The grannies are the last generation that had to make pasta every day to feed their families, Bennison says.

Near Amsterdams Schiphol Airport, 20 pigs joined a six-week pilot program designed to reduce the number of goose strikes at the busy international hub. HMS Argyll (above) was sailing towards Plymouth after nine months in the Asia-Pacific region when it picked up a mayday call. Now, 39, the former soldier from the United Kingdom has notched up another achievement, becoming the first above-the-knee double amputee to scale the Matterhorn. Food waste contributes to eight per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, says Mette Lykke, Too Good To Gos CEO. [Source: The Guardian]. Now, thanks to the so-called Sheku effect, a new generation of young cellists is emerging, with Britains National Schools Symphony Orchestra reporting a 68 per cent increase in applications from young cellists. To help Latino immigrants reclaim their sense of self and a connection to their cultural heritage, the couple began offering night classes in the art, music and dance of Central and Latin America at a school cafeteria. They chose me., Over the years that Miles has had the owls (Oscar is four, Louie two), theyve become local celebrities in their own right, accompanying Miles on visits to nursing homes and schools, where he gives talks, and even on a hike up Pen y Fan, the highest mountain in southern Britain. The safeguarding of the Belize Maya Forest may also lead to programs that would make crop-growing in the surrounding area more sustainable.

Ensure the news comes from the right person. Since March 2019, more than 150 Divyas have been distributed to refugees in Iraq through non-profit partners. The United Kingdom, for example, generated 222 million tonnes of waste in 2018. Automakers Volvo and Mercedes-Benz have signed up for the first deliveries, and SSAB hopes to be able to produce the steel on an industrial scale by 2026. North Americas first wild refuge for captive orcas (potentially beluga whales, too) aims to open its 40-hectare coastal location in Port Hilford, a small town near Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, by early 2023. Stockholms SSAB recently announced that it has produced the worlds first fossil fuelfree steel, using hydrogen and electricity from renewable energy sources. Here are 50 things to repurpose instead of tossing in the trash. Kids cant resist the lure of the telescope and the opportunity it offers to see the moon (a favourite) up close, as well as stars and planets. Unable to work and anxiously awaiting a transplant, the father of four soon had no choice but to move his family into run-down public housing. House of One will also be open to all other faiths, as well as secular society. They couldnt understand the importance of fulfilling a dream, regardless of my age, says Paterno. Now an app called Too Good to Go is reducing this waste. As many countries struggle with escalating rates of drug addiction, Portugal has successfully reduced overdose deaths by more than 90% since 1999 as a result of a radical shift in its drugs policy. In freezing temperatures, he dug Normand out of the snow and the pair then dug out their broken tent. Relying on good news to succeed on its own merits without a proper plan may limit its impact or even backfire completely. Along with France, Slovakia, Ireland and Italy, the U.K. expects to eliminate coal within five years. By Jason McBride. After recovering from his injuries, he completed triathlons, learned to ski and even joined a team to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Once found, police used a photo database and DNA testing to confirm the identity of Guos son, now a teacher. As humans stressed over COVID-19, Moulin reported that the bees were completely unbothered. I would go home and cry and say this is unacceptable, she says. There is an ambulance that comes on-site, assesses the damage, stabilizes the patient, and then the patient is ready for treatment. The end result is heritage rescued from oblivion, but also renewed interest in Romanias history. The city of Barcelona, however, is offering up a trade: lose the gas guzzler and ride public transit for free. Could there workload repercussions for particular individuals? Weber named it Jeffs Camp, after Jeff Poissant, his Army buddy-turned-life-partner who died of bladder cancer in 2017. The Milan organization has been patrolling Italian beaches for more than 30 years, with about 400 fully trained and certified lifedogsNewfoundlands, primarily, but also Labrador retrievers and German shepherdswho save about 30 lives a year. Be selective with what you choose to put out. He hasnt done it alone, of course; Miles has a supportive partner, three kids and a pair of British barn owls named Oscar and Louie. In lieu of pesticides, ladybugs and parasitic wasps devour aphids and other pests. Even scenarios that appear at first glance to be positive on all sides have potential to cause unrest. Kenya | As a child growing up in Nairobi City, the astronomer Susan Murabana didnt get much encouragement to look to the stars. Arnhem sits 13 metres above sea level and has suffered serious flooding in recent years, while droughts have dried up its parks. The videos are a kind of oral history, often recording unique recipes. By Jason McBride, Spain | Planting trees has long been considered an effective way to fight the climate crisis. Canada | In this dog-eat-dog world, wheres a weary pooch supposed to go for a break? When you buy a tomato in the winter, youre probably getting one thats been trucked in from California or Mexico, says Rathmell. Its there, but we forget to look up. By Flannery Dean. (The operations headquarters and visitors centre are already complete. Kathrina Bianca Macababbad was bathing one of the units babies just after midnight when she heard that a fire had broken out on the