generations to enjoy and admire. Built in 1743-4, it was originally a French Protestant chapel serving the Huguenot community who had escaped the reformation in Catholic France and settled in Spitalfields. Follow her on Instagram. One of the great joys of visiting the Wazir Khan Mosque, if youre lucky, is climbing the roof across from the main building.

The large rectangular mosque was built on the site of a cathedral, St. Petka Tarnovska. I do not recommend climbing up if you have problems walking, get easily out of breath, and are scared of heights or narrow spaces. Contributed byGbor Kovcs fromSurfing the Planet. As well as being a sacred place to worship, Mosque de la Duchre also has eight classrooms where classes in Arabic and religion are taught. If youre in Sofia during winter time, I recommend grabbing some hearty Bulgarian soup from a locally owned restaurant called Supa Bar. The rays of the sun go through the stained glass windows giving an incredible light show! Straits Mosque looks like its floating since its built over the water. Sarajevo is known as a melting pot of cultures, and the mosque is open to non-Muslims, as long as appropriate attire is followed (like covering feet, arms. Another example is the unique church of Agios Nikolaos which features the tallest minaret in the citys skyline inside its own courtyards and next to the bell tower! Chamber in 1889. After praying, the faithful are careful to not turn their backs on the casket as they leave. The Selimiye Mosque is in North Nicosia, in Northern Cyprus and is one of a number of fascinating sights in this part of the city. It is most notable in American politics as the mosque that President George W. Bush visited after the attacks of September 11th to help quell bubbling fervor for some Americans who wanted to retaliate against local Muslims. Contributed by Campbell & Alya from Stingy Nomads. Its a fairly new mosque, dating back to the end of the 19th century.

First of all, the location of the Blue Mosque is just incredible: right in the middle of Turkish history, on Sultan Ahmet square. Its quite a journey to go to Shiraz, Iran but I dont regret any second Ive spent on the bus as the city turned out to be really great. Other cities in Crete, such as the Venetian Old Town of Rethymnon also have mosques worth paying a visit. Follow them on Youtube. This was one of the strictest mosques that I have personally visited in terms of making sure that no hair was out of my scarf. Contributed by Sarah Carter from ASocialNomad. The view is stunningly surreal with a hint of purple tones filling up the sky. Nusrat Jahan Mosque in Copenhagen. With time, they became the most important army in charge of maintaining the order on the island. Located at the strategic straight and with views to Morocco, Gibraltar was vastly influenced by the Moors, who at one time held control of the Rock, and their contributions to the city cannot be undermined. The first mosque that I visited during my extensive travels in India was the Jama Masjid in Delhi (masjid meaning mosque), one of the largest in India. Contributed by Kathleen Poon from Where is Kat Going. Find information and cruise reviews on Cruise Critic. Islam has reached every corner of the globe, and even predominantly Catholic South America has some gorgeous mosques to visit. The Mosque of the Janissaries is currently open to the public and theres no dress code to respect since its now a secular building. Looking out from a covered walkway, I watched one lone man crossing the tiled courtyard by himself, his pale yellow robe fluttering behind him, reflecting the austerity of the landscape from which the Great Mosque rises. We want to inspire everyone to chase their dreams and leave a positive impact on Earth. Its a 10-minute walk from the tomb of the poet Hafez and the turquoise dome is hard to miss from the street. Contributed by Shara Johnson of SKJ Travel. Despite these differences, theres one thing that remains the same, which is clothing. After visiting this spiritual site, youll find several nearbyexcellent Bulgarian restaurants to be explored. They amplify Europes diverse cultural heritage all the more. If it is not open, you will still be able to see it from the outside.

The most recent restoration process finished in 2016.

