His treatment methods are custom-tailored to each persons situation and needs. Signs of Angels-Angels are one of the most powerful and divine creations that walk this earth. Those people who get healing from Archangel Raphael mostly feel the heat and stinging during his interference. 88 21 233 for herpes virus 38 31 418 for removing warts 25 37 353 for benign prostatic hypertrophy 56 16 921 for low testosterone, XIII. Raphael is one of four archangels. Prayer is a powerful tool that you can use for yourself. In the angelic world, archangels sit right at the top of the angel hierarchy, with Archangel Raphael being one of these powerful archangels. Let Heaven lead the way with solutions that exceed human imagination and expectations. Copy and use the numbers exactly as written to active their power. When you appeal, you will see a sign to confirm that he has heard your prayer. . So remember when you are using energy medicine, the healing goes to both the underlying energy imbalance and the physical. Practice the codes when you feel strong to activate your personal healing power so you can pull from that reservoir when you are emotionally or physically drained. ("Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?") There are three ways to use the codes: You are not alone, Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother will actually BE present and provide added the power for the code to work. 2022 Marnie Vincolisi | Light Internal Reiki | Reiki Training | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healing | Holistic Counseling | Past Life Regression | Energy Work | Energy Healing | Meditations | New Age Guidance | Quantum Energy Work Website by Virtual Design, LLC. http://soul4free.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/code-numbers-for-nutritional-foodstuffs-and-health-archangel-raphael-through-marc-gamma-april-25-2014-heilungszahlen-fur-nahrungsmittel-und-gesundheit-erzengel-raphael-durch-marc-gamma-25-04/ http://soul4free.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/consciousness-is-the-key-to-the-divine-codes-the-divine-mother-shekinah-through-marc-gamma-16-05-2014/ Divine Mother Shekinah Message to all Mankind on Earth Part 1 through Rilana Jaun dtd.

I prayed to God for guidance. Suzies appeal to Raphael was heartfelt and clear, which is the type of prayer that brings fast results . The tingling and vibrating miraculous warmth is unquestionably the massive energy that Archangel Raphael produces and provides people who he heals. It is powerful and otherwise could cause harm.) I would like to say thank you for your Book of Angels. Michaels told to inform Sarah shell give birth to Isaac. Archangel Raphael, thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and ___________. She didnt tell the doctor, but she knew that it was all because shed called out to Archangel Raphael to help her eye. As with all energetic healing the power comes from your intent and opening your heart to receive the love held in the Universe. You were totally right about my luck! August 17, 2021. 05.04.2014 http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2014/05/31/more-healing-codes-the-divine-mother-through-isabel-henn-may-31-2014/ https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/more-healing-codes-2-the-divine-mother-through-isabel-henn-june-08-2014/ http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/more-healing-codes-3-the-divine-mother-through-isabel-henn-june-12-2014/ http://reikidoc.blogspot.de/2014/04/reiki-doc-protocols-for-using-angelic.html Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4 The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 21,2014 Mehr Heilcodes 5 Die Gttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30. The higher the vibration, the better these codes are going to work, in every way. Cousins wrote about his experience in the 1979 book An Anatomy of An Illness. He binge-watched Candid Camera. Mostly, human free will is the catalyst and the culprit within each health situation. There is no harm in mixing these codes. They must wait until we freely ask for help before they can intervene. My wife told me this is French for eggplant. It is imperative to have the right diagnosis that this really IS a common mole by a physician before using this code. archangel phanuel uriel patron Please bless the food I eat, the water I drink, and the work of my hands. . Invite blessings into your life by calling on the blessings and guidance of Archangels. archangel Medicine was ineffective. At times a visitation is more like a psychic hallucination and is not an apparition. since hesitation about receiving help could block or slow a spiritual healing. The others are Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. We all know that our guardian angels like Archangel Raphael favorite way of conveying messages are through license plates. Sometimes he performs direct intervention; and the person will feel strong tingling sensations, followed by a complete and instant healing. Here is my top pick for online psychic readings: Archangel Raphael Healing Prayer For Others, Helpful resources related to Archangel Raphael Prayers. 