floor below. Food is about union and sharing, he says. Kanneh-Mason is using his celebrity to lobby for more music education in British schools. A filmmakers project to capture the art of handmade pasta has turned the so-called pasta nonnas featured in her videos into a social media sensation. The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Despite the dangerous postal code, the library has flourished, becoming as much a safe space as an academic one. Over its lifetime, you really save a lot of money with an electric car here, says Christina Bu of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association. Whats more, through 65 grassroots solidarity kitchens, many based out of the homes of alumni, as well as partnerships with local homeless charities and food banks, almost 80,000 free meals are distributed to hungry families in Rio de Janeiro every month. Verona is beautiful, says Spinazze, but it has a big problem with the far right. Whenever he encounters swastikas and other racist graffiti, he paints over them with colourful depictions of his favourite foodstuffs, from cupcakes to pizza. We want to reward CO2 reduction with a cultural experience, says Vienna city council member Peter Hanke. Nineteen thousand feet up Ultar Sar mountain in Pakistans treacherous Karakoram range, three mountaineers found themselves trapped after the weather turned unexpectedly fierce. He plans to publish a manifesto and aims to spread his initiative to other major cities around the world. What do they get out of it? Dont miss this gorgeous gallery of Canadian bird photography. There is no prime publishing time', Nigel argued. Disabled by a car accident 25 years ago, Rita Ebel had long been frustrated by the number of shops and cafes inaccessible to wheelchair users. There were 100,000 cheetahs worldwide at the turn of the 19th centuryjust 7,100 survive today. In our eBook on Communicating Change, we explored the results of an Interact poll where customers voted on a preferred method of communication for business change. So, how should you communicate good news to employees? Over a 20% wage gap leads to more than a 50% pension gap between women and men, says Germanys families minister Franziska Giffey, claiming the new strategy is a milestone. Each tire is carefully cleaned, inspected and painted before being repurposed in the 300 playgrounds Anthill has so far built across India. Tim Miller, 21, and Bruce Normand, 51, from Glasgow, and Austrian climber Christian Huber, decided to wait for a break before descending. Svalbard was already of vital ecological importance: 20 million birds nest on the islands during the late summer, while about 3,000 polar bears use its sea ice as prime hunting grounds. Before taking to the wires, evaluate the impact of this news on the wider business. But against all odds, the bees survived the inferno and continued to thrive through the coronavirus lockdown. Worse still, if disgruntled staff take their feelings public, youve got a full-scale PR nightmare that can cause long-term damage to your brand and reputation. Students apply online, and after they finish the program, they not only find jobs, but often start their own restaurants and soup kitchens. Before I started this, people were so used to seeing those messages, they didnt really see them at all. Which are most effective in the workplace for internal communication? Wales | In March, Richard Brown and Giselle Eagle, wardens of the small island of Skokholm, spotted rabbits digging up pebbles and pottery shards.

I work with many children who wouldnt have had access, he says. Sadly, their fellow climber Christian Huber had died from suffocation. In a night-time swell of around six metres, with wall-like waves, Groves used a small sea boat to nudge the lifeboat half a mile towards HMS Argyll. ), The refuge, which will contain underwater nets to keep the whales free but still contained, has a depth of 16 metres and provides the whales with 150 times more space than theyve known in captivity. Aside from the Divya, Sawhney has also worked on making clean and fuel-efficient cookstoves, and plans to develop off-grid refrigerators, air conditioners and lighting. This not only makes the news relatable and personal, but avoids the danger of putting anyones nose out of joint and turning that positive announcement into a source of disgruntlement. But when Berdun rolled onto the court in front of a wide-eyed group of Grade 2 students, he made it clear they werent there to talk about his missing legthey were there to play basketball. By Anna-Kaisa Walker, Germany | Looking for a long-term relationship with someone single, lonely and a little on the furry side? Once widespread over the entire continent, prehistoric climate change, combined with hunting by people and dingoes, left Tasmania the only place where devils survived after 1,000 B.C. Over the years, Pilenga incorporated various watercraft and helicopters into his missions, and began to train other canines. Communications Manager for Ultra Electronics, Shona Wright, observed: We always face the same challenge; you simply cant please everyone. Be sensitive to the fact that different people will interpret and respond to news in different ways, and the impact wont be the same for everyone involved. Five years later, Vaida has seven trucks, 500 volunteers and has saved 60 structures, including medieval churches, ancient windmills and castles. You can see from afar that you can get in here without any problems. [Source: Reuters]. For Berdun, who has visited many schools to talk about disability issues over the years, it was the first (of what he hopes are many) opportunities to simply be called Coach., During the last class, Berdun explained how he lost his leg at age 13 after being hit by a truck in his hometown of San Nicols de Los Arroyos. From experience, we find that using a range of different