Cherie will teach rope and harness, Vera will teach tissu. Take all 3 and receive additionl discount: 9 classes for $220, Single classes only available if there is space: $30. PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase more than one series in the summer you receive a discount. Trapeze-Intermediate Email if interested in being on the waitlist: 301 8th St#225San Francisco, CA 94103(415) 657-6339. This is our way of recognizing that you may miss because of vaction. Erika is a dance and aerial instructor and is currently studying at Saddleback College. In this class, you will learn sequences, drops, spin technique, and more, offering beginning to intermediate students a safe environment to build strong aerial foundations on a fabric apparatus with just the right amount of support, endless pathways and variations to explore, and ever increasing levels of complexity to work toward! Introductions to both the lyra (a heavy, metal hoop suspended from the aerial rigging) and the aerial sling (a loop of fabric from which an aerialist can suspend) are included in this beginning-level aerial class. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No previous aerial experience necessary.

These programs are for those students interested in a longer study. Classes tend to fill up quickly, so we will post when there is an empty spot next to the class. It is open to students who have previously taken 6 months of UpSwing aerial classes from Jo Celso, Helium Valentine or Kiran Haithcox or have previous aerial experience. *Instructor approval required for this Intermediate Class*. Women empowering women! Circus Center requires all patrons age 12+ to show proof of vaccination to enter our facility. Against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay, aerial artists bring stunning and innovative performance to local audiences and tourists alike. Professionally, I worked for a local park district for 10 years coordinating all of the Arts, Music, and Dance classes (group and private) and I handled all the administrative paperwork and stuff for Arts and History. An explosion of creativity has reinvented aerial performance. Due to the pandemic, we currently are not offering the work study programs. She is overjoyed to be rejoining the Company again in 2021.

Aside from the capacity as a circus school, it hosts other types of fun, adventurous fitness and learning. Everyone is welcome at our studios and were always working to build a community that values progresison, play, sex positive feminism, and respect for one another. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AND GET A FREE ONLINE CLASS, Circus Center | 755 Frederick Street | San Francisco, CA 94117 | (415) 759-8123 |, Employer Identification Number (EIN):94-3173332 | Copyright 2016 | Circus Center, Circus Center | 755 Frederick Street | San Francisco, CA 94117, Two Tweaks to Our Adult Session Enrollment Process, New Adult Training Prices Coming on May 28, Summer 2022 Adult Schedule Release and Registration Delayed. Chris Spiteri is the lead teacher but we will have other Company teachers/artists making special appearances. I am currently helping Tera here at the studio and I am also some some executive assistant/project management work for a business coach. A romantically lit shoot to highlight your sexier pole side! Contact AcroSports for help in determining your appropriate placement.