While Bosnia and Herzegovina is inhabited mainly by the Slavs, part of the country has been under Ottoman rule for centuries. The Hassan II Mosque is a great mosque to visit when you are in Casablanca. The mosque in the Schwetzingen castle in Heidelberg, Germany was built in the 1700s. The main dome stands 90m high and is home to the worlds largest crystal chandelier, with 34 smaller replicas to be found in other parts of the building. And it will instantly catch your eye with its red sandstone and soft white marble. In front of the main entrance is a bustling market selling antiques while close to the back entrance is a textile market with all types of fabrics, pillow paddings, curtains, and second-hand clothes. With the secular, liberal, post communist social fabric of Europe, mosques usually dont blend in among mass media. From the outside, it looks like nothing special, but once you enter the random door from the lovely yard youre transferred to the fairy-tale world. After Armenias independence in 1991, the Blue Mosque was renovated with the support from the Iranian government. For travel guidebooks to have with you during your trip, I always pick one or two from Rick Steves and Lonely Planet. You may also consider joining my mailing list. Both men and women should wear clothes that cover their bodies, no shorts, mini-skirts or vests. Outside and in the portico, youll find frescoes depicting trees, waterfalls, and bridges motifs not often seen in Islamic art. The building was founded in 1926 after World War I as a sign of Frances gratitude to Muslim soldiers, as 100,000 from the colonies died fighting against Germany. Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque is also one of the few mosques where you can climb to the minaret. I find it interesting to discover both the similarities and the differences between faiths, beliefs.

The name Al-Aqsa refers both to the small mosque in the complex but can also be used for the entire complex, including the Dome of the Rock, the Gates of the Temple Mount, and the minarets.

Estimates suggest that 500 to 1,600 North African and European Jews were saved from Nazi persecution in this mosque. The Mosque with its huge 38-meter high blue cupola and two 50-meter high minarets stand out from the city landscape. Its located in the heart of the city in the old Arab quarter. This massive anddomineering mosque, nowthe most recognizable and iconic in Lebanon, was opened in October 2008. Located outside of Ganja,the original mosque here dates back to the 8th century. The Grand Mosque in Muscat was built by the order of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said and opened in 2001 in honor of his 30th anniversary of the rulein Oman. The mosque impresses by its sheer size, being able to house 25,000 worshippers at once.

The Al-Hakim mosque was certainly one of the nicest (and calmest!) However, the truth is, Europe has a number of historic mosques, some of them bearing locals commitment to European identity. Follow her on Instagram here.

The inside of the mosque is worth a visit too, to see the beautiful paintings inside the nine domes.

Taj-ul-Masjid is located in Bhopal, the state capital city of Madhya Pradesh in central India; the mosque dominates the cityscape of Bhopal. Unlike so many other religious sites, this mosque was saved from demolition during the atheism campaigns and turned into a museum. The city of Amman has quite a few lovely mosques, and because of the citys geography, you can enjoy views of these various mosques spread out over Ammans hills. Thehuge square minaret towers above the city, its top visible from inside the narrow alleys of the medina. This road was used by the Mughal nobility to reach their residence in Lahore Fort. There is a bridge that crosses the lagoon and a boat which is areplica of a 16th-century royal barge. My Favorite Travel Booking Sites for 2022, Beautiful Mosques in the Middle East & Turkey, must-visit for any traveler coming to Armenias capital city, Ukraine Packing List: What to Pack for Ukraine for Women and Men, 10 Books that Made My Life Better Written in the Last Decade, One Perfect Day in Waterton Lakes National Park: Itinerary & Travel Tips. During the siege of Sarajevo in 1990s it was destroyed and later restored. History Fangirl is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Guided visits are 120 dirhams (about 11 euros) and tours take about 1 hour and are conducted in English, French, German or Spanish. Please dress conservatively when visiting. At the entrance, you are greeted by a lovely fountain in the forecourt. Its a spectacular building in the middle of the absolutely charming and. There are as many as 1,400 followers of the Islamic faith that come to pray here each week as well as some tourists as they pass through the region. Non-Muslims cannot enter inside during prayers and are only allowed to enter during the limited visiting hours. This is how I became mesmerized by Islamic architecture, especially the incredible mosques. Irrespective of the faith, anybody (believer/atheist) can enter the mosque as long as theyre respectful of the rules of the mosque. Step inside the Mezquita for the first time and experience a truly speechless moment as you take in the vast expanses of marble floors and distinctive red and cream pillars and arches that stretch as far as the eye can see. The mosque, located in the very city center, opens every day from morning to evening, but if you want to visit, definitely avoid the prayer times (five daily) announced by the muezzin. This beautiful mosque is located in Curitiba in the Brazilian state of Parana. Mosques come to few peoples minds when they hear about Romania. It was designed with a futuristic vibe, influenced by the concept of skyscrapers but with columns of windows to inspire a sense of serene luminosity. The good news is, you dont actually need to stay in Kuala Kangsar to see this amazing mosque. This post may contain affiliate links. Built in 2003, its a newer building created in the classic style and it pays tribute to the old Medieval architecture of the past. Anyone whos had the privilege of traveling in a Muslim-majority country like Azerbaijan, Turkey, or Tunisiacan tell you about how stunning Islamic architecture around the world can be. One of the greatest pleasures of visiting Malaysia, especially the big cities like Kuala Lumpur or George Town, is the cultural and religious diversity. By Arabela from The Spicy Travel Girl who is a 19-year-old full-time student and solo travel blogger showing you how to travel the world on a low budget and tight schedule. I have been a paying customer ofWorld Nomadsfor travel insurance for three years, and I happily recommend them. What is an interesting feature of this mosque, is that apart from some white granite columns and 56 crystal chandeliers imported from Italy, all the materials used to build the mosque come from around Morocco.

