President Kirkman was played by 24s Jack Bauer, so you better believe they found those responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, the VP was in surgery and the Senate Pro-Tem showed some signs of dementia.

The Secretary of DefenseCurrent office-holder: Lloyd Austin, 28th or 84th, depending on how you look at it.First to hold the office: Henry Knox (as Secretary of War), 1789; James Forrestal (as Secretary of Defense), 1947Random info: This position was actually the Secretary of Waruntil 1947. 13. [21] Nonetheless, Tyler adhered to his position, even returning, unopened, mail addressed to the "Acting President of the United States" sent by his detractors. The 25th Amendment also establishes procedures for filling an intra-term vacancy in the office of the vice president. The persons elected president and vice president in such a special election would have served a full four-year term beginning on March 4 of the next year. The vacancy continued until Gerald Ford was sworn in as vice president on December 6, 1973. That version of events is apocryphal. This section 2 of the 25th Amendment has been invoked twice: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, Attorney-General, Postmaster-General, Secretary of the Navy, and Secretary of the Interior. [1] The order consists of congressional officers followed by the members of the cabinet in the order of the establishment of each department, provided that each officer must satisfy the constitutional requirements for serving as president. (A member of the House and Senate are also pulled in order to lead and help rebuild our Congressional chambers.). New PPFA Podcast Episode: An April Fools Challenge! In 1886, a new act removed them in favor of the presidents cabinet, but they were restored by thePresidential Succession Act of 1947. (LogOut/ Removing legislators and several Cabinet members from the line of succession and adding four officials, or "Standing Successors", outside of Washington, D.C. The agreement also contained a provision whereby Eisenhower could declare his own inability and, if unable to do so, empowered Nixon, with appropriate consultation, to make the decision. Enter your email address to follow PPFA, receive notifications of new posts by email, and be seen as an educated person. If I were making the emergency list, it would be as follows: But theres probably a reason no one asks my opinions on these things. President Johnson was acquitted by a one-vote margin. The order of succession specifies that the office passes to the vice president; if the vice presidency is simultaneously vacant, or if the vice president is also incapacitated, the powers and duties of the presidency pass to the speaker of the House of Representatives, president pro tempore of the Senate, and then Cabinet secretaries, depending on eligibility. The fact that, should a Cabinet member begin to act as president, the law allows the House to elect a new speaker (or the Senate to elect a new president pro tempore), who could in effect remove the Cabinet member and assume the office themselves at any time. The Secretary of CommerceCurrent office-holder:Gina Raimando, the 40th Commerce SecretaryFirst to hold the office:William C. Redfield, 1913 (under 28th president Wilson)Random info: Formerly the Governor of Rhode Island, Raimando accepted President Bidens offer to be Commerce Secretary. : In the novel Trinitys Child,a Soviet nuclear attack on Washington knocks out everyone above the Interior Secretary, who was in Louisiana during the attack, and hes sworn in. In the years immediately following the attacks, numerous wide-ranging discussions were started, in Congress, among academics and within the public policy community about continuity of government concerns including the existing constitutional and statutory provisions governing presidential succession. [48], Ratification of the 25th Amendment, with its mechanism for filling an intra-term vice presidential vacancy, has made calling on the speaker, president pro tempore, or a cabinet member to serve as acting president unlikely to happen, except in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Of course you have. Vice President John Tyler claimed a constitutional mandate to carry out the full powers and duties of the presidency, asserting he was the president and not merely a temporary acting president, by taking the presidential oath of office. William McKinley ran with Garret Hobart first and then Theodore Roosevelt second. For example, from January 20, 2001, to June 6, 2001, the president pro tempore was then-98-year-old. That means even though we had a new president nine times, we did not have a new VP in eight of those instances. He also appointed an Attorney General, an office that later led the Department of Justice starting in 1870. : Though not a part of the U.S. line of succession, the truly phenomenal reimagining of the TV seriesBattlestar Galactica(2004-2009) began with a massive strike against the human race across its 12 planetary colonies.

[7] Then, in November 1885, Grover Cleveland faced a similar situation, following the death of Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks, as the Senate and the House had not convened yet to elect new officers. Later, when the President is found miraculously alive, the new President refuses to step down, thinking the old President is a Soviet trick. The Senate Pro-TemporeCurrent office-holder: Patrick LeahyFirst to hold the office: John Langdon, 1789Random info: The Senate Pro-Tem is the longest-serving Senator from the majority party. 16. The first Commissioner of Agriculture was Isaac Newton.