Anyone who has participated in any aerial arts class knows what a difference ones degree of strength and flexibility makes on this apparatus. This biennial festival brings together spectacle, daring athleticism, aerial dance and circus to create a dynamic three day performance event. Dive right into the Passage to Pole HERE! The Intermediate class is for aerialists who have mastered basic and Russian climbs, single and double footlocks, inversions, and single rotation drops. So come join our Aerial Conditioning class to up your game as you pursue your aerial discipline! All Rights Reserved. Dont forget fun spins on the spinning trapeze! San Francisco: 2791 Bush St. | SF, CA 94115, Marin: 1553E S. Novato Blvd. Students will learn intricate wraps, climbs, sequences and transitions, and will stay in the air longer now that their endurance has increased beyond Beginner level. Spots may open up and you can email me to get on the waitlist. She has founded Monkey Aerial Arts to both bring aerial arts to Lake County but also to be able to provide high quality beginner and intermediate technique based on the curriculum and methods of her former teachers and coaches. help each woman to be truly amazing in their dance and allow them to be comfortable in their own skin & mind. We offer 3 Aerial Dance programs that provide different levels of training: Aerial (Silks, Hoop) Fundamentals in ourAcademy Program(ages 5-11), Advanced and competitive Aerial Arts training in ourAerial Conservatory Program(ages 8-18), Pre-Professional and ala carte training in ourTeen/Adult Program(ages 12-adult). If you are interested in attending open company class during the 2021-22 Season, call the UpSwing office at 510.587.0770 or email Director Cherie Carson at for more information. Students learn a series of shapes and transitions on aerial tissu that culminate into a continuous sequence each series. The sling which can be static, spin, or swing like a hammock is a great starting point for anyone who wants to engage in the aerial arts, as it exercises the whole body, including the core. :-) The small classes and top-notch facilities make for a very safe, intimate flying experience. She has danced with San Francisco Ballet, Metropolitan Ballet,Will Smith, Ricky Martin, The Backstreet Boys,Mark Ericson from ABT and Phantom of the Opera; and Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance. currently closed to public due to our rehearsal schedules. 2021 Company class is closed to just Company members at this time. Previous Tissu training is required. These world-class instructors have been a huge influence on Teras aerial practice and teaching. She has founded Monkey Aerial Arts to both bring aerial arts to Lake County but also to be able to provide high quality beginner and intermediate technique based on the curriculum and methods of her former teachers and coaches. I started classes here because I wanted to try something new; amazingly, I still feel like I'm trying something new every class I attend. Have you ever wanted to fly, spin in the air, and run and flip on the walls? Something that sets these classes apart is the focus on dance and on making fluid transitions. Do you feel impelled to bounce enthusiastically off the walls when descending after rock climbing? Aerial Conditioning If you dont know what aerial hammock is If trapeze and silks had a baby, it would be an aerial hammock! UpSwing Aerial Dance Company strives to keep the aerial dance community up in the air by structuring our prices and offering various opportunities to experience that wonderful up and out, spin and swinging dance in the air that we are known for. - Beth Z (Covid -19 Pandemic of 2020), BerkeleyRehearsal, Classes, Workshops & Studio Performances, Studio 12 2525 Eighth Street Berkeley, CA 94710, 650 37 StreetRichmond, CA 94805(510) 587-0770, (510) 587-0770, Top 5 Extreme Classes to Take in the Bay This Summer, Your 2019 Workout Horoscope: The Best New Exercises to Try in the Bay Area, According to your Zodiac Sign. Our goal is to elevate the art - literally and figuratively. We're hiring! We offer a membership of $150 a month (average's out to less than $20 a classtaking into account the days we are not meeting) includes discounts on workshops sponsored by UpSwing and discounts on UpSwing performances at Studio 12. For more information, or to get on the mailing list, please email Cherie Carson at Zaccho Dance Theatre is celebrating these unconventional and innovative artists along with their international counterparts in a thrilling weekend of performances on the bay. I've found their classes to be well balanced between teaching skills on the one hand, and encouraging creativity on the other hand - both on and off the apparatus! Her focus and philosophy is to encourage mastery of solid technical foundation to enable students successful advancement. Spots may open up and you can email me to get on the waitlist. | Novato, CA 94947, 2022 ENTANGLE AND SWAY. Its your time, Check out all the SF & Marin options to begin here. Previous Lyra experience and training is required. Sunday, Jul. plus we will mix and vary to keep it fun. At the Circus Center, her curriculum ultimately included training in Spanish web, static trapeze and swinging trapeze under Virginia Meyers and Elena Panova, stretching under Jim Donak, acrobatics and Chinese pole under Liu Ye. Tissue Intermediate A non-profit circus training and performing arts center in San Francisco, offering classes for all levels, parties, team-building events, and camps. If I could give six stars to Upswing, I would :)" -Katie S. "Studio 12 flys rocks! AcroSports reaches out to the community, working with schools, various city programs, and other non-profit organizations. Contact Us: 415-822-6744 - She also jumps on the opportunity to take relevant seminars or continuing education and connect with other industry leaders in technique and safety. Every Wednesday and Friday, Jo and Helium are helping me use my body in new and different ways, showing me my weak spots and strengthening them.

