So it actually was like a private airboat ride! (map). No matter the feelings of swampiness, I saw tons of alligators! MAMMOTH CAVE KY Seminole County earned the nickname Floridas Natural Choice because of its hiking and bike trails, scenic lakes and accessible rivers. To the (north)west of Everglades National Park is Naples FL, and to the east is Miami FL. Here are a few experiences you can have at Gatorland Florida. The people at Kissimmee Swamp Tours also take pride in taking you out on a smaller airboat.

It's an integral river within the state, runs through or near 12 counties, and even flows through Lake Jessup and Lake Monroe. So this is about that experience! In fact, alligators are so synonymous with the state that they are found in 67 counties, and the University of Florida even has an alligator as their mascot. With fewer and fewer natural places in Orlando, we thought it a good topic to cover. Some will offer alligator feeding opportunities. A post earlier this year sparked many inquiries on where to see wild alligators in Orlando. Here are a few of them, though there are many more! Another TIP: There is no basis to the myth that you should run in zig-zag patterns to avoid a charging alligator. There are also a lot of restaurants nearby. News 6 brought you images showing dozens of alligators nearly bumping into each other in Lake Apopka at the pump house pond. You will pay for the tour after the airboat ride. Males are usually larger than females. All rights reserved. If you are feeling more adventurous, Black Hammock offers 30-minute airboat rides from 9:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. that take you around the lake for an up-close view. After all, it is believed that there are approximately 1.3 million wild alligators in Florida! Sanford, FL 32771

Turtles and alligators are often resting on fallen palm trees along the spring-fed river. BRYCE CANYON UT Dont get your expectations up too high for how many alligators you want to see so you wont be disappointed if you dont see too many! It is guaranteed to see an alligator there many, many gators. A little thrashing and the event was quickly over with, and the water was still again. 2929 S Binion Road Just remember to keep your distance! Alligators are a common sight in nearly every natural body of fresh water in Florida, but to see them safely youll have to trek along a natural trail, hop on an airboat, rent a canoe or even find a seat at a swamp bar.

Hum. News 6 is Getting Results. If you are in Orlando during these months, then for the best chance to see the most amount of alligators, I would say try to go on a sunny day for a late morning or early afternoon Kissimmee airboat tour! The Black Bear Wilderness Area in Sanford is a 7-mile tree-lined trail that slopes into the St. Johns River. When you visit the Canaveral National Seashore can seriously effect how great of a time you have. Check out these tips for spotting alligators in the wild. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers the following advice: -Never feed alligators. There are two great places by the lake to spot alligators. WIND CAVE SD Monroe Harbour Marina: 531 N. Palmetto Ave., Sanford, FL 32771, Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe: 205 E 1st Street, Sanford, FL 32771.

HAWAII EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS The area around Lake Kissimmee is considered to be the headwaters of the Everglades.

The maximum number of people that will be on your airboat (not including the captain) is 6 people. GRAND CANYON AZ Looking for more to do after your Lake Kissimmee swamp tour?!

Truth be told you could stand on a dock and wait for one or two to cruise by, but a cruise is a great way to spend some time on the water. Still, there is no swimminghere, only in their sectioned off water park. There are a few alligators kept in an enclosed area on property, as well as smaller ones available for personal photos. Many of the Orlando area miniature golf courses will have young alligators on loan. This will depend on the golf course. The state of Florida has over a million alligators and many of these are in Orlando. Wekiwa Springs State Park image by Kelly Pepperman. If taking a boat ride isn't quite your thing, you can opt to paddle alongside the gators in a canoe or kayak. Well, its like 3.5 to 4 hours to drive from Orlando to Everglades National Park, so thats pretty far. So even if you dont see any alligators, or if you see less than youd like, you can think of it as a nice leisurely airboat ride around Lake Kissimmee. Others will only let you look at alligators while enjoying a miniature golf course.

It is against the law. Vacation homes that back up to bodies of water may offer a great place to see wild gators in Orlando. So here are a few sight-seeing adventures you may want to consider if you want to see wild alligators in Orlando. Lake Kissimmee State Park: 14248 Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales, FL 33898, Kissimmee Swamp Tour: 4500 Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville, FL 34739. Your email address will not be published.

You must be a licensed trapper with a permit and tags. Alligators have habits that can hide them from the naked eye. Most alligators fear humans and will flee when sighted.

I did the 90-minute airboat tour. THEODORE ROOSEVELT ND

Feathers from a duck, one instance were floating on the water (intact), burst upon the water flying everywhere. Alligators make a very distinct sound (almost like a frogs croaking only longer and deeper), often heard at dusk.