Crdoba is an atmospheric southern Spanish city, rich in Moorish history and architecture. Book an affordable family or romantic photography session on your trip through Flytographer (Use the code HISTORYFANGIRL for 10% off your first photoshoot). This complex has the central architectural elements such as mihrab, minbar and kursi, which opens to a huge central space. And to top it all off, the views from this hilltop Mosque are some of the best in Istanbul. I especially loved being around the mosque during the night, as it looks even more beautiful when the lights start to turn on an unforgettable moment. Since Melaka city center is so busy, it makes a great place to visit in Malaysia. It might look familiar as it is areplica of a mosque in Marrakech and was a project of the King of Morocco. Contributed by Stacey from One Trip at a Time.

Spend One Perfect Day in the Grand Canyon: Itinerary & Travel Tips. In the quiet yet upbeat city of Sofia, Bulgaria, is the beautiful, 15 meter wide domed Banya BashiMosque. Although the mosques interior is only open to visitors during the day (with a paid entrance fee), its also worth strolling to the square at night to see the majestic mosque faade completely illuminated.

Culturally Immersive & Responsible Travel. Attracting over 100,000 pilgrims a year to commemorate the death of Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din, the Sufi Saint who is buried here, Shah Rukn-e-Alam is a Sufi mosque located in Multan, in Punjab province, Pakistan. Today, the mosque is under Iranian ownership and that will last for the next 80 years or so. Entry to the house of worship is allowed for people of all faiths, and all parts of the mosque can be visited by women. It was commissioned by Huseyn Ali Khan, the khan of Erivan.

Steal this Madeira Itinerary: What the RHOP Did in 4 Days in Madeira, Portugal, The Perfect 3 Days in Jackson, MS: A Magical Weekend in Jackson Itinerary. They are story tellers, photographers, connoisseur of differnt cuisines, whiskey, weaves and other cultural quirks. The mosque, built in the mid-17thcentury as part of a larger complex, is considered one of the most elaborate and intricate Mughal mosques in existence. The Cordoba Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region of Andalusia in Spain. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Madhurima & Sayantan have been exploring the world together since 2015. The location of the mosque is very central, next to Troitsky bridge and Neva river, the easiest way to get here is by metro, the nearest station is Gorkovskaya. The mosque was commissioned by the Ottoman ruler Sultan Suleiman I. I was there in the afternoon and the place took my breath away, especially when I was all alone inside. Ellis is a cultural anthropologist from the Netherlands who has travelled for more than 20 years to over 50 countries along the ancient Silk Road with a special love for India and Nepal. From then on, it has been a cathedral until today. It was restored in the 1990s, which saved the mosque for future visitors to enjoy. That is because the mosque is a 1990s reproduction of the original 13th-century mosque that was destroyed by the Bolsheviks in their efforts to erase religion in Azerbaijan. "New Look" Mosque in Cannes - Europe - News -, Gibraltar, UK.the most southern located mosque in Europe.