Sophisticated and elegant, the combination of strength, flexibility and artistry will get you floating on air while toning the entire body. You should too. All students will continue to social distance and wear a mask entering the building and in class, sanitize hands upon entering the studio and we sanitize the mats upon finishing class, We need to have a copy of your Covid vaccination card to keep on file in order for you to take class at Studio 12, You will need to sign the Covid waivers each time you enter for class, We continue to keep all doors open and fans going during classes, we continue to disinfect and clean surfaces and carry disinfectants for hands and mats. Founded in 2014 at Zaccho Studio in Bayview Hunters Point, the San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival is now located at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in the beautiful Marina District. This class will offer a chance to experience UpSwings style on various apparatuses. You need to sign up for the series to take the class. If you have been exposed to Covid, please let us know asap so we can monitor and inform our other participants. If you miss it check back for next series. get an UpSwing Membership - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Year commitment of scheduled automatic payments withoption of putting the membership on hold 1 month only in any given year. "I've been attending adult classes at Upswing for a couple of years now, and the classes are one of the things I most look forward to every week. Take class side by side with UpSwing Company members. The focus of the class series will be on finding ways to dance in, on and around the aerial apparatus. Registration, Schedule, and Administration Coordinator:Debra Carl. Students must be able to straddle up in the air, hip key in the air without dropping, hold the body with single knee hook and one hand, and be comfortable performing single rotation drops. No jewelry, zippers, buttons, sequins, or anything that will catch and rip fabric or the tape on aerial apparatus. Students will learn climbs, inversions, how to safely tie footlocks on the ground and in the air, as well as some basic aerial tricks. Popularized by Cirque du Soleil, the concept of aerial arts as a dance form and theatrical expression rather than a purely gymnastic movement art. NOTE: This class may train on a variety of equipment, including static trapeze, pull up bars, mens gymnastic high bar, russian bars, training silks, and aerial rope. We currently dont offer a drop in class as we are keeping classes small. In 2007, Tera started offering private lessons and classes. No previous experience necessary, but some existing flexibility is helpful, and students should be prepared for a real upper body workout. She has been an instructor of Just Plain Dancing, Studio Fusion, Febody Fitness, and Fairmont Preparatory Academy. For our adult aerial dance classes on Mondays and Saturdays, we offer several payment structures. Check it out!" Let's get flying! The focus of the summer series will be on finding ways to dance in, on and around the various aerial apparatuses. We will start class with a core Pilates warm up and safety lessons, then we will learn some skills and then we get to play and improvise and create. - Julie M. ON-LINE ZOOM CLASSES DURING 2020 Pandemic, I am staying safe and strong with online workouts with Upswing!

Tera has been teaching aerial arts since 2007. In addition, we will be spending time strengthening basic technique and conditioning the strength and flexibility necessary to increase confidence and fluidity in the air. Jo is fully immersed in aerial training under some of the Bay Areas finest instructors. If you need help with signing up for classes or if you email the studio you will probably be "talking" with me. AERIAL DANCE / SILKS CLASSES FOR Kids, TEENS, ADULT. She fell head over heels for it and decided to pursue circus school instead of finishing graduate school. *Instructor approval required for this Intermediate Class*.

