works with schools and colleges in North America to find prospective students and is compensated for successful connections. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (User Agreement updated 1/1/21. Please see our About page and our Privacy & Terms of Use for more details. All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. Working closely with doctors, registered nurses use their scientific expertise to evaluate patients' health and explain how to manage different illnesses or conditions. You'll need excellent communication skills to testify in court and write reports. Geological technicians collect and analyze rock and soil samples to help scientists determine if a piece of land is suitable for mining or oil and gas exploration. You could collect water samples for chemical analysis, examine footage from deep-water cameras, or track marine animals' movements. Major description: A political economy degree program focuses on the intersection of politics, the economy, and how public policy is formed at that intersection. Check out these examples of science-related jobs that pay well and don't require spending four years in college: Monitoring the radiation levels in and around nuclear power plants is one of the highest-paying science jobs you can get with a two-year degree. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Major description: Actuaries use math and statistics to analyze and assess financial risk for a business, usually in the finance or insurance fields. Answer these 3 easy questions to get started, 24 of the highest-paying science jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree or better, 7 science jobs that pay well with less than a 4-year degree, Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration$113K, Nuclear, industrial radiology, and biological technologies$66K, Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration$118K, Nuclear, industrial radiology, and biological technologies$97K. But which science-related degrees can lead to the highest earning potential? In addition to designing and implementing experiments, biochemists and biophysicists record their findings in research papers, technical reports and presentations. Within the discipline of geosciences, there are many specialties, including: geology, geochemistry, geophysics, petroleum geology, seismology, oceanography, paleontology and engineering geology. You can also earn a degree in radiologic technology, followed by a certificate in nuclear medicine technology. This study combines the skills learned in architecture and construction management and building science majors can expect a job market projected to grow by 10% in the next decade. Materials scientists have a somewhat higher medial annual salary than chemists, though their job outlook is slightly less positive. What Degree Should I Get To Join The FBI? Just enter your zip code into the following search tool to start discovering convenient programs near you! Graduates can find work in a variety of fields, including banking, investment, government and academics, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting above-average job growth in the next decade. Most technicians specialize in either lab work or fieldwork. This is one of the best jobs in science in terms of earning potential; you'll need several years of research experience to get into it. Atmospheric chemists study the chemical components, properties and processes of the atmosphere, including clouds, gases and ultraviolet radiation. How do medications and drugs affect the organs, tissues, and cells of the human body?

Education: Bachelors Degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science. 24. Major description: A business computing degree prepares graduates to manage and leverage information systems to support a business. Check out our list of the top 10 highest paying science careers for inspiration to guide your own science career journey. Our process strives to ensure the highest-quality matches between schools and learners.

Alumni of this degree program most often work in information technology roles. Atmospheric physicists and dynamists gather and analyze data on physical movement within the atmosphere, including phenomena like lightning, turbulence and solar activity. They analyze radiation in the air, soil and water to determine levels of radiation and radioactive communication. Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Careers, 169 W. 2710 S. Circle Analytical chemists measure and evaluate the elements that make up a substance. A firm understanding of computer languages, mathematics, and logic are critical to success, while continued education and certifications can advance job prospects. Materials scientists design and implement research experiments in which they evaluate the properties and components of a substance. They research and develop theories about the fundamental principles governing the interactions between energy and matter. Can you guess which careers are among the highest-paying science jobs in America? Organic chemists specifically study substances that made from carbon, while inorganic chemists focus on substances that have no carbon components. Some degrees pay you back, but others dont do much to increase your earning potential. In nuclear power plants, engineering services and research and development laboratories, nuclear technicians play an important and necessary role. Jobs with this degree vary, from software design for major companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google, to creating systems for the aeronautical field. Chemists can specialize in a variety of different fields. However, you can become a technician with just an associate degree. A good portion of the professionals in this field work in California. The science jobs list below is divided into those that require a bachelor's degree or higher and those that need less than four years of college. While a masters degree is preferred to earn more, those with bachelors degrees will attain skills in economics, physics, and construction technology. Graduates can find work in public policy, private business, and as financial planners, among other paths. They measure water volume and flow, investigate pollution levels, analyze the impacts of flooding and erosion, and look for ways to manage different communities' water supplies. These researchers develop ways to improve healthcare, including searching for a cure for cancer and creating new medications to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions.