The city was occupied by the Moors for over 780 years before the reconquista in 1492, when Spanish forces finally took back their country after centuries of battle. When folks think of Islamic nations, most think first of the Middle East. There are apricot and cherry trees on the premises, and during the spring roses and flowers are scattered across the grounds. By Anda from Travel for a while. Of course, its the Dome of the Rock that is the biggest draw, which was built over the place where Muslims believe Muhammed ascended into Heaven. Thismosquewas built in the 1570s during the Ottoman rule by the famous chief architect Mimar Sinan. From the High Atlas to the Sahara, every part of Morocco contributed to this mosque. There are plenty of restaurants close to the Mosque, but some are expensive, catering to the tourists. For decades, crossing the Green Line was forbidden but its recently opened up and most passport-holders can cross between the two sides. We cant find a country that matches your search. Do take time to explore the library and the grounds. Around 3,000 people visit this sacred venue each week, with up to 8,000 present during the two great festivals of Islam: Eid elkebir and Eid elfitr. You can actually see it from the balcony of the Alhambra! If you love touring beautiful architecture on your travels, check out themost beautiful castles in the world, stunning Catholic monasteries,andgorgeous Orthodox monasteries. Yet, it is a very important historical mosque with a long and interesting past. Its especially important to get travel insurance if youll be hanging out in cities where tourists can be the victims of pickpockets. Some of the locals around the mosque offer tourists the opportunity to enter their rooftops for some incredible views of the old town and the minaret of the Al-Zaytuna Mosque. Furthermore, like many mosques in the region, dress codes are not strictly enforced and visitors dressed in shorts and tank tops can frequently be seen. If you visit Cairo, make sure to check it out! With a large Muslim population, it is not difficult to spot mosques and to hear the call to prayer in a lot of places. And my belovedIndia was no exception. Because the Blue Mosque is so well located, there are a ton of great things to see and do around it. 2 weeks itinerary for Malaysia, an inclusive destination in Asia! The earliest mosque structure wasbuilt on this location in 670 AD, shortly after the spread of Islam throughout northern Africa, establishing Kairouan as one of the first major cities in the new Islamic empire. Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity as a national religion. While most tourists planning a European vacation might not think to include a mosque on their itinerary, Europe is filled with charming and beautiful mosques, reflecting a complicated history between Christianity and Islam. Female visitors are able to hire abayas at the non-muslim entrance for a small fee. Contributed by Mike from197 Travel Stamps. Ultimate Guide to Plan a Trip to Old Silk Route, Zuluk: The Best Kept Secret of Sikkim, 20 Photos from an Epic Ladakh Roadtrip: Your Inspiration to Visit the last Sangri-la, 5 Travel Destinations I would Visit if I win a Lottery, Different Activities You Should Try When Traveling to Southeast Asia, Top 10 Heritage Saree Shops in Kolkata for the Best Bengali Saree (Durgapuja Special), 5 Spectacular Days in Leh: Itinerary, Travel Tips & Offbeat Day Trips from Leh, Westermoskee in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Great Mosque of Paris(built in honor of the fallen Muslim soldiers during WW1. The mosque is open to everyone and there is no dress code, though you should cover your bare arms and knees out of respect. He wrote, The mosque a place of worship for infertile women, they come here on foot, worship, and within a year gain the ability to give birth..

This beautiful Ottoman mosque sits on the banks of the Neretva river just beyond the Stari Most (Old Bridge). A couple of days before we visited the mosque, an attack damaged a small part close to the entrance. Get reliable travel insurance through World Nomads. There is a smaller, more conservatively designed but nonetheless very pretty ladies prayer hall as well.

Located just off Tiranas main square, Skanderbeg Square, youll find a mosque that is worth visiting the Ethem Bej Mosque. Just make sure to agree on a fair price beforehand and you will have an amazing experience and some incredible views. That is why still today you can find numerous mosques on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thats why its one of the most popular Instagram spots in Mostar, but theres more to the mosque than just a pretty view. The Blue Mosque is free to visit for people of all faiths. There is a certain dress-code for all visitors to the Mosque. The Khaled ibn El Walid mosque located in Givors in eastern France might be a recently constructed mosque, inaugurated only in 2013, but it still flaunts architectural character. The minaret of the mosque stands tall over the other, lower buildings of the medina. The omnipresent light that floods through the wide windows contributes to the atmosphere of serenity. Perched on the edge of the Larnaca Salt Lake, its a famous photography spot, especially during the flamingo season. This may be one of the most interesting mosques on the list for two simple reasons. The city is around 12 hours by train from Lahore, but you can easily come on a night train. Historic Mosques in Europe that Amplify Diverse Cultural heritage, The Ibrahim al Ibrahim Mosque in Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory in the South of Spain, The Great Mosque of St Petersberg, Russia, The Bibi Heybad Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan, Kk Pasha Hasan Mosque, Chania, Island of Crete, Greece, Brick Lane Mosque in London, the United Kingdom, Cambridge Central Mosque: The first Eco-mosque of Europe. The stunning central hall is one of the most notable features, along with the beautiful blend of the Moorish, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Also read: A Photo-blog depicting Bengali culture of Kolkata! I could sit on the floor and just look around me with eyes wide open. The exterior is completely covered in Persian-style Kasha-Karitile work, and the interior is adorned with numerous frescos. Seeing both these landmarks so close to one another makes you see some different periods of Plovdivs long history brought together. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The mosque of Omar Ibn Al Khattab is tucked away in an unsuspecting corner of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. One of its major claims to fame is the fact that Muhammed Ali once came to pray here. moscow mosques It was originally called the Cathedral of Saint Sophia and was started in 1206 but wasnt consecrated until 1326. Its one of the oldest extant structures in Yerevan. In the middle of the hall, Emir Ali rests within the silver casket. The USSR then turned the mosque into a museum and it housed the History Museum of Yerevan. There are interlocking stars made from cherry wood and pillars of marble with a glorious handwoven carpet. Also read:50+ truly offbeat experiences in Goa!

