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The Forehand Basic GripThe forehand grip is the most used grip in badminton, and the most important thing to learn.

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Unlike backhand thumb grip, bevel grip is more for applying defensive and deceptive shots.

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If the shuttle is level with you or in front you would use a standard backhand grip with thumb on top like in the backhand grip section. The easiest way to learn the backhand grip is to set up withyourthumb on top of the wider section of the grip, with yourstrings facing the floor & ceiling like on the photo below.

1Thomas Laybourn shows us 5 ways where youll be using backhand thumb grip.

Notice that the thumb is on the handle where the side of racket is. Some examples of when the long grip is fully ultilized during the game are.. 1) When having to run corner to corner to do side drives, 2) When doing hard smashing at the baseline, 3) When jumping as high as you can to do a very sharp drop shot.

Your fingers should be loosely around the grip, and this is important for all 4 grips.

He only ties grip up to half his racket leaving the rest bare, simply because he does not use the top half of the grip and wants to keep his racket light. While this article may have helped you form some idea of the kind of grip youre looking for, remember that each persons palm as well as their playing style is unique.

The panhandle grip is where you have the thumb on the side of the racket, pinching the sides with your thumb and fingers in the position shown below. These 4 grips are all used for different shots, and its important to learn and practice each of them so that they become engrained into your game are easy to perform in a match! Join us on our social media channels together with badminton fans from all over the world. This maybe playing a backhand defensive shot followed by a forehand defensive shot, or a backhand drive followed by a forehand drive you could even do these against a wall if you didnt have anyone to practice with! Hi Thomas Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet.

A towel grip consists of a layer of cotton wrapped around the original badminton grip. Its called a pan hold grip because thats the same way we hold cooking pans. This grip is used to hit shots that are on the backhand side of your body. It is very important to train specific exercises where you use these grips, so you know precise what you are doing and why you do it.

Now, lets talk about the details: Where should you place your thumb?

Join the Famly. Get ready to play like a pro. So right now i need to book that court and have the pictures taken.

Imagine the grip of the racquet as a hand approaching toshake your hand. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

So instead of selecting a grip based on these specifications, try different combinations and choose whats best for you. Iselin, NJ, USA, {"id":"", "email":"","default_address":null,"first_name":"","last_name":"","name":"" }, {"domain":"" }. Thanks for dropping by.

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The grip size & grip model The right badminton grip size can maximize your performance.

Notice the correct positions of fingers to follow in these different racket angle views. You could also call it a moderate panhandle, as opposed to a full or extreme panhandle. But, as you practice, you will be able to switch between the grips easily. This slight change is mainly for added leverage and support, but along with a tighter grip it can also add power, and lessen stress on the hand, wrist, and elbow.

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The advantages of the long grip are as follows.. 1) Longer reach that can prove very helpful very playing against skilful opponent.

2) It feels lighter when you swing, meaning you can do more side drives and smashes! holland gunsinternational guns powered triptych badminton sxs 12ga sidelock gauge grade

Thank you so much for demonstrating the different types of grips, strokes, smashes, defense techniques etc.

Moving on is the short and long gripping styles, these two are basically just opposites of each other. 2616525 1204006SP. And to me, there is no one 'Perfect' way to hold a grip, only a more efficient way.

Also try holding the wrong grip in different shots, just to see what and why they wont work for you. The thumb grip is like the backhand version of a panhandle grip.

You can also remove the original grip and get a towel grip in its place.

Once in this position players can then place the playing hand (right hand for a right-handed player), on the racket face, with the palm against the strings.

To learn the bevel grip you can start in a backhand grip and move your racket head round so that your strings are now facing diagonally, and your thumb is on the ridge / bevel.

It should,however, not be used for behind the body backhand smashes. Here are clear visuals showing the angles and positions of how a racket should be held. While playing a backhand shot, you have to place the thumb on one of the wider surfaces of the handle and push the index finger slightly towards the middle finger.

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Go ahead and hold the racquet as if youre shakingsomeones hand.

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If you hold a 100% hammer/panhandle grip then you cant rotate the forearm and add power to your shots.

This way, youll pick a grip that youre comfortable playing with and this will help you perform optimally.

SummaryThats it, now you have learned all these grips, and also learned a bit about finger power.

Choose the size of the racket handle based on the size of your palm.

As you get better, you could explore different gripping techniques to appear more deceptive, accuracy and efficient at certain situations!

Yes, before we go, heres something every badminton beginner or even experienced player might want to consider having to practice their racket holding. Input your search keywords and press Enter.

One example could be when you are in defence your partner would feed to different areas of the court trying to make you switch grips.

So you gotta find yours!

Never think lowly of having the right badminton grip! Finally you would try to put these skills to the test in an open routine or even go straight into matchplay.

TYPES OF BADMINTON GRIPS | When selecting a badminton racket, most beginners miss out on one of the most important aspects of the racket the grip.

When it comes to the backhand grip, the thumb becomes important.

Fundamentals will help you to eventually perform the motor movements with some level of proficiency, while adopting your playing strategy and style to the rules.