13 14 335 for allergies, in general 35 41 553 for toothache 45 64 686 to align and straighten teeth 88 21 233 for herpes virus lesions 22 55 732 for sinuses 33 89 847 to optimize airway function 56 23 899 for inflammation of the middle ear 44 88 772 for pharyngitis (sore throat) 52 18 913 for pharyngitis from post-nasal drip with chronic sinus ailment 80 13 494 for tonsillitis 42 12 993 for gingevitis 42 66 953 for bleeding gums 12 66 523 for torticollis 59 89 123 for thoracic outlet syndrome, 77 78 176 for glaucoma, high pressure inside the eye 77 78 177 for cataract of the lens of the eye 13 78 887 for stye 44 37 224 for conjunctivitis 29 37 853 for improvement in vision 42 37 346 for eye irritation, especially that which is associated with headache 99 65 491 for poor eyesight and blindness of all causes 45 82 531 for pink eyeconjunctivitis that is severe and recurrent 33 69 878 for eye injury 24 17 158 for hyperopia (farsightedness) 76 14 182 for myopia (nearsightedness), 44 34 131 for diabetes and balancing of the insulin level 44 34 135 for diabetic ulcer/infection of the feet 31 22 778 to lose weight 25 65 993 for morbid obesity and all its sequelae 86 86 694 for regulation of the thyroid gland 67 13 134 to improve adrenal function 25 22 36 581 for adrenal insufficiency of long-standing duration 97 48 784 to increase pituitary function 52 81 197 for Graves disease 81 63 957 for hormonal imbalance 15 31 916 for the pre-diabetic, for someone who is at very high risk of developing diabetes, and also for those who experience diabetes in pregnancy 33 56 763 for papillary thyroid cancer 56 16 921 for low testosterone, VI. In this video, Doreen Virtue explains some of the core characteristics of Archangel Raphael. Believers say Raphael's energy corresponds with the color green. In the Babylonian Talmud, three angels appear to Abraham. He lived pain-free until dying at the age of 75 in 1990. New colonies of Staphylococcus had spread throughout the dish except in one area where a blob of green mold was growing. Throughout Italy, health facilities are called Raphael Centers. You must close your eyes and imagine an emerald green light healing you and surround the concerning health issue. I ask you to bless me with your unconditional love and help me have a deeper connection with you. If you have an encounter with this angel in your dream, you will be able to recall the dream even after you wake up. Archangel Raphael whose name means God healed is an archangel who is commonly called upon by those who are in need of healing. Ask for All Divine Assistance to help you every time, and to correct for any mistakes you might accidentally make in using them. The more he laughed, the faster he healed. When the imbalance is not corrected, it manifests in the physical mental or emotional body. The shingles cleared up, much to Suzies doctors amazement, with no damage to her eye. Without the authorization through me or as a transfer against exchange the codes will be useless, because they request a certain consciousness and a certain frequency level of the people so that they can be used. Several years ago, I suffered from horrible allergies. Notice and follow any Divine guidance that comes to you in terms of intuitive directions as to which action steps to take. Receive a free pendulum class when you sign up for Marnies inspirational messages and stay abreast of her latest findings and courses. Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer and protector. Perhaps he'll "accidentally" cue you to a new way of thinking. 88 27 465 for self-healing on the soul. After reading and hearing thousands of case studies, I believe that God and Raphael choose the best avenues and methods for healing each particular condition.

Healing the Food One Consumes and Environmental Toxins, 24 46 713 Neutralizes genetically manipulated foods, or GMO 82 41 576 More powerful and effective code for neutralizing GMO (caution with energy-sensitive people who might feel this boost and always be sure to ground yourself carefully before using this code. Without them the codes wont work but it would lead to far to explain it here. Last updated by Padre on Thank you for your divine guidance and protection always.. Isabel Henn asks for this to be included in this document from this time forwardat the request of Divine Mother: This assembly of codes and the instruction how to use them is NEVER to be sold, but always to be shared free and without any claim or exchange. However, you can also pray for others, so youll also find a powerful Archangel Raphael healing prayer for others written below. There is also a powerful influence of the energies that are on Gaia at this time, they have not been this high since the days of Atlantis and Lemuriathink of it as an Energy Soup which provides the essential healing energy for these codes to work, too. However, the best way for us to communicate with angels is through prayer. Help heal my mind, body, and soul so that I can reach my highest potential in this lifetime. He delivers those who are plagued by dark energies. 88 76 543 for opening the heart chakra when it is closedgood for low self-esteem, lack of self-love, poor self-acceptance, and deep injuries on a soul-level. Here are important points to remember when requesting Archangel Raphaels assistance: When you ask for help, dont tell God and the angels how to go about it.