The Everglades is known for airboat rides and alligators. SOUTH DAKOTA

With alligators of all ages from babies to very large adults, you can see a large variety of alligators.

Walk a couple blocks over to 1st Street in Sanford, and stop by Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe for some authentic German food, beer, and entertainment. Why a personal swim buoy is an essential for ocean swimming and springs. Go to any fresh water source in Florida, whether its a lake or a river, and chances are there will be at least one alligator lurking around.

Apopka, FL 32703 Canaveral National Seashore: 308 Julia Street, Titusville, FL 32796, Live like an Orlando local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. Most alligators are smaller than tourists think. GRAND TETON WY It is a bit more dangerousremember no harassing the gatorsand more strenuous since you are the motor, but it's still a ton of fun. 5301 Michigan Ave.

It seems ideal to go alligator spotting on a sunny day if the temperatures are on the cooler side.

You also have an option to purchase a photo of your group sitting on the airboat. It isnt exactly an Orlando natural attraction and neither is it free.

Have a tip you'd like to share? ZION UT This is also just north of Orlando.

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You just have to know where to look and what to look for. Watch News 6 as they cover breaking local, regional, and national news, plus the latest updates on weather, traffic and sports.

Its located about a 1.5 hour drive from Lake Kissimmee, and its about a 10-15 minute drive from the alligator restaurant. You can see an enclosure filled with young alligators. ORLANDO, Fla. While Walt Disney World, Universal and SeaWorld are often the main destinations for Central Florida visitors, ecotourism is a unique alternative to crowded theme parks. HALEAKALA HI EVERGLADES FL 2316 Black Hammock Fish Camp Road The St. Johns River starts south of Orlando near Vero Beach and flows 310 miles north (it's one of the few river in the US that flow north) until it dumps into the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, two hours northeast of Orlando.


This means less people on your airboat and it feels less like a major group tour and more like a more personal tour or more like its just a private boat ride out on the water! And also especially if this is your only chance to see Florida alligators, you want to give yourself the best chance!

Alligators are actually in MANY of Orlandos lakes and ponds. There are alligators of every size along this trail, from massive 6-10 footers to tiny hatchlings in spring. Bizberg Themes. BIG ISLAND ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: During mating season (summer) alligators tend to be a little more aggressive. So where should you go to see wild alligators in Orlando? According to the airboat captain, these sorts of conditions can be perfect for seeing alligators.

On cooler days, alligators often sun themselves on the banks. These are not pets! gatorland ultimate adventure One of the best is at Blue Spring State Park. Or get the Florida Cracker Special for around $25 that includes catfish, frog legs, turtle, and gator tail!

There are no guarantees that you will see an alligator when you do a Florida airboat tour like this. ARIZONA


Hunting alligators is a different matter. To get from Orlando to Lake Kissimmee where the Kissimmee swamp tour starts is around a 1 hour drive. IDAHO You just might find a BIG alligator catching some rays as you go.

Overlook Park: 1988 Spring Avenue, Oviedo, FL 32765, Black Hammock Restaurant & Adventures: 2356 Black Hammock Fish Camp Road, Oviedo, FL 32765. Again, it didnt feel much like a swamp tour. NEW YORK This restaurant is located a little north of Orlando. You can also see captive snakes and other reptiles on display, and if youre brave enough, hold a gator for a photo. There are a few tricks to spotting alligators that should help you out. NORTH DAKOTA Some gators may lose their natural fear of humans, especially if fed by humans. Most hunters are only allowed a few tags per season, but do offer tourists to hire them as a guide service. Under no circumstance should you feed a wild alligator. Well, maybe not exactly.

Christmas, FL 32709 ROAD TRIP AMERICA Have a question? Where to eat the best gator around after you see alligators near Orlando. The Florida Cracker Special with gator, to-go.

Powered by WordPress For the curious among you, read on for six of the best places to see alligators near Orlando. Copyright 2022 is managed by Graham Digital and published by Graham Media Group, a division of Graham Holdings. You can get gator that is fresh from local lakes for around $23.

Designed by So late morning or mid-day seems to be a good time for alligator spotting. Also nestled along the St. Johns River but further southeast in the rural community of Christmas, Airboat Rides at Midway offers hourlong ecotours through marshlands that are home to a large number of alligators. They are to be feared and not taken lightly. Planning a day at the springs? -Be aware of the possibility of alligators when you are near fresh or brackish water. This is all my understanding anyway! It seemed like the conditions were right to see alligators when I went. It started off as a crisp November day in Orlando with morning temperatures in the 50s. I did an airboat ride through Lake Kissimmee with Kissimmee Swamp Tours. This is a per person cost. Many provide an opportunity to see wild alligators. Its a chill lakeside bar and restaurant with airboat tours and pontoon boat tours right on the property. With Orlandos many natural attractions and manmade features appealing to alligators, your chances of seeing a wild alligator when visiting are fairly good IF you are trying to. Here are a few ways to protect yourself. There are many stories in the news about humans and animals having bad encounters with alligators.