methods, with content tailored and adapted for each channel, is most likely to see success. Together we can fight food waste and ensure quality surplus produce doesnt end up in the bin. Pilenga and Mas saved several lives during the first few years, working closely with the Coast Guard, military and police to rescue sailors, divers and swimmers up and down the Italian coast. By Flannery Dean, England | Poverty brings with it many challenges, not the least of which can be the strain of sorting through clothing donation bins, on a mission to find the right-sized wardrobes for you and your family. Want to cut down on food waste at home? A new playground can be built in just five days for around $2,500, a fraction of the cost of a standard playground. The behaviour of the colonies is perfectly normal., The beehives are just 30 metres below Notre-Dames main roof but were untouched by the flames. By Anna-Kaisa Walker. Internal communicators, HR professionals and senior management often dedicate time to planning out and preparing for the delivery of bad news to employees. Reusing some of the 100 million tires discarded in India every year also helps the environment, reducing the air pollution created by tire burning. To help tackle this problem, entrepreneurs Peter Juul Regnersgaard and Morten Ebdrup created their own plastic-free alternative. [Source: The Independent]. All they thought about was basketball. By Anna-Kaisa Walker, Photo: Courtesy of the Nature Conservancy. But for David Hertz, food is more than sustenance. Its more like a warm hug.[Source: The Times], The Dutch city of Utrecht has turned more than 300 of its bus stops into shelters for bees. This is nothing but our life story. [Source: Metro/BBC News]. Under a 10-year plan, 10% of the citys asphalt will be replaced by grass and other greenery to help dissipate heat and improve absorption of rainfall.

By contrast, delivering positive news internally should be easy shouldnt it? At times he feels like a therapist. The Black Lives Matter and anti-racism movements have sparked angry debate over the public space given to monuments of figures from the colonial past, with some statues toppled or locked away. This past April, a coalition of 16 conservation partners, including the Nature Conservancy, a global non-profit, bought about 95,000 hectares of land from the Forestland Group, a logging company. They had already raised half from their own campaign, and Miloszek was running out of time. In 2012, after raising her family in the United Kingdom, she returned to Morocco to care for an ailing parent. It also does double duty as a dryer, and costs around $60. At various high schools, he helped create, among other things, valuable skill-development, anti-bullying and leadership programs. They dug in, waited for two daysand then an avalanche buried them six feet deep in snow. In 1947, the last three Asiatic Cheetahs in India were reportedly killed during a hunt by a local prince. Map out your available channels and identify the people who use them. There are a few considerations when marking out the right time to deliver good news to employees. Weimerskirch says this cheap form of surveillance could complement satellite monitoring. Employees are continually exposed to digital noise, both as part of their roles and within their personal lives. Anyone is welcome to stop, sit and chat with him in Spanish, English or Catalan about anything they like. In 2016, he founded the Ambulance for Monuments, starting with a truck, loaded with tools, that roamed Romania repairing neglected historical buildings and monuments with the help of volunteers. Ireland | Growing up kayaking around the southwest coast of Ireland, 20-year-old Fionn Ferreira saw the devastating effects of ocean pollution first-hand. You arent explaining why its good news for you, or for the company youre explaining why its good news for them. The couple, wondering if the items were of any significance, sent photos to archaeologists. By Flannery Dean. Engineered from bacteria found in leaf compost, the enzyme reduces PET bottles (made from polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester) to their chemical building blocks, which are then used to make high-quality new bottles. Words are a powerful tool to generate engagement, and can be emotive, influential and captivating. [Source: The Local, Germany]. Finally, when crafting your message, consider the language you use. It may be appropriate to reproduce your message in different formats to ensure maximum visibility: for example, a blog to post on your intranet software and email out, alongside a town hall announcement that can be video-ed and later uploaded to the intranet for those who were unable to attend. Stumpys owner, vet Elly Pittaway, says: Stumpy obviously has no idea what hes doing it for, but if he did, Im sure hed be very proud of himself. [Source: Daily Mail, BBC News]. Each piece of True Gum has a chicle base, a resin that Mayan and Aztec peoples were chewing hundreds of years ago. After being screened, prospective adopters can arrange a meet-and-greet with their new match at the shelter. Creating a proper internal communications plan greatly increases your chance of employee engagement and positive action. By Anna-Kaisa Walker. With additional funds raised by lawyers, tradespeople and MacKenzies housing charity, the thrilled Wiggins family took possession of a four-bedroom townhouse this past spring. Launched in 2016, Too Good To Go has now been downloaded by 22 million people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the U.K. Users can see which outlets in their neighbourhood have surplus food available that day, which they can then pick up at closing time. Scientists have created an enzyme that can break down used plastic bottles for recycling in a matter of hours. hold nigeria musiq
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