The angel of healing is not reluctant or restrained from proclaiming his presence. He desires to comfort you and alleviate your stress and maintain your health both mental and physical by showing you that he is with you. I ask you to please send ___________ your healing light and remove them for the pain they are currently suffering. THE WATER CODESto balance the masculine and feminine energies, write these two numbers on opposite sides of the water container 99 77 654 and 44 66 111this creates a vortex which puts healing into the water that one can drink to balance the energies within themselves and their family and their place of work (write it on the coffee machine and the water cooler!) 05.04.2014, Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4 The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 21,2014, Mehr Heilcodes 5 Die Gttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30. The Lungs and Breathing (Pulmonary Disease), 84 72 723 for addiction (tobacco) 99 61 553 to heal all dependence on smokingtobacco and non-tobacco options 13 31 213 for airborne allergies 31 27 459 for altitude sickness 21 22 413 for Asthma 53 12 798 for bronchitis 43 54 565 for cat allergy 27 38 963 for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 11 72 844 to relieve cough 81 79 623 to relieve cough from side effect of medication 52 48 194 for cystic fibrosis 88 81 643 for inflammation of the lungs 72 64 892 for influenza 20 53 961 for interstitial lung disease 33 89 847 to optimize airway function (upper respiratory tractnose, pharynx, trachea, bronchi) 87 65 423 for respiratory distress 25 56 551 to lessen the sequelae of obstructive sleep apnea 57 49 285 to improve pulmonary function (bronchioles and lung parenchyma) 25 19 632 for upper respiratory infection (URI), 83 33 889 for nausea 83 41 783 for motion sickness 87 47 988 for hepatitis of viral origin and other reasons 22 35 966 for hepatitis C 22 35 297 for cirrhosis of the liver 25 36 591 for esophageal varices, ascites and other symptoms of advanced cirrhosis 72 48 496 for liver cancer that is primaryhepatocellular carcinoma 45 39 373 for pancreatitis and its sequelae 64 47 196 for pancreatic cancer 13 45 899 for stomach ache 45 45 899 for diarrhea 87 45 675 for very strong diarrhea 45 55 899 for constipation 25 35 896 for constipation that is chronic and long-standing 25 39 963 for colon cancer 25 36 983 for rectal cancer 42 53 899 for balancing purposes of an irritable bowel 33 37 899 for removal of parasites, worms, and also etheric attachments/parasites 35 87 225 for loss of appetite 31 22 778 to lose weight 25 65 993 for morbid obesity and all its sequelae 78 83 434 for hemorrhoids 38 37 684 for bloating 86 66 431 for flatulence 25 59 963 for enteric fistulas of bowel to bladder, vagina, rectum, other bowel, and skin 27 55 362 for gastric reflux 38 97 143 for celiac sprue 77 74 321 for digestive health 42 53 161 for hiccups 20 05 396 for Crohns disease 48 69 117 for Ulcerative Colitis 14 82 825 to ease stomach cramps 56 72 517 to improve gallbladder function 56 78 917 for gallbladder attack (cholecystitis) and gallbladder disease (cholelithiasis) 52 82 698 to gain weight 15 73 991 for diverticulosis 59 892 345 78122 for Clostridium Difficile Colitis 40 22 135 for an additional aid with appendicitis which is being treated with standard medical care, 68 43 833 for kidney stones 63 34 831 for pyelitis, inflammation of kidney pelvis 76 42 688 for reinforcement of kidney function 87 33 478 for inflammation of the bladder 25 26 332 forinterstitial cystitis 20 02 936 for those who are on renal replacement therapyboth hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysisto experience less setbacks and side effects from such treatment and have a smoother experience overall. If you would like to invoke joy, love, and beauty into your life then take a look at these three Archangel Jophiel prayers. The Female Reproductive Organs. For example, you can: Its not important how you ask for help, but only that you do ask for it. It is a dual-purpose code, one for mental/behavioral concerns and the other for common childhood illnesses. Please note that Marc has closed his blog, and some links from him may not show up. You must be consistent with your prayers and keep asking for relief and support until healing happens. There are unlimited ways to do so. While we are sleeping, our minds are more exposed than ever to healing energy and receiving angelic signals particularly if we have a hectic life when we are awake. Raphael's charge is to heal and save human beings. Hes associated with laughter and he helps us to see the humor in all situations. Try it for FREE today! These codes will support medical intervention. Were not to worship or pray directly to angels. Enjoy over 400 audiobooks, 200 meditations and hundreds of immersive life-changing audio to help you reduce anxiety and more. He might drop healing foods into your shopping cart or knock a book off a shelf you're meant to read. In the New Testament, Raphael is thought to be the unnamed angel who stirs the healing pool at Bethesda. 