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That means its useful for many forehands in the midcourt or at the net, but not in the rearcourt. The Hammer/Panhandle GripThe hammer/panhandle grip is used in many places on court, but still be careful using it too much, as you can get locked in that position.

Badminton, like many sports, is a very mental and physical game that requires efficiency and self-control.

You need to have a different thumb position depending on where you are making contact with the shuttle on your backhand side, this is why the bevel grip is used. One of the most common mistakes we see that impact a players success on the court is their grip choice.

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These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. Theres a coach from Denmark who has developed a new tool that would correct the way everyone should hold a racket. Its an easy grip to learn, and also provides a useful reference point for learning the other grips.

You need to develop the fundamentals and mental ability to see yourself performing well. Read through each of the next few sections to better understand the techniques for your next match.

Remember that you can adjust the fingers according to your comfort but the index finger should be in the controlling position to push the racket.

The short grip is when the player hold the racket higher up of the wooden handle, different people have different comfort level. Gently hold the racket and you should still be able to move and twist the racket with flexible wrist movement.

Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Right now it may seem very hard to visualise how to hold the badminton grip, soon i will be showing pictures on how to hold the grip and hopefully it will clear things up!

Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. 1) Ask a friend to hold the head of the racket such that you can only see the frame and not the strings with the grip pointing towards you. Holding a badminton racket is simply like a handshake.

Relax yourindex finger and move it closer to your middle finger. You should tighten your hold only when you are about to hit the shuttlecock.

Do not grip too tightly. As you play badminton at a higher level, youll find yourself switching between these 2 grips WITHOUT EVEN THINKING! So how do you practice changing your grip? Best regards. Fastforward video to 3:10. Many people have their own styles of holding the grip but the one that I'm about to show you are the different fundamental gripping techniques.

Below: If you place your grip this way, you would miss every shot as the shuttlecock would go nowhere with this. The grip change and decision about which grip to use, have to come automatically when playing, you just dont have the time to think too much about this.

Go through them and try them out on court.

If the shuttle is behind you (like it should be when taking a rear-court backhand shot), then you should have a bevel grip grip with your thumb further round. Hold the racket as you would on a forehand grip. A Few Reasons why people (Even why I use this too!)

Nothing is easy at the start. Is it the right way or am I need to change?

We have also created a YouTube video on this topic, teaching the 4 grips in badminton with demonstrations of how to hold the racket and each shot you would play with the different grips.

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Explanation: This is the most basic grip used in backhand shots which are played in front of the body, possibly because it is known as the most comfortable and easiest to use. Below : Index finger should not be extended to prevent injuries.

Again, clench loosely on the handle and tighten only when hit is executed.

Below :Thumb should not be covering any of your fingers as this would constraint the movement of racket.

Now it is up to you to master it and try it out on court. Youll understand this when I explain more about these 2 badminton gripping technique below.

How: The backhand grip it is much the same as the handshake grip, but instead of wrapping the thumb around the handle, place it on top of the grip as it is held sideways. Like and follow our sites to get notifications on news from the world of badminton.

Understand the difference between forehand grip & backhand grip. I'm a full time bboy and content writer. Practise these easy steps until they become natural to you, the rest will go a long way.

If you have completed this stage, or just want to practice speeding up your grip changes as opposed to learning them, then move onto practices with a shuttle.

Hold the racket head with your non-playing hand so that the handle points towards you. He has a degree in Physical Education, Sports Science & Physics from Loughborough University, and is a qualified Teacher and Sports Injury Therapist. I remember doing this few years ago.

The bevel grip is used in all smooth movements and precise hits. The Bevel GripThis grip is the most talked about thing, and the most important thing to learn, you use in most backhand shots. Good luck choosing the correct grip and size for you, it really means a lot, so try different choices out!

Also, you need to ensure that the racket head is heavier than the handle in order to drive powerful shots over the net.

How: For the handshake grip players hold the racket out in front of them in the non-playing hand (left hand for a right-handed player) and make sure the racket face (strings) is sideways, not facing the sky or floor. Because more weight is under your grip now! As long as the basic grip is correct, your shuttlecocks will go wherever you need them to. use the Short Grip is.. 1) You can swing the racket faster as compared to holding at the bottom of the wooden handle (Try it!). 2) More fatique when swinging rapidly such as drives and net kill. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Your thumb should be pressing comfortably against one of the widersurface of the racquet grip while the rest of your hand holds theracquet as if youre shaking a persons hand. Yes i have to admit, it takes practice, no doubt being good in badminton takes lots and lots of practice. Hope this helps!

Have you ever seen the pros play and then look at how the beginners play? *Remember, do not hold the racket too tightly, it should be held loosely between strokes and only held tight when executing a move.

Also read:10 Best Strings For Your Very Own Badminton Racket.

If you prefer a more aggressive playing style that requires a lot more power, you should definitely play with a towel grip. Older Post For more pictorial illustrations of the forehand and backhand badminton grip, click here! its always important to develop strong fundamentals before trying any advanced shots (like the smash, which everyone wants to see and learn about on youtube it seems).