He was nicknamed "His Accidency" and excoriated as a usurper. They proceed to give competing orders to resolve the crisis. You can understand the reasoning, though; if things are so bad that weve lost the eight highest ranking officials of the executive branch, I know Id want to be led by someone whos an expert in national security over someone whos an expert in trout. For the purposes of keeping track of the number of vice presidents as we go, we therefore drop from 46 potential VPs (which would mirror the 46 presidents) to 38 VPs. Doubt that the speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate are constitutionally eligible to act as president. Same with his running mate, Millard Fillmore. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is common for a second in command to become acting secretary when the secretary leaves office. Even after the precedent regarding presidential succession due to the president's death was set, the part of the Presidential Succession Clause that provided for replacing a disabled president remained unclear. Bummer. The Vice PresidentCurrent office-holder: Kamala Harris, the 49th VPFirst to hold the office: John Adams, 1789Random info: Were pretty good at keeping track of the presidential numbers, so most of us know that Joe Biden is the 46th president. Change). Widely considered a settled issue during the late 20th century, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 demonstrated the potential for a decapitation strike that would kill or incapacitate multiple individuals in the presidential line of succession in addition to many members of Congress and the federal judiciary. About the tier: The Second Congress passed the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, which placed our two highest ranking elected officials the Speaker of the House and Senate Pro-Tempore after the President and Vice President in the line of succession. 10.

Since 1789, the vice president has succeeded to the presidency intra-term on nine occasions: eight times due to the incumbent's death, and once due to resignation. In a quirky piece of trivia, we once had a Senate Pro-Tem as unofficial acting president. With Agnew's unexpected departure, and the state of Richard Nixon's presidency, Speaker of the House Carl Albert was suddenly first in line to become acting president. 18. [24] Tyler's view ultimately prevailed when the House and Senate voted to accept the title "President",[23] setting a precedent for an orderly transfer of presidential power following a president's death,[21] one that was subsequently written into the Constitution as section 1 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment.[20]. [13] Including the secretary of state was unacceptable to most Federalists, who did not want the then secretary of state, Thomas Jefferson, who had become the leader of the opposition Democratic-Republicans, to follow the vice president in the succession, and many objected to including the chief justice due to separation of powers concerns.

[3][E], Placing the speaker and the president pro tempore (both elected officials) back in the succession and placing them ahead of cabinet members (all of whom are appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate), was Harry S. Truman's idea. : In the novel Y: The Last Man, nearly every man on the planet dies simultaneously, which eliminated almost the entire line of succession. Interestingly, up until 1886, these two offices were reversed in order; it was actually the Senate Pro-Tem, as the leader of the upper chamber, next in line after the vice president, above the Speaker of the House, the leader of the lower chamber. Upon their re-insertion in 1947, however, the Speaker was placed ahead. Ever heard of him? [13], Various framers of the Constitution, such as James Madison, criticized the arrangement as being contrary to their intent. About the tier: Our federal bureaucracy has become increasingly bloated over the years. [7][17], Additionally, three vice presidents have temporarily assumed the powers and duties of the presidency as acting president, as authorized by Section 3 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment: George H. W. Bush did so once, on July 13, 1985; Dick Cheney did so twice, on June 29, 2002 and again on July 21, 2007; and Kamala Harris did so on November 19, 2021. Number of elections won: 0. The Cabinet currently has 15 members, of which the secretary of state is first in line; the other Cabinet secretaries follow in the order of when their departments (or the department of which their department is the successor) were created. The Attorney GeneralCurrent office-holder:Merrick Garland, the 86th Attorney GeneralFirst to hold the office:Edmund Randolph, 1789Random info: In the event of catastrophe, this is about where my confidence level starts to drop off. The current presidential order of succession was established by the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, as amended. The line of succession would be: If legislators are not removed from the line of succession, only designate them as successors in cases where the president dies or resigns, not where he is disabled (to protect legislators from being forced to resign to act as president temporarily) or removed from office; Eliminate the "bumping provision" in the Succession Act of 1947; Clarify the ambiguity in the Succession Act of 1947 as to whether acting Cabinet secretaries are in the line of succession; That the outgoing president nominate and the Senate confirm some of the incoming president's Cabinet secretaries prior to Inauguration Day, which is a particular point of vulnerability for the line of succession; Establish statutory procedures for declaring 1) a dual inability of the president and the vice president, including where there is no vice president and 2) a sole inability of the vice president. Whats he gonna do? The Secretary of the TreasuryCurrent office-holder: Janet Yellen, the 78th Treasury SecretaryFirst to hold the office: His name is Alexander Hamilton, 1789Random info: Did you know theres a musical about Alexander Hamilton? The Secretary of EducationCurrent office-holder:Miguel Cardona, the 12th Education SecretaryFirst to hold the office:Shirley Hufstedler, 1979 (President Carter AGAIN)Random info: Im telling you, Democrats reeeeally like departments.Fictional ascension! Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Drama! The answer to the April Fools Challenge was B! It was well-received, perhaps because many Americans fantasize about many federal officials getting forcibly removed from office. : In the TV seriesJericho,nukes have destroyed much of America and the line of succession down to the HHS Secretary. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, Attorney General, Postmaster General, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Labor. The 1886 Act refers to "such officers as shall have been appointed by the advice and consent of the Senate to the office therein named " The current act merely refers to "officers appointed, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate."
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