Look for a shade sail with high UV protection. Mark your anchor post positions. voile ombrage sails magique gazon For us, a few corners ended up being right above the middle of the lawn or the middle of the patio. Here are the most important ones: These are nothing if not versatile. They have a flexible membrane (made out of a range of normally water-resistant or waterproof fabrics) thats tightened between several fixing points. We installed 44 posts (we should have used metal poles) where we wanted the sails to attach to. No.

In the form of umbrellas, waterproof sails, or shaded arched canopies, they can be installed over poolside loungers, jacuzzis, and other poolside structures. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases., this Triangle Sun Shade Sail Canopy Awning Installation, this PenaShield 1 Gallon Borate Wood Preservative, this DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain, 15 Common House Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them. Voir Image : Architectural torsion - shade sail hypar effect. Timber supports will keep your anchor posts in place while the concrete dries and solidifies around them. I dont see anything about metal poles here which is what I was considering. Midway through the 20th century, the concept of tensile architecture for shade to large outdoor areas was put to the test when it was employed at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne in 1959. Your email address will not be published. These can be modified to be your best friend while installing your shade sail. We recommend that the sail is fitted with a tensioner and a carabiner at each corner. Make sure the Tree is very sturdy! The diameter of the hole would typically be 350mm, but this is less important than the overall depth of the hole. Shade sails can be installed singly or as multiple sails to cover a larger area. Do not use a hose or power sprayer on your shade sail if its made from vinyl, which could damage it over time. Former home decorating expert for Lifetime TV, Galtime and Country Woman Magazine. Add a minimum of 20 cm to each post position to compensate for the awning attachment set and tightening. Synthetic materials like PVC have led to the creation of the modern quality shade sail that we know today.

It can take around 3 to 4 hours to properly clean a shade sail (and thats with a helper, too!).

An allowance of 300mm would be suitable for sails of up to 30m2 - this being the distance between the fixing ring of the untensioned sail and the attachment point. From there, shade sails tookwell, sail. To find a suitable location, check the sun direction and measure the area where you would like to enjoy shade in your garden or patio area. Photo from Terry Designs.

A well-hung shade sail opens up much more of your garden or patio area. Strength of existing structures intended to be anchor points. The recommended final tension varies with sail size but is typically 30-50Kg at each corner for sails up to 25m2. We recently lost the trees in our backyard from a tornado and needless to say our dogs would not stay in the backyard until we installed ours. For example, to cover a large corner space, it is possible to use two standard size sails and only one mounting post, with a 5m equilateral triangle and a 3x4x5m right angle triangle.

We researched this a lot and bought Coolaroo because they have the best quality UV resistant fabric. Popular for picnics and gatherings of small groups, as well as around pools, this type isnt usually big enough for large groups.

Just dont get too close or hose it too aggressively. Membrane structures were used for Saudi Arabias Tuwaiq Palace, and the roof of Munichs Olympic stadium, both in the 70s. You may even want to set it in some rebar. We do deal with high winds, and as long as they are securely and tightly hung, we have no problem We do take them down in the winter however, I dont think the weight of snow would be good! This is quite normal and not an indication that the shade sail is too small.

The normal guideline for a post embedded in concrete is that there should be two thirds of the post above ground and one third of the post below ground. Its important to check that your existing structures intended for your fixing posts location are strong enough to hold the sail tight and allow for tightening. Check the strength of existing structures intended to be your mounting points.

If the area to be shaded is completely sheltered from the wind, or indoors, the sail can simply be tensioned sufficiently to remove the slack. Then we mounted the brackets at each corresponding attachment point with a drill and screws. Sails are a campers best friend, after her tent. Tip: Large shade sails need bigger, sturdier hardware. Selecting the position of your shade sail is the key first step before you commence installation. They were made out of flax (linen), hemp, cotton, and canvas. Its generally possible to make out vague outlines of objects and people behind a privacy screen shade sail. We found it in patio shade sails.

Select a heavy duty high-quality shade sail thats best for your needs and desires. 2022 WOODARD BATES MEDIA LLC All Rights Reserved Site by SB, April 14, 2021 at 4:13 pm, March 15, 2020 at 6:35 pm, August 1, 2019 at 6:54 pm, March 13, 2021 at 12:53 am, November 19, 2018 at 9:47 am, April 10, 2017 at 6:16 am, April 17, 2017 at 12:19 pm, June 21, 2016 at 12:01 pm, July 13, 2015 at 11:14 pm, July 14, 2015 at 12:03 pm, March 7, 2015 at 12:55 pm, March 12, 2015 at 12:17 pm, October 23, 2014 at 7:50 am, October 31, 2014 at 6:43 am. Shade screens are a shade product that are related to shade sails but have some key differences. The size of the shade sail determines how useful it is. Photo from Amenity Architects. Published or featured in numerous national publications, including: Best Portable Generator The devices have been created based on the same technology as a ships sail hence the name. We hope you learned how to install shade sails, and that you put them up in your own yard!