It is highly recommended that all our intermediate aerial students take Stretching/Flexibility and/or Aerial Conditioning classes to help master skills taught in this class. To create an exhilarating experience that builds new audiences, strengthens the community of practitioners, and expands the art form to help it soar. I never would have thought you could get so much out of floor workouts, but it seems that every week, I'm finding some new muscle that I wasn't working out before. The focus of the class series will be on finding ways to dance in, on and around the aerial apparatus. We will practice rope and harness both on the wall (standing on the wall as if it was the floor, running, bouncing, and cartwheeling) as well as working in the middle of the room playing with spinning, partner work, and solo dance. In addition there is a party room also with a view of the main aerial studio. In this offering, you will achieve full body toning, power, and flexibility, while reviewing the fundamentals of aerial skills to get you off the ground in a fun and supportive environment. Professional and student discounts are available please see our discount and punch card rates below. Jo Celso: After retiring from almost a decade of international bike racing, Jo Celso shifted focus to performing arts. If you think you have need of my skills let's talk. 27652 Camino Capistrano,Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. From fluid and graceful to fast and dynamic, aerial hammock really does offer it all, so whether you are looking for a new apparatus to fall in love with or an accessible place to start learning, hammock is it! Jo brings fun to each class and is a kind and supportive teacher. Double layered pants are recommended to minimize the harness pressure. Chris will bring a strong focus on aerial hammock training. The drop-in rate is $30 per class. You need to sign up for the series to take this class: 3 classes for $80, Pay for one series or purchase all 3 for a discounted price: 9 classes for $220. 24th | 4pm - 8pm | San Francisco Studio, Beginner 90 Min Pole Workshops starting in the weeks to come! Sign up for classes now or check out our private lesson packages, 5 week performance series, or online on demand courses! This Beginning-level class explores basic introductory skills and conditioning, and fosters aerial awareness for those who are new to the apparatus. Come and join our amazing team. Jo regularly teaches lyra, silks, and flexibility to teens and adults at Athletic Playground and are excited to bring their passion and energy to UpSwing Aerial Dance in 2020.

Our goal is to continue expanding our programming to include the finest and most innovative aerial artists and architects working nationally and internationally. A move to New York, had Tera continuing to train independently at the Streb Lab for Action Mechanincs and also learning aerial silks with both Laura Witwer (Sassy Pants) and Tori Lubecki. It's hard work, but the benefits are tangible - I think I'm stronger now than I've ever been. This way you will have received a free class in case you have to miss one. Ashley and Cherie are marvelous teachers. Aerial dance is the broad term for a style of modern dance that incorporates the use of hanging equipment, also called aerial apparatuses. We firmly believe that San Francisco can become the focus of the aerial performance community and that this festival can easily grow to become one of the most inspiring, talked-about and well-attended new festivals in the United States. We aim to bring that explosive energy together in a sensational festival unlike any other. And now she very excited to teach at South Coast Conservatory to share her vast knowledge of dance. Pay on line with PAYPAL via links for the classes above. Please read the requirements for participants and let me know if you can abide by these or need to cancel your upcoming classes. is a 2,700 sf circus space developed to be the home of Monkey Aerial Arts. 639 Frederick Street San Francisco, CA 94117. They recently spent 3 months traveling the US, teaching workshops on the #GetRigged tour and look forward to expanding that across the globe in coming years. Kiran Haithcox is a Pilates instructor who has always loved to dance. Artists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds are re-imagining, re-shaping and re-inventing what has traditionally been the province of circus alone. I found Studio 12 online after seeing an aerial dance performance in San Francisco. Tera has been teaching aerial arts since 2007.