11 12 121 for childbirth 11 32 899 for symptoms with menstruation, bloating, PMS, pain 31 31 798 pre-menopause, peri-menopause, and menopause trouble 88 21 233 for herpes virus 38 31 418 for removing warts 25 38 576 for ovarian cancer 56 93 787 for metastatic ovarian cancer 79 37 854 for breast cancer 23 42 197 for yeast infection 29 35 531 uterine cancerendometrial 92 96 144 for cervical cancer 42 21 14444 to enhance lactation (only if nursing) 23 46 721 for miscarriage, fetal demise, and loss of pregnancythis is for both the father and the mother, and everyone who is close to the couple and will grieve. Use with caution where alcohol is used to inhibit microbial growth in the food or medicine 99 61 553 to heal all dependence on smokingtobacco and non-tobacco options 88 44 578 Increases the life-giving nutrition of food (may be combined with other codes) If you are only going to use one code this is the one to use. Placing the codes in the energy field of the body is all that is required, they do not need to be in the exact part of the body that holds discomfort. ("Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.") He is not only the healer of people but he even guides healers in their healing exercise.

Oblique hints from Raphael to save yourself and others. The penicillin mold in Alexander Fleming's petri dish was green. So, being 100 percent certain that you want a healing is a foundation of experiencing one. You must keep in mind that if you want fast results, you should send heartfelt and clear prayers to Angel Raphael as reluctance and hesitance about getting help might slow down your spiritual healing. This is more powerful than the first code because the healing energy that is transmitted from Spirit is more intense than the first code) 24 57 892 Neutralizes all toxic components introduced to food in processing 24 67 987 Neutralizes cost-saving additives to food for ease in production, not health 24 60 123 Makes fruits and vegetables ripen to full maturity for maximum health 42 67 982 Saves food which is almost mold-spoiled to be edible (will taste okay) 99 42 167 Neutralizes the effect of ethanol (EtOH, or alcohol). It is also not allowed to change this assembly, unless I give my appropriate personal order for this. Do not worry that He will judge you if you pour your heart out to him, share your feelings with him. Sometimes Archangel Raphael is illustrated with a fishbowl because he used parts of fish to heal others. Patients are wise to continue to follow the wisdom of their doctors while taking responsibility for their holistic care. P.S. After reading your book called "How to pray so that my prayers are heard" I have become spiritually, mentally and physically stronger. and a more positive outlook 45 32 246 for confidence 35 42 888 for willpower 51 86 923 for grounding 45 88 623 for focus 72 84 555 for panic attacks 42 58 725 for fear 66 82 121 for anger 76 33 121 for problematic thoughts 44 70 831 to enhance a spirit of discovery, adventure and zest for life 33 45 10101 for forgiveness 13 13 514 for stress relief/relaxation 33 96 815 for well-being 13 31 413 for schizophrenia 42 84 899 for enhanced ability to be patient 11 21 222 for courage 51 56 931 for those who cut themselves or injure themselves in any way 22 33 586 for social outcasts to feel the Love and support of the Divine 51 56 321 for those who are overwhelmed and feel everything coming at them at once from all directions 55 16 987 for spiritual protection from bullies 996 187 to ease the energy of cliques and the destructive character assassination shown by females to other females in a social or work setting 56 117 571 for those who bully others to be filled with LOVE instead of the desire to bully others 11 96 888 for low self-esteem to become healthy self-image 21 346 922 for jealousy 45 892 456 7478 69925 clears negative emotions 12 215 987 6412 releases excess energy 58 963 8114 to soothe an aching