No I did not eat this. Black Hammock Restaurant sits on the southeastern shore of Lake Jesup, which has the highest population of alligators in the state. It is not cheap, nor does it guarantee seeing or harvesting a wild gator.

These are great natural resources and fun places to visit, but keep your eyes open. While these do happen, they do not happen as much as you might think.

Check the website before visiting to find out which locations offer alligators as part of the course experience. Take a guided tour with a local expert thatll put you right next to some massive reptiles. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Orlando Science Center has a collection of small alligators on loan to them for educational purposes. Central Florida has a number of excellent places to see alligators, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Finding the Best Trails for Spotting Wild Turkey in Alabama, Summer Running in Charlotte: Insider Tips on Beating the Heat. My airboat captain said that in the summer (when Orlando temperatures can be in the 90s), they are lucky if they see 3 or 4 alligators in one hour. Its also possible that that you MIGHT see alligators in Lake Louisa State Park, also near Orlando! This is a busy area on weekends, especially in summer, so you may want to plan on arriving early to see the wildlife in action. SLEEPING BEAR DUNES MI

The alligators will want to come out from the water for some sun. You are much more likely to be bitten by a shark in the ocean (more on that some other time). Alligators are not everywhere, but you might be surprised to see them in some places. It sounded like the hot summer days are not the best for alligator spotting, since if its too hot the alligators wont want to come up. When most people visit Orlando, they want to see alligators in a safe and controlled setting. Lake Kissimmee is located to the south of Orlando. Otherwise they will associate humans with food. In turn, they pumped phosphorus-filled, pesticide-packed wastewater back into Lake Apopka.

NATIONAL LAKESHORES -Dispose of fish scraps in garbage cans, not in gator infested waters. Look out the window! There are several Florida nature sight seeing tours as well. Disclaimer: it's important to be aware and safe around these Sunshine State residents. One person is dead and another is critically hurt after a shooting at a home in Sanford, according to police. Your best bet at spotting some alligators on the St. Johns is to go on a river cruise. Alligators do live in the springs. gatorland ultimate adventure sign

If youre headed back to Orlando, then you can go to Wekiwa Springs State Park for swimming in Wekiwa Springs!

[an error occurred while processing the directive], #1 Source Orlando Tourist Tips on Attractions and Vacation Planning, Where to See Wild Alligators in Orlando Natural Attractions, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NBC Sports Grill & Brew at Universals CityWalk, Tips & Tools Help Stay Organized on Vacation, Traveling over Toll Road 417, Ive seen gator noses dotting. Alligators can live near almost any body type of water, so it goes without saying, BEWARE! But thats okay because I wasnt going on an airboat ride to see a swamp, I was going in order to see alligators! Most. Dont miss this opportunity to see alligators near Universal Orlando. The lake, and state park, is teeming with alligators. If you wont be making it that far south in Florida, Lake Kissimmee can be a worthy alternative near Orlando for both alligators and airboats!

(Not what I would imagine as a swamp anyway. Some resorts, such as the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort often bring in an expert from Gatorland to exhibit an alligator for their guests (there is a fee). This basically means that this is where the Everglades start, although this isnt the true Everglades, or what most people think of as the Everglades. St. Johns River Cruises: 2100 West French Avenue, Orange City, FL 32763. Entire theme parks are set up for wildlife encounters in a safe environment.

FLORIDA, U.S. NATIONAL PARK SITES Airboat passengers can also see native birds like roseate spoonbills, herons, hawks and eagles in this remote area of Orange County. Retention ponds and man made canals through neighborhoods are often home to alligators.

Before you board the boat, Porkchop the pig (who has his own Instagram account @itsporkchopthepig) will greet you at the main building. PEARL HARBOR HI Now that youve SEEN the alligators do you want to EAT alligator?! Not only can you enjoy an immersive science museum, but you can also enjoy seeing alligators. Pay a small entrance fee, and head out along the nature trails. HAWAII VOLCANOES HI Do not go near a body of water that is known to contain alligators, especially in the evening.

Fun Spot Orlando offers a variety of fair-themed rides as well as a go-kart course. My most memorable sighting of an alligator happened at Lake Baldwin in Winter Park.

