Comment by FrankvsMaximvs December 5, 2015 @ 1:12 am, Comment by eric mecca February 7, 2018 @ 9:45 am, RSS feed for comments on this post. Now you can put away your pick ax and shovel and enjoy the rest of this final season of AMCs Breaking Bad. DEA does things that we do not know about, so.. After a laborious interring of the ridiculous amounts of cash, stored in barrels, Walt gets the GPS coordinates of the location, memorizes it, then smashes the device, and before passing out from the exertion, apparently stops somewhere to purchase a lottery ticket with those exact numbers. Mike drills through the stucco on an outer wall by the pool and plants the bug where it can overhear conversations in the kitchen and the bathroom. Heres how Lindelof, an obvious fan of Breaking Bad, responded: @BastardMachine My smile has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with the brilliance of Breaking Bad. Making of Episode 510, Buried: Breaking Bad, [Banner photo: Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad Episode 10. Damon Lindelof (@DamonLindelof) August 19, 2013. All rights reserved. In this weeks Breaking Bad, Skylars meeting with Hank at the diner and subsequent confrontation with her sister Marie were definitely the most intense moments of the episode, which aired on Sunday night (see our review). Photo by Ursula Coyote/AMC. "Pilot" The Western wilderness provides a refuge for cooking, a place free from eyewitnesses, but also serves as a recurring threat: If your RV battery dies out there, youre in trouble; if a bullet punctures your gas tank out there, youre in trouble. There wasnt enough time for Hank to get a court order AND Hank and his partner deliberately didnt want anyone else to know about their investigation. How did Hank trace Walt to the money? Kirk Goldsberry is a professor and Grantland staff writer. Within the damaged, decaying hallway, the name "Heisenberg" is spray-painted in yellow across from the fireplace. In fact, in that part of the world such a description would describe only a vague area about 80 feet by 100 feet in size a zone much larger than an NBA basketball court and a pretty big space to dig up. He ends up creating a crawl space beneath the house, which he eventually makes accessible through a trapdoor by the heater. For a while, it appeared that Jesse Pinkman's arson attempt at the house would emerge as the reason for the near-condemned nature of the house seen in the flash-forwards. When you plug the coordinates into Google Maps, you get sent here: I like to think that this is somebodys clever way of reminding us that we are watching a television show about a fictional world. Right away, people began to wonder if Breaking Bads numbers were significant in the way those famous Lost numbers were. First Comment by nWo Wolfpac:THE Macho RAW GM October 21, 2014 @ 6:05 pm. According to producers, it just had to be a place where people wouldnt actually go digging thinking there was buried treasure (the same thing for the coordinates on Lydias cell phone, which really lead to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport). The phone number was previously shown to be (505) 555-1258 on, The number of the land line at the White residence shown on the. Ed describes to Walt that the house became 'a tourist attraction' but this phrase is insufficient because the extent of the destruction denotes an emotional involvement by the vandals scrawling graffiti on the walls, smashing mirrors, ripping out appliances and utilities, and even burning some things. In the backyard, the pool is now empty, crumbling, and unkempt; it is used by a group of local skateboarders as a small skate-park ("Blood Money"). Walt does return to the derelict, severely neglected house to retrieve the vial of ricin poison he had stored behind an electrical outlet guard, but that is the final visit by any member of the White family to the house. The next day, AMC uploaded Skylar and Maries moment to YouTube as a Talked About Scene (which you can watch here below), but it seems like the true talked about scene is actually the one with Walt out in the desert and those all-important GPS coordinates: +34 59 20.00, -106 36 52. After Skyler learns about Walt's meth cooking, Saul Goodman has the house bugged by Mike Ehrmantraut to monitor her and Walt. IRL Address But the Nazis smartphone leads them right to the barrels, and as they immediately extract Walts fortune with that tiny little shovel, I found myself barking at the TV, Come on, Gilligan, stop trolling the geographers!. As Walt surveys the area, we see Jesse emerge from a lookout about 30 yards off atop a rugged, reddish rock formation. Later still, Skyler uses this same crawl space to hide some additional