Spreading your shade sail out on the ground where you intend to put it up will give you a good visual of the fixing posts location. Thank for all the good info.

You want at least 92% protection from harmful UV rays in your shade sail. Make sure when you measure the length of your extension wire, the turnbuckle is adjusted at its most open position.

I believe we used 10 foot posts, and buried them 2 feet down for good support.

When you have extension wire made for all the ends that needs it, move to the next step. We installed these posts ourselves for the purpose of mounting the shade sails. Taking each corner in turn, fasten the fully extended tensioners to the selected mounting point at each corner of the sail. The snow, cold, and frost are not particularly good for the contraption, and can rust the hardware too. Tip: Your shade sail will arrive nicely folded (hopefully). White lithium grease paste works well to lubricate your turnbuckle. This is a genius use of shade sails.

If youre using timber, use a bitumen paint on the part of the timber that will be submerged in the cement, together with deck stain or varnish on the remaining part of the wood.

We used the same metal cable we anchored the shade sails with, and we braced the pole by wiring it down to the base of a metal fence post that is also cemented in the ground.

Take your time browsing for your desired sun shade sail there are many different kinds to choose from, as youll have read above. Has anyone found a source for large metal poles to support the sail shades?

Safety First - Mounting points must be carefully chosen, some potential mounting points may not be suitable for resisting the tension forces.

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We recommend that you remove the sail when the weather forecast predicts strong winds. Leave the posts for at least 24 hours before removing the timber supports from the sides. Balcony vs Porch vs Patio vs Deck vs Veranda Explained Here are the hardware sets that came with our Coolaroo shade sails. Have the fixing points cover an area at least 1 foot larger than your shade sail.

These nowadays fulfill all sorts of uses, and of course, there are different types for different purposes. Most shade is likely to be required during the summer season, particularly during the afternoon and early evening.

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As a tensioned shade structure is designed to remain in place there will often be a compromise in terms of optimum afternoon and evening shade.

In order to fully tighten the shade sail it is necessary to leave a gap between the sail and the fixing points for the adjusting tensioners and to allow for the stretch of the sail under tension.

19 Types of Sheds for Storage and Projects Spray on a flat, clean surface, and clean the shade sail in sections. You could! For instance 4x4x12 would need a 4 deep hole and therefore leave 8 above ground. Keep your shade sail clean from chemicals, particularly pesticides, metals, metal oxides, bleach, and halogens.

If they are out of stock, you can check Amazon as well. We bought aCoolaroo shade sail from Wayfair.

Never put your shade sail in the washing machine, dryer, or scrub it with a stiff brush or the like. It will tighten more then you think. Buy your sun shade sails to cover the area you intend. Also note that if two sails are installed side by side, there will be an unshaded area between the two due to the curved edges. So long as there are trees to attach your carabiners to, you can hang up a temporary shade sail for an afternoon picnic. With a range of sails designed to suit every possible need, the hardest part of the process is choosing which, No thanks, keep me on the Australian site, How to install a Coolaroo 3.6 x 3.6 Triangle Shade Sail.

Here are some of the most common types you should know about. Spread the sail out on the ground and attach the fasteners at each corner. For particularly big shade sails, use commercial brackets. If at all possible, make all your attachment points right at the corners of the shade sail so that all you need to use is the hardware that came with the shade sail. The following table provides a guideline to selecting metal posts, depending on the sail size and wind conditions. Hello!

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Once youve got your shade sail up, its important to take good care of it, so it lives its longest life. Youre just looking to ensure nothing has come loose or rusted, that the tension is still strong enough on your fabric, and that your shade sail is generally still in good condition.

Tighten until all the creases disappear out of the sun shade sail and your are happy with the shade it is producing. In planning the layout of a shade structure the movement of the sun must be considered to take account of the position of the sun at different times of day and during different months of the year.

