Jessica Zublin- Lake Forest College Hannah Milan- Colgate Tamsin Gosselin- Salve Regina University CLASS OF 2011 CLASS OF 2000 Kathryn O'Connor- College of the Holy Cross Thank you, Carla! Emily Riccio- Trinity Jennifer Abramo- Sacred Heart University Jaime Bonner- Manhattanville And most importantly always giving us amazing contacts for me to reach out to. Crystal Sarno- St. Michael's College Ashley Stoppa- Salve Regina University Always so nice at any time of the day. Kaylen Van Wagner- Potsdam Rebecca Mark- Wesleyan Jenna Greenbaum- Colby CLASS OF 2006 Stephanie Holmes- University of New Hampshire Kerry Leonard- Hamilton Eleni Tebano- Dartmouth Jessica Cofrancesco- Utica Schuyler Nardelli- Bowdoin Heidi Peterson- Colgate Rebecca Rosen- Trinity

Jennifer Caruso- Colby

Catherine Mullen- Williams Laura Reckdenwald- Lake Forest College CLASS OF 2012 Brittany Rosselle- Sacred Heart University Xandra Hompe- Cornell Christine Fuchs- Northeastern University Lisa Solley- Harvard Ianthe Lekometros- Hamilton Lila Claghorn- Trinity Samantha Boscia- Rochester Institute of Technology Nina Gozzi- St. Anselms Samantha Press- Syracuse Carmen MacDonald- St. Lawrence Gabe Worzella- University of Vernont Carla began playing hockey in the Chicagoland for AAA teams including Team Illinois, the Chicago Mission and the Chicago Young Americans, while double-rostering as captain of the Loyola Academy Girls Varsity Team. Maddie Fouts- Brown Kaleigh Quennec- University of Montreal Melissa Wigmore- Northeastern University Christine Holdredge- Brown Sharon Frankel- Princeton sanction Nina Daugherty- Middlebury I've really loved the help that Carla has given me. Erin Mandigo- Williams Beth Battin- Bowdoin Lacey Brown- Colby Annie Martyr- Cornell Kelly Wallace- Northeastern University CLASS OF 2001 Keely Moy- Harvard Meghan Halloran- Williams Kendall Coyne- Northeastern Jalene McCulloch- Elmira Shannon Sylvester- Middlebury Katherine Pujol- Dartmouth Torrey Taussig- Williams The world of women's ice hockey recruiting at the college level can be confusing. Her Junior and Senior Year of High School, she was a member of USA Hockeys U18 National Development Program at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. Christina Jankowski- Rensselear Polytechnic Institute Jenna Hobeika- Dartmouth Mary Rose Morrison- Manhattanville Alex Kinney- Princeton Becca Hazlett- Hamilton CLASS OF 2005 Allison Devins- Union Keira Goin- Utica Michaela Murdock- Manhattanville Elizabeth MacMurray- Hobart William Smith, Linda Essery- Dartmouth Nicolien Bongaerts- St. Lawrence Brooke Heron- Trinity Alex Blackwell- Manhattanville Erin Fitzgerald- Trinity Audrey Duquette- Amherst

Shannon Tarrant- Middlebury CLASS OF 2002 Erin Brawley- Manhattanville Cheeky Herr- Trinity Jamie Smith- Union Alyssa Chwick- Amherst Kristen Salierno- St. Michael's College Emily Smithson- Utica Stephanie Cochran- Dartmouth

Carla always presents herself professionally and had taken a real interest in Megan's goals and aspirations I would recommend Carla to anyone. Madie Leidt- Middlebury Katherine Mandigo- Middlebury Ali Edell- Colgate Carla also is a two-time National Champion winning in 2009 and 2011 with the Wisconsin Badgers under former Olympic gold medalist Mark Johnson and with two-time Olympic gold medalists Meghan Duggan (captain), Hillary Knight, Alex Rigsby, and Brianna Decker. Always so nice at any time of the day. Mallory Cruz- Wesleyan Molly West- Middlebury Jessica Goldberg- Hamilton Carla went on to play NCAA Division I college ice hockey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the Badgers. Carla, nothing but the best!

Maggie Westfal- Yale Thank you, Carla!- Andrew M. Low. Corey Cooper- Middlebury Annie Greenwood- Princeton

Marissa Mullane- Colby Kerry Kiley- Middlebury Emily Ann MacKinnon- Quinnipiac Regan Gilbride- Yale Jodi Krakower- Harvard Email Carla | Give Carla a Call | Get Started. Katherine Smithson- St. Lawrence University Julia Rodricks- Connecticut College Jacqueline Berglass- Williams Libby Miner- Middlebury Carla was very informative and easy to talk with. Nicole Wiart- St. Lawrence Caitlin Cahow- Harvard Caitlin Barnes- University of Vernont 2020 Women's College Hockey Recruiting. Bray Ketchum- Yale Leigh Getz- Connecticut College Kim Ton That- McGill Audie Carter-Tracy- Hamilton Julianna Lupo- Manhattanville Ashley Bairos- Middlebury Aleca Hughes- Yale Nora Sluzas- Harvard Josephine Pucci- Harvard Samantha Martin- University of Vermont CLASS OF 2008 Heather Marrison- Middlebury Cameron Leonard- Penn State Ashley Holt- Princeton Jordan Pyers- St. Lawrence Katie Scott- University of Connecticut In her senior year, she earned the Senior Badger Award for the Most Inspiring Player. Hadley DesMeules- Williams All Rights Reserved. It's been super helpful, I've loved getting to know new information about recruiting that I most likely wouldn't have know unless she would have told me, or at least if I would have figured it out for myself it probably would have been too late. Robin Rosselle- University of Rhode Island Carla, nothing but the best! Amanda Comeau- Colby Lauren Lubrano- Clarkson Sarah Turbert- Sacred Heart University Lauren Berestecky- Middlebury CLASS OF 2007 CLASS OF 2004 Here are the, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Sylvia Xistris- Colby Molly Malloy- Amherst Ashley Bonner- New England College Nicole Mandras- St. Lawrence Rachel Farrel- University of Connecticut Laura Hamilton- St. Anselm Jess Desorcie- Penn State While attending UW, she coached Wheelchair Hockey and received the Badger Community Service Award. Meghan Spezzano- Sacred Heart University And most importantly always giving us amazing contacts for me to reach out to. Our goal is to simplify the process. Kimberly Scinto- College of the Holy Cross Alexa Pujol- Trinity Hannah Synnott- St. Anselm Kristina Schuler- Boston University, CLASS OF 2013 Julia Ireland- Middlebury Katherine Popoff- Bowdoin Brittany Parisi- Princeton Stacy Collings- Elmira Gabrielle Fonseca- Middlebury, For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Jordan Brickner- University of Wisconsin CLASS OF 2009 Olivia Mucha- Princeton Karlyn Calamita-Crowley- Colby CLASS OF 2003 Katie Morrison- Clarkson University Jillian Mauch- Ohio State Ana Steele-Norton- Elmira

We work with hockey players and their families to reach their full genetic potential and play at the highest level in college. Lexi Lersch- University of Connecticut CLASS OF 2010 Jennifer Sifers- Harvard

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