If you change racket model, you might also want to change your grip setup. We are only sharing them here.

Your index finger should be the one in control in a forehandstroke.

Ever noticed the clear differences in the range of motion and the pros just seem to be able to swing their racket at weird angles and yet deliver so much power? The front of the racket head must constantly be facing the incoming shuttlecock for a successful return to opponents court.

Next is the backhand badminton grip, the backhand grip is necessary to hit shots that are of the opposite end from your racket effectively.


So lets take a look at the kind of grips out there. 3.

The panhandle grip is mainly used for forehand shots in front of your body.

It is crucial to have to correct grip in most/all situations and shots on court. thumb on top of the wider section of the grip, with your. Thank you so much for demonstrating the different types of grips, strokes, smashes, defense techniques etc.

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Different badminton grip technique can be used, and in this how to tutorial we look at the The Bevel Grip. This grip is used to hit shots that are on the forehand side of your body and around the head shots. The easiest way to learn the forehand grip is to pretend you are shaking someones hand.

If you are gripping the racket too tightly, then it becomes much more difficult to quickly change between grips when necessary in the middle of a rally.

By then you should only be holding the bottom half of the grip. You simply cant do great shots with the wrong grip, and in most situations you cant add power to your shots if you hold the racket the wrong way.

At just the right moment before the shuttlecock starts to descend, a short tapping action needs to be executed. No matter the reason for playing badminton, learn the skills to avoid injuries and become a better player. The racket handle should also rest loosely in your fingers.

To ensure players are doing it correctly the forefinger and thumb should form a V shape on top of the handle, which in turn should point all the way up the arm to the same shoulder. Serial no

You would move the racket anti-clockwise from your backhand grip if you are right handed, and clockwise from this position if you are left handed. Dont have the grip size to big, then it will be more tricky to change around and also use the finger power. Have patience, it takes a while to get it under your skin.

The way you hold your racket can affect the flexibility of your wrist. I love travelling and I'm dedicated to a vegan lifestyle. Introducing Nydhi Badminton Strings: Fire up your Racket! What about the other fingers?

And also I normally could get more powerful backhand strokes from the back court with a short grip wheras I have to use the long grip for a better reach for the forehand strokes. What do you think about what you just read? Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Most grips also aid in sweat absorption, allowing you to grip the racket tightly even when youre drenched in sweat. I change my grip to a new position after almost each stroke, the racket/grip really changes a lot inside of my hand Small details matter! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Another advantage of this grip is that it is very versatile as it can be used for any shot. The longer you go playing with improper grip, the harder it will be to learn the right grip, so always practise the correct technique! Here Are 5 Easy-To-Follow Basic Grips, How to know if your Yonex Badminton Rackets are Authentic.

Never hold the handle of the racket in your palm. Incorrect grip will limit the range of strokes required in a dynamic badminton game. Synthetic grips also come in a variety of sizes according to thickness. The true power of a badminton backhand shot comes from the push of your thumb.

Place your thumb against the back bevel of the handle for greater leverage and power.

Examples of when this grip would be used include the backhand lob; backhand serves and kill and defence shots. You must never hold the racket tightly.

One real life example would be World Champion Lin Dan uses the long grip! Your badminton racket handle will have two wide parts that are in line with face of the racket. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies.

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It can also be used for hitting certain shots. The hammer grip is the grip most beginners and kids use, as it is the most natural grip to do, because you think the strings need to be parallel towards the shuttle, but that is wrong. And part of that practice is getting the grip right so that the swing becomes more comfortable, smooth and most importantly, efficient.

To change from the forehand to backhand grip,simply shift your thumb till its straight along with the fatter part of the grip. Now, that you know all about badminton gripping techniques, it is time to buy a badminton racket and practice your skill. The handshake grip and the backhand thumb grip are demonstrated here. Here Are 5 Easy-To-Follow Basic Grips", Year 2021: Top 12 Bestselling Badminton Rackets on, World Badminton Day to kick off annually from 5th July 2022. Fingers should be cradling the racket handle subtly until tapping hit is executed. When it comes to choosing grips, understand that there is no one best grip you should use a grip to suit your style of play and size of your hand.

There are 4 key grips in badminton, that is: The forehand basic grip The thumb grip (for backhand shots) The bevel grip (for smooth shots and backhand shots) The hammer/panhandle grip. Index fingers must be bent and wrap the racket handle naturally. Badminton grips (towel grip, replacement grip or overgrip) can also help absorb the sweat flowing from your arm; and provide you with a comfortable feel of your racket throughout your game. So i classify holding the grip into four categories, the forehand grip, backhand grip, the short and long grip.

The forehand and backhand grip looks almost the same. In order to execute strong badminton strokes with high accuracy, your wrist needs to be flexible. 3) More difficulty covering body shots such as at the armpit areas because of the extended length of reachThe advantages of the long grip style are more force generated with less strength as the range of motion is greater.

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