excess meth cash among clothes in space saver bags. Theres $80 million buried in that geology, and the murderous Nazis can smell it. NYCC 2021: Neil Gaimans The Sandman: Act II Audible Experience! Q&A: Kevin Love on Returning From a Dislocated Shoulder and the Evolution of His Game, The NBAs Next Shooting Revolution Has Already Been Televised, True Browmance: How Tyreke, Jrue, and Gentry Can Help Anthony Davis, The Ballad of Dez and Tony: Visualizing the Cowboys Lethal Quarterback-Receiver Combo, The Walking Dead Keeps Shuffling Toward Greatness But Never Quite Gets There, The Andy Greenwald Podcast: AMCs Joel Stillerman on the Renewal of Halt and Catch Fire and the Future of TV, Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Six Telltale Signs That You Can No Longer Ignore the Imminent Zombie Apocalypse. Check out some behind-the-scenes videos for the episode Buried here below. Grantland Pop Culture Podcast: Nick Mundy and Alison Stevenson on the Walking Dead Phenomenon, Brand Echh: Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton Cant Save the Lame Our Brand Is Crisis, 50 Scenes That Do Not Appear in the Fox X-Files Revival, In Praise of Beach Slang, 2015s Best, Most Sincere Rock Band. Owners Frustrated by Skylers refusal to let him inside the house for a family dinner, Walt lobs a pizza on the roof of the garage, where it remains for several days. He didnt follow him. :/, Comment by David Pinero September 11, 2013 @ 11:49 pm, thats the POV shot of a GPS, moments before Walt smashed it when buring barrels, Comment by owiec April 16, 2014 @ 5:51 pm, 35.101965,-107.137223 are the real cordinates, Comment by Balazs Balint June 28, 2014 @ 4:56 pm. Its the same visual grammar that plays so heavily in No Country for Old Men and countless Westerns; Walter White has gone bad within the same environs of Blood Meridian and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Appearances in Breaking Bad Theres just something about that terrain that has led some of our best storytellers to this same region to tell their stories about good and bad.

Those coordinates arent even in the desert, but instead belong to Albuquerque Studios, which served as the shows headquarters during its marvelous run. Not necessarily, how many times does the DEA break the law to get what they want, we can not count that high. However, this was not to be how things unfolded. ("Blood Money"). The ongoing vandalism hit a boiling point in 2015, when the show's creator. Walt visits his damaged, abandoned house. Last Wired did some checking and the verdict was, nope, they arent. 3828 Piermont Drive NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111 ], True, but, if you enter those coordinates as a dot com URL you land at a mysteriously creepy picture that looks like Walts head looking over a shelf or on a platter. : And Other Myths About Natures Most Misunderstood Critter. 10 Shocking Facts About The Breaking Bad TV Series, Watch The First Episode Of The David Tennant Crime Drama Broadchurch, Happy Birthday To Led Zeppelin Front Man Robert Plant, Official Trailer For Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Released, Vince Gilligan Talks Breaking Bad Movie El Camino, Watchmen Featurette: The HBO Series Examines How Society Views Heroes, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Date Announcement Video Features Skinny Pete, In Search Of Tomorrow: Last Chance To Preorder This Definitive 80s Sci-Fi Documentary, Video: Stranger Things Times Square NYC Pop-Up Store, Kolchak Stalks The Night Again In 50th Anniversary Graphic Novel. The scene begins with Walter White stepping out of his RV; his new partner, Jesse Pinkman, is nowhere to be seen. Faced with this melee, the City of Albuquerque seized the property and in the flash-forwards and the last scenes of the series, it is shown fenced off, near-condemned, and awaiting auction ("Granite State"). In the early years of their marriage, Walter and Skyler tour the house. Who Was Missing From Taylor Swifts Miami Squad? Walt later has Mike remove it once the two start working together. Residents Later, the house becomes a source of contention between Walt and Skyler who gets to live there and who doesnt, and whether its safe from anyone who wants to hurt Walt. Instead, the house remained in good condition until angry vandals started destroying the place after it had been empty for a time. Believing the house might collapse on itself, Walt's renovations become more elaborate and invasive. While his unusually precise description of his locale spared Walt from being arrested, it also led to some bigger issues. Thus, indicating a quick pick selection, not chosen by the player. This was the part of Breaking Bad that didnt make any sense.