Chemical engineers develop the manufacturing processes and equipment that turn chemical materials into commercial products. With an associate degree in nursing, you can qualify for entry-level positions. Major description: How computers integrate into business and personal lives is the most important function of a computer systems engineer. Identifying and preventing environmental contamination is the main goal of environmental science and protection technicians. Aside from strong interpersonal and management skills, a systems engineer will possess high mathematics and information security acumen. 3. Physicists must draft proposals, successfully apply for the grant funding to conduct their experiments and present their findings both in written papers for publication and at lectures and conferences.

Major description: Some majors in aerospace studies are preparing for a life in the Air Force, as coursework falls under the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Want to make a decent income in the science field without spending umpteen years in school? The need for these professionals is expected to grow at a rate well above the national average, although obtaining a masters degree is a wise choice to further enhance job prospects. Jobs for computational scientists involve using high-performance computers to further scientific knowledge. Pay, Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of, The labor market is a strange place right now. You'll need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree for this career. Editors Note: The salary and education information was obtained fromthe United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a federal agency that measures and reports on the labor market, the economy and working conditions. In keeping with current trends, the College Salary Report shows that the best bachelor degrees are mostly STEM-focused, meaning they are focused on science, technology, engineering or math. Your course of study influences your earning potential, so in order to plan your financial future, use Payscales College Salary Report to rank how different majors for bachelors degrees compare based on alumni salaries.

Median Salary: $81,480 You don't have to spend an extended amount of time in school to find success in any of the following careers. Hydrologists gather samples of both water and soil and evaluate properties, like volume and flow, of bodies of water. There are numerous specialty careers within the field of medical science, including toxicologists, pharmacologists, gerontologists, neuroscientists, serologists, cancer researchers, immunochemists, clinical and medical informaticians and research histologists. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Four-year grads undertake an intensive study of biology and chemistry, while learning about the production and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. These scientists study the chemical and physical properties of organisms to learn about important biological processes. Are you fascinated by tiny organisms that can't be seen by the naked eye? They set goals, establish budgets, and direct the work of developers and researchers. Both pursue a common goal: to learn about the molecular and atomic makeups of substances and research how various substances interact. While interaction design is a critical component of UX design, or user experience, smaller companies may only hire a UX designer, a more all-encompassing title. 25 Best Online Bachelors Degrees for 2021, 100 Most Affordable Online Colleges & Degrees 2021, 100 Most Affordable Online Graduate Schools of 2021, 25 Cheapest Online Bachelors Degree Programs, 25 Cheapest Online Masters Degree Programs. But some majors may yield bigger salaries after graduation, which makes them even more desirable. Suite 203-A Medical scientists dont just seek to cure or treat certain diseases, but also to prevent them. Do you dream of unraveling the mysteries of the deep sea? Education: Bachelors Degree in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics or Engineering. Appropriately conducting research is an important part of medical science, but so is analyzing the data collected to learn more about the causes of medical conditions and the possible ways of treating them. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. The job outlook for graduates with a degree in the field is average, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 3% growth by 2029. In todays job market, having a bachelors degree is nearly a necessity to land a rewarding, well-paying job with any possibility for advancement; a bachelors degree is almost essential for entry into most professional careers. Want to use chemistry to solve problems? Major description: Finding and removing oil and natural gas from the earth falls under the well-paid direction of petroleum engineers. When a health care professional orders laboratory tests, it's up to medical lab technologists and technicians to collect and analyze the required samples. STEM degrees continue to be some of the highest paying degrees on the College Salary Report year after year. They use their engineering expertise and in-depth understanding of biological systems to create anything from artificial organs and imaging machines to surgical lasers and radiation therapy equipment. As with many other sciences, biochemists and biophysicists conduct basic or applied research. What Degree Do I Need to Work as a NASA Scientist? Major description: Using both concrete and abstract principles, information and computer science majors learn to solve problems and explore new areas using computers. Physicists investigate the properties of matter, energy and time. Typical tasks include setting up lab equipment, preparing solutions, conducting experiments, and interpreting results. Both types of hydrologists often work to not only understand the movement of water, but to solve problems relating to the quality and supply of water. They're involved in