In response to this new variant of Covid, the management at Studio 12 has set guidelines for classes in order to maintain a Covid free environment. This intermediate class offers a further exploration of trapeze trick vocabulary for intermediate students on both static and spinning trapeze. We offer a variety of affordable options to participate while meeting the needs of our program to support an experienced teaching staff, expand our class offerings and provide work study and scholarships to the community. I'm in better shape than I was before the pandemic! Students learn a range of vocabulary on aerial tissu, also known as aerial fabrics or silks. If you miss it check back for the next series. Her focus and philosophy is to encourage mastery of solid technical foundation to enable students successful advancement. This is our way of recognizing that you may miss because of vaction. Aerial dance is a special form of aerial arts with the focus on the inherent beauty and fluidity of movement, as opposed to the tricks and stunts taught in circus aerial arts classes. Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Urban & Circus Arts. A breathtaking array of new performers with influences that range from Balanchine to Burning Man are stunning audiences around the world. Students must wear tight fitting clothing that covers their legs and torso (no bare midriff) for safety and comfort on all aerial equipment. Lyra/Sling Beginning We are still requiring students and teacher to wear a mask during class. We are limiting this first workshop to 4 students Due to the Delta variant. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most important pioneers in aerial dance and award winning circus aerial artists. Tissu Beginning Learning the vocabulary for the different skills and transitions that help create dance. Our professional company class is not for beginners. A new generation of artists bursting with innovative imagination and extraordinary skills have given birth to one of the most incredible and visceral art forms of the 21st century. She was the owner and Master Instructor at Rok Your Assetz Aerial Arts and Fitness training Center. You can also email if you want to be on waitlist for any of the classes, please email Cherie at and state which class you are interested in. We know youre curious, come join us! Come prepared to hang upside down and spin so make sure you don't eat or drink too much before class. create a safe, encouraging space for all women to gain confidence and feel stunning, regardless of shape and size. *Instructor approval required for this Intermediate Class*. Students will be guided to explore the range of movement possibilities on and off the apparatus. She was lucky enough to have had Terry Sendgraff, the "mother of aerial dance" as a teacher and mentor, who also taught her how to walk and dance on stilts. *Please note that this company schedule is subject to change! Class size is currently limited to 8 students. I've been taking classes with Tera since September 2015 (Just checked my email to know the date and I didn't realize it had been that long!)., 3 series take one take all and get a discount. We now can accept Venmo @upswingdance please put class in memo section. Moving to the Bay Area, she discovered trapeze and circus arts, and fell under the spell of aerial dance. Please bring your vaccination card (or a photo) on your next visit, or email a digital image of it At Pole + Dance Studios we offer classes in pole dance, pole tricks, heels choreography, aerial silks, aerial lyra, active flexibility, and handstands. She was also working on some lyra and cloud swing along with duo aerial. UpSwing membership is for people like you who like to take classes twice a week. Free your mind. These classes focus on building combinations, finding transitions within the hoop, working on spinning, as well as holding strength and flexibility poses. Movements in this class will include rolls, pops, flares, single knee hangs, toe and ankle hangs, as well as movements in the ropes.

Be risqu, be feminine! Warm-up consists of stretching and conditioning then class moves into dance and aerial combinations and improvisations and Company choreography. She has a BS from CSU Long Beach in Dance, certified in Pilates, and is a Master Instructor in Aerial Arts. 15 years ago, she joined the UpSwing Company, directed by Cherie Carson and danced with them for a decade. For the aerial lyra lover! Registration, Schedule, and Administration. Students learn basic vocabulary to move and secure themselves on the equipment by various body parts, but the emphasis of the class is on freedom of movement and expression in the vertical and horizontal space using 'motivity' trapeze, designed by aerial dance pioneer Terry Sendgraff and other aerial equipment such as tissu, lyra, rope and harness, etc. BEST DEAL! There are three studio areas (aerial, dance and upstairs stretching/ yoga), and a comfortable waiting area/ viewing room to the main aerial studio. Then you'll love Aerial Rope and Harness work!!!! You will love it! Jessa Mendoza has a lifetime career in performing and teaching dance. the bay area's pole dance fitness studio for women to be inspirational and motivational to each student so that she may discover her unique beauty through the art of pole dancing. On the lyra, students will learn basic mounts, dismounts, poses, transitions, and some basic maneuvers within the hoop. She realized immediately that teaching was far more personally gratifying to her than performing as an aerialist. Yes, I still struggle with some stuff like pull overs and birds nest and straddles - But I keep trying! PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase more than one series in the summer you receive a discount. Lyra-Intermediate and Advanced FYIYou do need to be vaccinated and need to show your card to enter any of UpSwing classes at this time. Be powerful, be mysterious. Copyright 2021 South Coast Conservatory. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at University of California- Berkeley, Tera began taking a recreational static trapeze class at the San Francisco Circus Center. She then went to NECCA for an aerial arts teacher training course with Elsie and Serenity (who are industry leaders in their focus on spotting techniques and injury prevention) and has focused on teaching and coaching since then. Our instructors are professional aerial silk artists and our equipment is installed by Cirque contractors. Chris Spiteri has been described as a "force of nature like elegant steel". Tissu (also known as Silks) is a circus art consisting of a long stretch of hanging fabric that is climbed and manipulated by an aerialist to create striking displays of physical artistry, such as spins and falls.

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