This show is incredible, but it doesnt need analytics guys worrying about its plausibility. 2022 ESPN Internet Ventures. In Ozymandias, Walt and Jesse find themselves back in this same spot under vastly different circumstances. Type The White Residence As we learned in the previous episode, Walt has made so much cash selling large quantities of crystal meth, that his wife Skylar could no longer launder it through their car wash business, so she instead has just been piling it up at a storage facility. The White Residence, located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane,was the home of the White family including Walter, his wife Skyler, their son Walt Jr. and their infant daughter, Holly. 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 (borderline-condemned; up for auction) ("Full Measure"). Walter White (former) Skyler White (former)Walter White Jr. (former)Holly White (former) Walter White (former) Skyler White (former) Just like Breaking Bad, suspension of disbelief is a wonderful thing. But now that DEA Agent (and brother-in-law) Hank is on to Walt, its time to move the money. Interest-Based Ads. The lure & lore of numbers, referring to Damon Lindelof, who was the co-creator and showrunner of Lost. It seems natural that a beautiful television show about evil takes place amid the gorgeous yet brutal geology of the American Southwest. 698 were here. Skyler stages a suicide attempt in the pool and is rescued by Walt. While installing the new heater, Walt discovers the house has extensive wood rot around its lower walls and foundations. These vandals are unnamed but are presumed to be, at least in part, angry Albuquerque citizens variously enraged at the murder and mayhem that Heisenberg's activities had wrought. So, there you have it. 3828 Piermont Drive NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Madrigal Elektromotoren, Hannover, Germany. But this time, Walt and Jesse are not alone out there. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Safety Information/Your California Privacy Rights/Children's Online Privacy Policy are applicable to you. Happy Halloween: The Best Horror-Movie Monsters, Psych-Rock Pacesetters MGMT Continue Stark Evolution With Self-Titled Third Album, Do You Like Prince Movies? After Walt's exposure as Heisenberg, the house is abandoned by Skyler and the children, and Walt has already been forced to leave and adopt a new identity. Walt and Skyler hid large sums of cash in various parts of the house: Skyler talking to Walt with the hallway in between them, The backyard pool having been turned into a skateboard hangout, Walt gazing at the "Heisenberg" graffiti in his house. So, off Walt goes to bury the money in a far off spot in the desert in his home state of New Mexico. Comment by Selassie Pickney October 15, 2014 @ 9:49 pm. borussia usain Number of the land line at the White residence: The number of the land line at the White residence is (505) 117-8987.

Images (251). He didnt put a GPS on his car and he couldnt get a warrant that quickly so Walts phone company wouldnt have given him Walts cell phone coordinates. They are surprised when Walt installs a new heater instead of fixing the old one, despite not (yet) having much money. Last The neighborhood is hit by the debris from the Wayfarer 515 collision, Walt's house itself is bombarded by debris, including a Pink Teddy Bear that falls into the pool and two bodies which land in the driveway. Maybe, just maybe but at this point Walt did not give a crap about what is the right thing, he wanted Walt so badly he would do ANYTHING and pull any strings he could to get his prized position, Walt. Walt and Skyler's bed is from the Broyhill Fontana collection.