creating anything from food and fuel to plastics and pharmaceuticals, and they are often employed in processing plants, research labs, and oil and gas refineries. Hydrologists study the quality, quantity, and availability of this precious resource. What are the Fastest Schools for a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering? In addition to researching climate change, they determine possible consequences of changing climates for practical purposes such as how buildings are designed or how agricultural land is put to use. Hydrologists do just that they study how water moves either beneath and across the ground to predict flood events, the spread of pollution and future supply levels. While research itself may be a physicists main job duty, its not the scientists sole responsibility. Like materials scientists, chemists study the properties and structures of the molecules and atoms that make up various substances. While the electrical side of the major teaches wireless communication and information processing, the computer side educates students on software verification and embedded systems. With the use of computers and laboratory equipment, these scientists analyze data and create virtual 3D models and simulations representing the atomic and molecular structure of a substance. Median Salary: $71,770 Do you dream of a career forecasting the weather? Median Salary: $69,060 Forensic science technicians collect physical evidence at crime scenes and analyze it in laboratories. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Mid-Career Salary: $142,200. Data journalism website Stacker sought to find out how valuable some college majors are over others. All states require registered nurses to be licensed. To gather and evaluate data, geoscientists may also use remote sensing equipment, advanced geographic information systems (GIS) and modeling software. Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. They also identify and map the geological features of different areas. Median Salary: $106,840 They conduct experiments and develop clinical procedures. What degree should I get for medical school? Step-By-Step Pay Equity Analysis Guide Product Guide By clicking Download Product Guide, Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? If severe weather could cause injuries or damage, atmospheric scientists warn the public about the danger. Median Salary: $89,260 It's true that with a PhD or Master of Science degree, jobs in research and management become more available to you. They analyze, design, and implement plans for extraction when a reservoir is found, requiring skills in math, science, mechanical engineering, and physics. Like physicists, astronomers can choose to focus on either basic, theoretical research to inform what we know about the universe or they can conduct applied research, where they put research findings to use in creating new processes and technologies. Students can get ahead by completing internships, and will have to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to become an engineer-in-training, while further work experience is needed before becoming a professional engineer. Are you prepared to take advantage of such lucrative opportunities? Education: Ph.D. in Physics. There are many specialties available in this field. In fact, many of the science careers with the most impressive paychecks are available to people with bachelor's or even associate degrees. The rankings were released in 2021 and are based on the highest average mid-career salary, according to Stacker. This may even require building new technology systems to maximize efficiency. As you can see, high-paying jobs with science degrees are available in a variety of areas. With the help of computer software, chemists develop virtual models that show how the components of a substance are structured. Students in the program will learn how to apply practical solutions to complex business problems, using math and statistical analysis to make informed decisions. Graduates who pass two actuarial exams and have gained valuable internship experience in college in addition to possessing exceptional business skills, will set themselves apart while seeking a job. So if you're interested in scientific careers, you have plenty of lucrative possibilities to consider. Physicists calculate and analyze data. "I recommend using because you can find the program that you are interested in nearby or online.". When you engage with technology through the click of a mouse or touch of your finger, that is the result of interaction design. There are well-paying options at all education levels. A push toward domestic natural gas and oil will maintain the need for chemical engineers. Attaining a masters degree or doctorate in the field can greatly enhance job prospects by honing skills like psychology, biology, and chemistry. Applied research builds upon these theoretical understandings to create diagnostic tests, medications and treatments for diseases caused by genetic mutations or to devise ways of genetically altering plant food and fuel sources to be less vulnerable to the elements. A PhD is usually required for these research positions. Graduating with a bachelors degree isnt enough to find a job in this growing field, as becoming a Certified Public Accountant requires passing an industry exam, ethics exam and being supervised by a CPA for six months to two years. They might specialize in areas like blood patterns, DNA, toxicology, or ballistics. These professionals have a hand in innovating new uses for and sources of nuclear energy, including devising medical uses of nuclear power and designing new types of nuclear reactors. Biochemists and biophysicists help society make important innovations in medicine, agriculture and many other fields. (Learn more about the5 best careers in environmental science.). Research in physics can be applied to develop new methods of communication, alternate sources of energy and more advanced medical technology. Sometimes