heart 24 824 9625 to increase motivation 45 826 9994 5789 to enhance creative flow and inspiration 24 58 972 to improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue 32 485 7852 to prevent and/or release emotional attachment to others expressions 14 72 896 to promote a sense of unity with All That Is 11 21 495 for insomnia 33 72 413 for dyslexia and other learning disorders 25 65 993 for morbid obesity and all its sequelae 99 61 553 to heal all dependence on smokingtobacco and non-tobacco options 64 07 991 for nail biting, hair pulling, and other obsessive-compulsive type anxiety behaviors 55 65 569 for those who experience anger management issues, and for those who are around them (I gave this one to a surgeon who was yelling at the everyone in the room yesterday) 456 923 8484 79256 to assist with the breaking of bad habits 116 116 1998 for support with grief and loss 10 42 7896 to enhance sleep quality 29 37 651 for chronic disorganization and procrastination 53 14 80853 for betrayal and the wounds of betrayal 443 792 854 61523 for suicidal thoughts, impulses and ideation 131 294 784 585 for social outcasts to feel love and support from the rest of humanity 10 22 58 725 49633 for guilt and/or shame 99 61 378 for consolation and comfort to the soul that only Divine Mother can give 1323 498 725 to reverse a bad attitude (change negativity to love) 25 39 561 615 to hope for a better life in all ways and welcome the new 22 33 516 for neurotransmitter imbalance 11 66 518 for hypervigilance associated with PTSD 12 31 511 for dissociation associated with PTSD 10 23 519 for catastrophizing 18 62 398 to be more professional in demeanor and in outlook 29 38 516 for anxiety which is performance-related 11 66 767 for anxiety and fear of medical procedures 89 65 215 for acceptance of What Isyour contribution to your life situation, to see this clearly, and for guidance to navigate your way through the situation at hand 99 69 158 for feelings of abandonment 84 72 167 for self-love and self-worth to increase to optimum healthy levels 21 21 653 to KNOW ones hearts desires, free of conflicting thoughts and energy 99 25 881 for people to be so full of love and respect for you that nothing can come out but love and respect for you; and for you to be so filled with love and respect for them that nothing can come out of you but love and respect for them (this is for protection from other peoples projections and misinterpretations) 22 21 568 to lift resentment and to the vibration of peace 65 62 792 for harmony, forgiveness and resolution after conflict with others 23 65 189 to make steps forward when there is hesitance as a habitual response which is ingrained by society; to release from the grip of self-doubt 91 582 7139 for addiction to pain medications 91 278 596 for obsessive thoughts about managing pain 92 367 9342 to close pain gate receptors linked to complex regional pain syndrome.

Relax, you cannot do this wrong. Love is an energy of the Highest Vibration. healing prayers prayer archangel surgery michael angel quotes angels st short inspirational scriptures collect effective strength keen later heart angelic Please support my physical body and help me achieve a healthy state of being. If negative emotions make you sick, perhaps positive emotions like love, joy and laughter are healing. He can only help if you ask, because he wont violate your free will. Thanks to his extrasensory abilities, Padre can establish precious contacts with Guardian Angels. Today more doctors in the medical community are discovering the value in energy medicine where they are joining together bringing a holistic approach to health. The Heart and the Circulation, 11 84 744 for theregulation of blood pressure, to use for high or low pressures equally 88 63 292 for high blood pressure (hypertension) 98 88 119 for myocardial infarction as first line of treatment on way to hospital 11 11 171 for anemia and for healthier blood 33 59 674 for hypertrophc cardiomyopathy 40 20 168 for varicose veins 13 48 782 for cardiac arrhythmia and rhythmdisturbancewith stable hemodynamics (non emergency) 78 94 825 to improve cardiovascular function 64 825 7493 for abdominal aortic aneurysm that is clinically stable and not ruptured 99 62 157 for difficult iv and blood draw veins 22 71 536 for hyperlipidemia, 51 61 987 for multiple myeloma 40 69 997 for lymphoma 45 16 192 for pernicious anemia 99 62 157 for difficult iv and blood draw veins 69 78 551324 69 to improve white blood cell countin neutropenia, VIII.

Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aed5a4df344ea3c296d7e2b7f353bfbd" );document.getElementById("e27711233d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. II B: For Extreme Psychological Distress: 443 792 854 61523 for suicidal thoughts, impulses and ideation 55 69 872 for suicidal thinking (ideation) 51 56 938 for suicidal plans 51 51 517 for suicide attempt 82 19 576 for cyber bullying victims 81 87 591 for those who witness suicide or discover the body 88 22 531 for those who are the target of hate because they are differentfor the strength to survive and the will to endure The last six are new from Divine Mother. Trust your Angels and let Heaven guide the way with answers and solutions that surpass the human mind and expectations, Archangel Raphael, for healing, immediately goes into action on your behalf. With this code, quantum healing energies are supplied to expedite the soul healing process. Fleming's biographer Gwyn Macfarlane wrote that the discovery of Penicillin was "a series of chance events of almost unbelievable improbability.". It does not matter how you ask for help, but what matters is that you just ask for it. "The Lord hath sent me to heal thee for I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the Lord when I was with you I was there by the will of God It is time that I return to him that sent me; bless ye God and publish all his wonderful works. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit (part of the Catholic biblical canon), Raphael protects Sarah and Tobias from the demon Asmodeus. He is known to be the ultimate emotional and physical healer in the realm of angels. Make sure that when you pray for help, you must not tell God what to do, what specifically you want, and outline your prayers, or else the response to your prayer might be slow. In classic artistic depictions of Raphael, hes usually shown holding a staff symbolizing healing or with a caduceus emblem representing the medical profession. It doesnt matter how you pray, as long as you do pray, as Suzie ONeill discovered when her life became so stressful that she broke out in shingles on her face, which affected her eyesight. 34 02 991 to neutralize spicy food (does not affect taste/spiciness, minimizes GI flare up) 77 74 321 for digestive health 82 44 619 to neutralize harmful effects of sugar (does not affect taste) when taken in moderation 42 52 7671 to neutralize the harmful effects of fluoride when taken in moderation 42 88 974 to neutralize the harmful effects of salt when taken in moderation 56 892 484 7576 to neutralize chemtrails 11 23 879 to extend the shelf life of frozen food 43 54 565 for cat allergy 72 82 490 assists with cleansing of toxins 10 42 789 to remove existing placebo effect 12 12 126 to neutralize odors which are not pleasant 21 51 669 to protect vehicle from vandals and theft 51 28 952 to protect buildings from graffiti and tagging 42 615 725 98897 45625 to purify and cleanse any GMO and/or toxic chemicals in marijuana 12 485 7994 86892 to add the energies of healing, love, and blessings to marijuana. Further testing revealed the mold killed other harmful bacteria like streptococcus, meningococcus and diphtheria bacillus. Hes a bit of a prankster. ", Dreaming Of A Virus-Destroyed Ukraine & Belarus. Raphael reminds us to focus on God's light. Dear Padre, I am grateful for your guidance and support. 51 86 923 for grounding 76 76 893 for Fibromyalgia 56 15 327 for chronic fatigue syndrome 21 42 14314 to recapture the spark that was lost in relationships, but only if it is for the Highest Good of all; to reconnect. He put himself on a laughter therapy regimen. Author Hans Selye's name is printed in green on the first edition book cover of The Stress of Life. Visualize emerald green healing light surrounding the health concern. At times he executes direct involvement; and the individual will get a sensation of strong tingling and vibrating feelings, accompanied by a whole and immediate healing. Please help them overcome their current situation and restore them to full health. from Aeona Rose, personal communication, February 27, 2015 the long number sequences from to slow down time through phase through matter, including the Opening The New Earth Portal code. It is believed that Archangel Raphael has always been the angel of healing. The mold secreted a "juice" that inhibited growth of the Staph bacteria. When he declares his existence through his radiant green light, you will instantly feel relaxed and better. FOR SUSPECTED ADHD: there is no harm in the code use, but if no improvement is seen, please take the child for a full medical work up. Legends say that before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols. draw the codes with your finger on your body. Sometimes the physical heals first, other times new perceptions to old problems come to mind which allow the healing to occur on a deeper level. Healers use green crystals like malachite or emerald to invoke Raphael's presence. So how do you ask for Heavens help with health concerns? It will not resolve karmic imbalance but it supports the healing process greatly.
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