Madhurima: Creator of the blog Orange Wayfarer. The interior is just too beautiful and you need to pinch yourself to prove youre not dreaming! The Hassan II Mosque is a beautiful and very large mosque located in Casablanca, Morocco. The original site was just a grave, however, the complex has grown around it over time, with periodic restorations and new projects happening every few centuries.

This is the last standing mosque in the city of Chania, although the Turkish heritage is still visible in the local architecture. Each year on October, a symposium is organized to bring together researchers, academics and Muslim scholars from around the world. Worshipers are separated according to their gender; men worship on the ground floor while women on the first floor. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. If you ask a Muslim about the most famous mosque in the world, chances are theyd mention Al Masjid Al Haram, or in other words, the Grand Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

In total, the Grand Mosque can house 20,000 worshippers. Fiona is a born and bred Londoner and founder of London-Unattached. The courtyard makes a lovely area to take a break with views of the minaret/bell tower. Reshma Narasing, solo traveler and creator ofThe Solo Globetrottertravel site adds. Mayuri is the creator behind To Some Place New. This doesnt sit well with many Muslims and so youll find the mosque deserted much of the time. And the Suleimaniye Mosque is the most celebrated of Sinans creations. Taj-ul-Masjid means Crown of Mosques. This is one of the largest mosques in India and Asia and can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time. By Helen from Helen on he Holidays. Among the square youll find three other religious sites from different religions, each making a corner of this sacred square. You could easily spend a quiet afternoon watching people coming for their rituals or merely enjoying the serenity of this place of worship. Formerly the largest mosque in the Western Hemisphere, the Islamic Center is one of the most interesting sites to see when you visit Washington DC. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Required fields are marked *. It is predominantly Sunni Islam and is well known for supporting the social and community needs of the area. Delve further in and you will find intricate Moorish tile-work and wooden carvings in the oldest parts of the building, whilst in the centre stands an enormous main chapel and soaring transept, heavily ornate and rich in detail, designed to let all-comers see the might of Spain and Catholicism. By the time of the construction, it was the largest mosque in Europe outside Turkey. The reopening of the mosque in 1991 was the first sign of the revolution that eventually toppled the communists and the mosque is now one of the oldest structures in Tirana. Inside, its modern and less ornate, except for a massive crystal chandelier that sparkles from the high ceiling. The mosque is often overlooked by tourists, but its one of the most interesting off the beaten path places to see in Saint Petersburg. The mosque covers a total area of over 5,000 square meters and is built on an old Christian basilica. The only word of caution I would give to visitors is that the staircase up the minaret is very narrow and steep. One example is the Grand Mosque of Constana, also known as the Carol I Mosque. Fortunately, the mosque and the church blend well together in an unusual juxtaposition. The Suleymaniye mosque is one of the mostpopular places to visit in Istanbuland also the second-largest mosque in the city. The central entrance is the most impressive part of the mosque decorated with ceramic mosaic, a great spot for Instagram lovers. Its located in the Fatih district of Istanbul and is far away from the noise and crowds of the Sultanahmet district, ensuring that you enjoy a serene atmosphere inside the mosque. It has a capacity of 15,000 people, occupies more than 13 acres, and its dimensions are simply impressive. It was built in the 1460s by Sultan Mehmet II Fatih. Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque is located right in the old town of Mostar, you can all other attractions near it, as well as many restaurants and shops. Constructed in 1910, this majestic mosque is a must-visit for anyone traveling along the Romanian Black Sea coast. Be the mosque dating back to the age of Ottomans or set up by the recent immigrant exodus from South Asia. turkey antalya tour hotel istanbullife days

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