known as ultrasound technicians, these health care professionals use high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of patients' bodies. Biochemists and biophysicists use a variety of equipment to study living things, from lasers and electron microscopes to computer modeling software. Medical research scientists seek to find new ways to improve human health. Basic research in biochemistry and biophysics may revolve around learning how genes mutate and how evolution works. Major description: Working on updated power grids, chemical sensors and implantable devices are all tasks electrical and computer engineering majors perform. They also examine the role that genes play in health and aging and investigate how environmental factors affect how genes are expressed. A bachelors degree is a great investment in your future, and one of the most common degrees earned by college students. An associate degree can get you started in this field. They also study the process of precipitation affecting bodies of water and evaporating. Others are involved in pharmaceutical research. Research and development laboratories in the physical, life and engineering sciences employ the most medical scientists, but many others find work at colleges and universities, hospitals, physician offices and in the pharmaceutical industry. Most employers look for sonographers with associate degrees and professional certification. This degree prepares students to design and build software and hardware and software for a number of applications and devices. Opportunities abound in the petroleum, food processing, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries. The push toward renewable and clean energy may have an adverse effect on job prospects for graduates with a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering, though additional certifications and cooperative programs can boost job prospects. They analyze that data with the help of mathematical and computer models. It depends what you want to study or what you want to do with your knowledge. Opportunities are available in construction, mining, land development, and environmental protection.

Be prepared to undergo extensive on-the-job training. Chemists typically work in laboratories, either at research and development departments of science firms, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, testing laboratories or as part of the government. While there are dozens of possible careers in the life and physical sciences, some stand out as being especially financially rewarding. What is a Bachelors Degree in Bioinformatics? Major description: Designing, manufacturing and maintaining electrical equipment are the fields of expertise for graduates with electrical power engineering degrees. Jobs for meteorologists are available with broadcasters, utility companies, and agricultural organizations. You can carve out a well-paying career in the science field if you can create computer models that simulate complex physical phenomena. Focusing on software can offer better job prospects since the field is constantly changing, though hardware engineers make slightly more. Which geosciences career is right for you? Major description: Cognitive science involves studying how the brain processes information, learns, and behaves. And contrary to what you might expect, not all of the best-paying science jobs require a PhD. Are you naturally curious about the world around you? Insurance companies are the primary employers of actuaries, who help create rates on premiums from life to car insurances. In addition to presenting their findings in written reports and to clients, geoscientists also record their findings in charts and maps. Many epidemiologists work for hospitals, government agencies, academic institutions, and humanitarian organizations. A degree in Applied Economics and Management enables students to gain an understanding of how economic principles are applied in the real world. Meteorologists and weather forecasters, who are among the most well-known of the atmospheric scientists, use research to predict upcoming weather, including severe storms. They use remote sensing equipment, high-tech computer modeling software, global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) to gather and analyze data on problems such as pollution and droughts as well as possibilities, such as the viability of creating new irrigation systems and hydroelectric power plants in a given location. computer languages, mathematics, and logic are critical to success, operations research and industrial engineering degree. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. It's important to follow all safety protocols when processing chemicals. Yet water accounts for about two-thirds of the earths surface. (And if you're still deciding on a focus for college, you may want to check out our section on the highest-paying science degrees.). Based on the results, here are 10 of the highest-paying science majors at the bachelor's level: As you might expect, median earnings were generally higher for those with graduate degrees: Of course, each of these majors can lead to numerous careers, and salaries vary widely depending on the specific position as well as your level of experience and education. Physicists aim to understand the workings of the natural world. The different types of geoscientists may have vastly different goals. They also study the impact of humans on both animals and ecosystems. 2. Studying atmospheric phenomena to make predictions about future climate and weather conditions is among the highest-paying science careers. In this role, you could inspect public places for environmental hazards, collect and test air and water samples, conduct impact studies of new development projects, or help develop plans to clean up contaminated sites. Physical chemists devise theories based on chemical properties that seek to explain how chemical structures come into being.
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