Any questions? Connected to steel posts and rafters, shade umbrellas are probably the most well-known type of tensile shade construction though its not generally thought of as a shade sail. Clean the area where the shade sail is to be installed. Be careful you dont purchase ones made of cheap materials, unless you only expect them to last one season. Shade sails have one attachment point at each corner and can be installed so that the sail is completely level with the same height at each corner. Not only do they come in different types, but also in different shapes. The more you turn your hooks, the tighter the sun shade shall become. Here are some super handy ways you can put your shade sail to good use: A shade sail in the garden can not only shelter (partially, at least) your outdoor furniture from the elements, but it provides shade and protection for you and your guests, so you can enjoy the garden any time of day. They are awesome for shade! For more general guidelines, visit this article on installing both square and triangle sail shades. The Best Hot Tub Enclosures for Your Backyard Oasis, What Is a Veranda? (More on that below!) Failure to do this can actually cause damage to your house if its attached to it at any point.

We think you will also love our posts on Patio Cover Ideas, 9 DIY Way to a Shady Backyard Oasis and One Day Backyard Ideas! We stuck a screwdriver throughout the open body of the turnbuckle, and used it to turn the buckle when it got tight, to tighten it even further.

Kathy Bates' previous writing credits include: Metal posts can be supplied for embedding in a concrete foundation or with a mounting plate for bolting to the floor. . Watch out for rocks! If you want to use these for your outdoor space, this is how to install shade sails, and how to get around the issues these types of shade covers present.

Anchor posts (steel or timber product can be purchased from your local building supplier) we opted for 3 x 3 inch timber beams. Bear in mind that steel posts are hollow and have a relatively thin wall diameter of only a few mm, so what may appear to be a very substantial metal post will not necessarily be as resistant as a wooden post of the same diameter. Do not use your barbecue under your shade structure.

When selecting a location for your shade sail, check that you have mounting points around the area in which you would like to have your sail. Though shade sails are pretty easy to install and maintain, there are some tips and tricks that can make your life easier.

Voir Image : Insecure shade sail mounting. It doesnt have to be a perfect measurement because the turnbuckle tightens down. Make sure you buy the Coolaroo sets that come with hardware kits.

See photo, below. This will avoid you having to replace them every so often. Popular in Europe for quite awhile, they are catching on in the US quickly because of their ease of installation, ability to adjust them to each lighting situation, and lets face it they are just plain awesome. Attach your awning support kit to your anchor posts and or walls. The metal cable goes through one end of the crimp, loops through the buckle on the shade sail, then back through the other side of the crimp. Termite control is also important if youre using timber. Voir Image : Shade Sails as tensioned structures, Voir Image : Shade Screens for existinmg structures. You can tighten your wire once all corners are securely linked to their attachment points. If youre heading into the wilderness to get back in touch with nature, dont forget to pack your shade sail! Shade sails are not only practical, but they look pretty stylish too, when strung up correctly.

Of course, the strength of the sail depends upon the durability and toughness of the fabric and techniques employed.

Need help getting your shade sail up? If you have any questions about this guide or shade sails in general, please contact us.

I was also worried about this and looked at a video from Coolaroo and saw they suggested angling the posts 10 degrees for metal and 20 degrees for wood away from the center of your structure. Use a pre-made fence post mix. I tie very neatly to an eyebolt and it works.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So be sure to make the gap greater if youre at all unsure about positioning of anchor posts. Keep your stainless steel turnbuckles properly lubricated. Very good article.. ive always loved these shade sails. Want to see more shade sails used to make amazing outdoor spaces?

Sounds simpler, but not as cool! Easy to install, and cheap to buy, shade sails are the modern-day answer to protection from harmful UV rays from the sun in the outdoor areas of our homes and gardens. Attach your shade sail to poles with care. For the third anchor point, we used a wall of our house (see image below). Clean your shade sail once a year or so. The waterproof shade sails can be purchased as either triangles, squares, or shapes with five, six, and more points. Dont worry once you tension it, and the sun hits it for a while, those wrinkles will smooth right out if its tensioned properly. Before you commence installation it is very important that you consider the most suitable location for your shade sail(s) taking into account the following: If you were interested in more information on our range of shade sails, click here to view all related Coolaroo products.

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Faced with this requirement, the mounting points must be very carefully selected - an existing structure such as the wall of a house would be suitable whereas a small tree or wooden fence post may not be sufficiently robust.

These structures are not only used for privacy, but also to act as a divide between one room or garden area and another.

Voir Image : Shade Sail installation advice. Check out the work around that we came up with below. The result of this is that the privacy screen provides just enough cover, but usually not full.

Which brings us to the oh-so-popular triangle shade sail. Make sure to level off your anchor post stainless steel hooks and make sure the corner in which you want the water to run off is slightly lower than the other points. Thanks for sharing Kathy! (more on that below). Now you want to really tighten the turnbuckles.

In the afternoon the sun can be almost vertically overhead but in the evening it may still be very hot but with the sun much lower in the sky.

Again, notice the very substantial poles they used to anchor the sails we cant emphasize that enough!
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