As a lawyer, I can tell you that only telephone companies can track your location when you use your cell phone and they will only turn that information over to law enforcement with a court order. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Residence You and I know things would have been looked over if it meant a chance to get monster like Walter off the streets. Appearance in El Camino Comment by Selassie Pickney September 30, 2014 @ 11:55 am, Walt was on the phone talking to Jessie the whole time, the phone is VERY trackable, that is why Hank had Jessie on the phone the whole trip, remember he told Walt NOT to hang up;), Comment by nWo Wolfpac:THE Macho RAW GM October 14, 2014 @ 4:10 pm. Its not a documentary. Cranston was unable to replicate this accuracy in any subsequent takes. Appearances in Better Call Saul "Felina" One of my favorite scenes ever in Breaking Bad comes about two-thirds of the way through the pilot episode. 404: Generation Loss Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast, 403: Annees Folles Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast, 402: Well Enough Alone Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast, Summer Reading List: Summer 2022 Book Recommendations, 401: The Auguries Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast, Book Review: Possums Are Not Cute! He specified a location that was exactly 34 degrees 59 minutes and 20 seconds north of the equator and 106 degrees 36 minutes and 52 seconds west of the prime meridian. Hank stopped Jesse from burning the house, and although a group of neo-Nazis broke in to threaten Skyler, it is revealed by Ed that this, too, is not really the main reason why Walt's wife and children moved away. But where do the coordinates really lead? The scene, which was shot in one take, became an instant fan-favorite and prompted people to try it themselves. A search in Google Maps for +34 59 20.00, -106 36 52 reveals that its actually not out in the middle of nowhere, but rather at ABQ Studios in Albuquerque, NM, where Breaking Bad is filmed (its also where some of The Avengers and The Lone Ranger were shot). When Walt desperately called Todd and his uncle for salvation, he described his location in terms of latitude and longitude. Walt uses the new crawl space as an entrance when locked out of the house by Skyler. The shot in which Bryan Cranston throws the pizza on the roof of the house was done in one take, with no special effects. But as it turns out, he wasnt just trolling geographers; he was trolling anyone dorky enough to plug that location into a search engine. What are the odds??? Podcast: The Toronto International Film Festival and Arsenio Hall, The Andy Greenwald Podcast 'Fargo' Showrunner Noah Hawley. The scene not only helps develop that early tension between the chemistry teacher and his F student as they enter their criminal partnership, it also sets the table for that original cooking breakthrough and introduces the utility of the New Mexican landscape as a vital plot device. After the episode, Hollywood Reporters Tim Goodman posted to Twitter, Part of me wishes I could see the smile on the face of @DamonLindelof after tonights #BreakingBad episode. Here come spoilers for Season 5b of Breaking Bad. Fear the Walking Dead: Which of Our New Friends Are Getting Eaten by the End of This Season? We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Interesting note about the lottery ticketif you notice in a close-up shot of it on the refrigerator , the numbers all have QP to the right of them. Address The episode even begins with a callback to those early, awkward cooks in the RV. However, that interest soon became less innocent as fans took to throwing pizzas on the real-world house itself. No That fancy phone of yours, where does it say that is, exactly?, Now, I love Breaking Bad as much as anyone in the world Im firmly in the best show ever camp, but as a geography professor, something about this scene irked me: Theres nothing exact about those coordinates. They remark that the house has three bedrooms and a pool in the backyard. TrackBack URL.

Numerous YouTube videos can be seen showing the lady yelling at tourists. Baby room - taped down inside the vent (the first main spot), Garage - behind insulation (the second main spot), Baby room - duffel bag in the closet (temporary; Skyler accidentally finds it), Master bedroom - with clothing in space saver bags (which break the rack), Crawl space - with clothing in space saver bags (the latest main spot), Vacuum cleaner - at some point during the. Walt, riding a wave of recent business success, comments that the house isnt big enough, but they end up buying it anyway. Comment by Selassie Pickney October 21, 2014 @ 9:13 pm. Walt threatening two amateur drug manufacturers. First After the shootout, the Nazis use these precise coordinates to dig up his fortune. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Breaking Bad: Where Do Walts Buried Treasure GPS Coordinates Really Lead? The two exchange an awkward wave and then some great dialogue. At the beginning of the first season, Skyler and Walt Junior pressure Walt to fix the water heater. Any evidence Hank obtained in violation of the 4th Amendment wouldve been inadmissible fruit of the poisonous tree and Hank wouldve known that so I doubt he would have jeopardized his case against Walt in any way. /308-Negra-Arroyo-Lane-Alb.. 3828 Piermont Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111.
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