But in November, I definitely saw wayyyy more than 3 or 4 alligators! UTAH If you happen to be at Black Hammock later in the afternoon, stick around for dramatic sunset views. After the boat ride recap your adventures at the restaurant. Here are some places to see alligators in Orlando.

When you are visiting Florida you will be able to see alligators in many bodies of water. Orlando FL is nowhere near Everglades National Park. Many people traveling to this area are curious about our natural attractions, and no other animal peaks the interest of tourists as does the gator. If you do find yourself in the extremely unlikely position of avoiding a lunging alligator, you should run in a straight line away from the alligator and its habitat. I paid around $65 including taxes and fees for the 90-minute airboat tour, plus a little extra for tipping the captain of the airboat. Share the Lake Kissimmee alligators video with the people youll be traveling to Orlando with! This attraction will offer multiple opportunities to see and interact with alligators in a safe way. Even though the average depth is six feet, jumping in for a swim in this 16,000 acre lake is a terrible idea as it has a dense population of gators. They like to patrol the brackish, marsh waters looking for a fresh meal.

The states fourth-largest lake and former bass-fishing capital is in much better health than it was a few decades ago. LANAI There is a 60 minute airboat tour and a 90 minute airboat tour. That said, there are some ways to make sure you are safe when going out to see alligators in Florida. Thrill-seekers can even zip line over an alligator enclosure. MOUNT RUSHMORE SD There are a few lakes that are more known for alligators than others. Diverse ecosystems within swamps and marshlands are home to flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in the world.

It's the eighth largest lake in Orlando, right behind Lake Jessup, and also has a dense alligator population. It does make for an interesting story about your vacation though! YELLOWSTONE WY


If you need help with the Public File, call 407-291-6000. WYOMING

MICHIGAN Watch and listen.

Right inside of Lake Kissimmee State Park is Lake Kissimmee, Florida's third largest lake. Many airboat tours lure tourists into spending money to see these ancient creatures. It was called a swamp tour, although it didnt feel very swampy. BADLANDS SD Apopka, FL 32712 The first is Overlook Park, which has a killer boardwalk that takes you onto Lake Jessup and puts you right near the alligators. Rent a canoe or kayak at Wekiwa Springs State Park for a slow-paced, water level view of some of the local reptiles. The trail is relatively quiet save the occasional pontoon boat passing down the popular river.

As youre approaching the park and parking lot be sure to mind your speed, as youll be on a residential road. Visit Wild Florida will be a bit further if you are staying near any of the Orlando attractions. Especially if you will be going during a time when alligators are less likely to be showing themselves, it might be better to go for the longer tour to increase your chances.

The Catfish Place is a restaurant where you can eat alligator near Orlando in St Cloud FL, and its where the local folks eat. (It says that on their door. A great place to go to spot some alligators is the Monroe Harbour Marina. Everglades National Park is in South Florida. You can tip in cash directly to the airboat captain, or you can add it on when you make payment for the airboat tour. ). They are not considered a threatstill, do not try to handle them!

Seeing alligators in the wild is completely possible and doesnt have to include a visit to local attractions.

GULF ISLANDS FL Wild Florida offers other experiences as well but weaves alligator encounters throughout multiple portions of their park. One child is dead while a man and another child are in the hospital after Longwood police were called to a home early Thursday morning.

Even the folks at Silver Springs admit, gators are unusual and not the main reason for tourist to enjoy their natural attraction. You need to go to Everglades National Park for that! Do not take your dog near these bodies of water that have gators. That is like inviting an alligator to dinner (which you are supplying). My brother did. Seven miles slightly north of Lake Jessup, is Lake Monroe.

Visit a hidden oasis at Wild Florida and see a variety of alligators in the wild and in captivity. Now, its important to remember that alligators are wildlife and they do what they want.

Thats not an unusual sight along Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive now that the lake is undergoing a major restoration. Many people may not even realize they are looking right at an alligator. To get from Disney World to Lake Kissimmee is also around a 1 hour drive. Regardless, keep your eyes open near our waters and dont become gator bait., Alligators in Orlando, Gatorland, Natural Attractions. If the gator is less than 4 feet in length, dont bother. In the early 1900s, farmers cleared 20,000 acres of wetlands and built levees to keep the lake water from flooding their land. Money-Saving Tricks for Packing for a Disney Vacation. During the summer lots of the trails are often overtaken by high tides and bugs are prevalent. There are several places to see alligators in Orlando which are not free. 2022 RootsRated, Inc. All rights reserved. MAUI That caused algae blooms, which killed everything below the surface. Back when the Navy base there, I saw an alligator snatch some lunch while on the golf course just yards away from me. Gator attacks in Florida are very rare. Let a park ranger know if you saw an especially big gator so they can be sure it makes it back to its own habitat. WHAT TO WEAR HIKING, 2022 Flashpacking America | US outdoor travel blog, Share the Lake Kissimmee alligators video, You need to go to Everglades National Park, best places to see alligators in Everglades National Park, The perfect type of shirt for swimming in Florida, 30-90 second Florida outdoor travel videos, swim shirts with UV protection like these. 1800 Wekiwa Circle There's an awesome pathway that skirts Lake Monroe and puts the water right at your feet. Doing the Kissimmee swamp tour during the low-season (the week after Thanksgiving at the end of November), my airboat ride was actually just me and my brother! Here are a few things you can see at Wild Florida. There were clear skies with the sun out. PICTURED ROCKS MI

ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you come across an aggressive alligator (and live to talk about it), report it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by calling 1-866-FWC-GATOR. 28501 East Colonial Drive Smack in the heart of Seminole County, and about 15 minutes northeast of downtown Orlando, is Lake Jessup. Copyright 2018 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved. If you will be going that far south and really want to see alligators, then you need to be sure to go to the best places to see alligators in Everglades National Park! Take the family for a day at the science center and stop in to see the alligators while you are there. Your email address will not be published. In November 2021, I did an airboat tour in Florida on Lake Kissimmee. & Of course, if youve never seen alligators out in the wild, this would still be exciting Im sure.

The best time to spot gators is in the evening, once Lake commotion begins to wind down for the day. Alligators are so commonplace for Floridians. Many resortsfeature these types of water bodies. From land, you have the option of sitting at the bar with a drink and watching the prehistoric reptiles in their natural habitat. You may want to wear hiking shoes, sunscreen and bug spray before you hit the trail which is a mix of boardwalks and sandy dirt paths.

. Gatorland Florida is home to over 2,000 alligators. JEWEL CAVE SD, HAWAII TRAVEL PLANNING Of course the best place to see alligators in Orlando is Gatorland.

) The Kissimmee airboat captain also mentioned this restaurant as a place to eat alligator. The 90-minute airboat tour means moretime out on the water means more chances to see alligators! The longest flowing river in Florida is also home to a healthy population of alligators. This area will let you enjoy a variety of alligators in a safe way. From Lake Kissimmee to this alligator restaurant is around a 1 hour 15 minute drive.

Unless they have a cage near the dock with an alligator in it, there is no guarantee of seeing a wild alligator just because you are on an airboat. My Kissimmee airboat tour started around 9am. You can feed the alligators as well as seeing a variety of alligators. Maybe I dont know what a swamp is. With all of the beauty to take in, it might be easy to miss a gator-sighting. Contact us!

Prices range from $16-$22 per person depending on age and it's well worth it.

Today, the flow-ways are filled with native cleansing plants and lined with massive pumps that put clean water back into the lake, creating a welcome environment for birds, fish and large reptiles. Gatorland has loaned some alligators to Fun Spot Orlandos Gator Spot. Copyright 2022 -Observe and photograph them from a safe distance. Keep your eyes peeled for big reptiles in the marshes. -Leave alligators alone--no harassing, handling or touching. Wild Florida is a bit outside of Orlando and offers a unique alligator experience. The memory still remains. WHAT TO WEAR SNORKELING Other paid attractions featuring alligators include Fun Spot Orlando, Wild Florida, Central Florida Zoo and Gatorama Alligator Farm (several hours south of Orlando).

Finding ways to see them safely is easier than you might think!

Take pictures from a distance and don't disturb the alligator. Based on this, it would seem that if youre in Orlando in November, December, January, or other surrounding months with morning temperatures in the 50s, then it could be a perfect time to see alligators in the wild by taking an airboat tour out on Lake Kissimmee. The fall and winter months bring cooler temperatures, fewer bugs and easy passage on the trails. 2020 - Orlando Tourist Tips

An airboat ride is another option for enjoying the sights. These theme parks are your best bets if you really want to see an alligator during your Florida visit.

While there are some monsters out there, most gators are less than 6 feet long, but 8 10 foot long gators are not uncommon. Another great place to spot some alligators is at The Black Hammock restaurant. Oviedo, FL 32765 Locating (notice I didnt say hunting) alligators is a natural thing to want to do in Orlando, and can be very exciting when you see them. Real Florida Fun With only 24 fatal alligator attacks since 1974 (according to Florida Fish and Wildlife) it is not as common as you might expect.

If you will be staying a few days, relax in a chair outdoors and watch the water for their heads. Ask any of the OSC staff for more information to learn about the alligators.
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