The key to playing Sunwell is taking advantage of the Benevolent Dawn passive ability, which restores your ability energy very fast when healing or empowering allies. Beyond that its the standard survival build stuff, because dying as a well warlock screws everyone more so than someone running a DPS focused build. First you can use the CWL mod Firepower for grenade energy regeneration when charged and in order to become charged with light I would recommend elemental charge. I need suggestions for Mods, which Exotic armor piece to use and which weapons to use also.

Depending on how far you have already progressed in the game. Also you will proc blessing of the sky more often and therefore have more ability spam (grenades + charged melee). Build around Phoenix, but have a swap in mind to get Lunas on when needed. Very worthwhile it is if the one with the Aeon Souls equippedplays for example Divinity to be not dependent on the Heavy in damage phases. Than I would build around solar well production( take your pick on well creation theres many and depending on your play style you may find success with some but not others) to be able to run well of life for self preservation than to add safety add protective light as a safety net. Specific raid or grandmaster setups can be found here. Stat wise, prioritize Recovery, Resilience and Intellect. Note that you dont get any ammunition by finishing a Champion, so you are really only a Supporter of the team. For every kill with The Last Breath you get 10% of your grenade back. As for weapons, its a lot easier to change since you dont need to deal with stat totals, mods, and all that craziness. I recommend the Firebolt Grenade for the Warlock since the Cooldown Patch. But also the Wolfpack Rounds are incredibly efficient for quick add clear. Overload your Grenade and throw it into a running path to get from one cover to the next. This effect cannot be combined with the Reload Mods. That means double resist mods that fit the content youre doing, usually concussive dampener. Nice to know is also that if you finish an Elite (orange bar) you can also make Special Ammo for your team. Main exception might be Lunafaction boots, but that will tend to come up during boss encounters in raids or dungeons.

Im a big fan of maxing out discipline as a secondary stat as it gives you lots of overshield. We support our teammates with our Grenade thanks to DIVINE PROTECTION hold the grenade button to turn the grenade into a heal orb that you can throw. In the best case 100 Discipline 100 Recovery 70 Resilience and 70 Intellect. Alternatively you could also run well of ordinance instead of Fire power if you wanna focus more on elemental wells or you could skip out on active grenade recharge and use grenade kickstart with your choice of either a stasis well mod( which you would have to be careful you could actually produce) or an unbound non element specific well mod for production. Situations or Raid parts in which it is a matter of survival and you simply want to give you and your team the strong healing with a little damage boost from the Well of Radiance as often as possible. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. With the Catalyst you get a two shot magazine. The possible perk combinations are incredibly good, my favorite is Demolitionist and Frenzy, best still with good range / reload run, magazine and masterwork. Gjallarhorn is back and strong as ever. Up to Tier 7 Intellect you get 23 seconds less cooldown per higher Intellect level. 3. The basics of a well build eh okay heres one thats kinda basic. Theres a few different ways people like to do things but the best way to start is try and get high recovery( tier 9-10) with high discipline( as high as you can) than in terms of other stats dont tank them Id say below tier 4( even if you have to sacrifice a small bit of discipline(so like maybe tier 7-8 instead of 8-10) its worth it as passive cool downs were changed quite a bit. I say this because arms and class item tend to have the most expensive artifact mods, and planning around not having those stat mods equipped will better prepare you for later. Since the Ability and Super Cooldown revision, the Well of Radiance is in Tier 5 which means it has the shortest cooldown. Depending on the encounter it is worth to switch to Reservoir Burst and then always fire a shot and reload to benefit all the time from this AOE explosion. The Lunafaction Boots reduces the reloading time of all Weapons to a minimum. With the Phoenix Protocol you get super energy back from every kill of you or your teammates as long as you are in the Well of Radiance. 1. You can run a tier 3 discipline stat and get your grenade back super fast so long as you keep healing with your rifts, etc. All these aspects make the Warlock Build Support Angel for Destiny 2 such good. But this also has the good side that you can equip other mods which bring you other advantages. Super good for doing quick burst damage on a champion/boss. Depending on the activity, I recommend other weapons. Ideally you want Phoenix protocol and protective light, as the other person said. For Warlock in general, I always recommend going for max Discipline and Recovery. Phoenix protocol for nightfalls, lunafactions for raids. Thanks in advance! It is important that you have selected Sect of Insight on the Aeon Souls in the last slot. You can directly get back up to a maximum of 50% of your super. Specific raid or grandmaster setups can be found here. Since the Well of Radiance has a Tier 5 cooldown anyway and thus the shortest cooldown in the entire Destiny universe, you have the Super very quickly again. On Tier 8 but only 13 that is then such a small increase that it is almost no longer worth it to pay attention to it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can remove the unimportant mods on the left side and add your favorites. Why exactly tier 7 for intellect and resilience? Below I have listed various loadouts for general PvE Activities. One other little bit of advice try to get comfortable with your stats using only three stat mods, in your helmet, chest and legs. For best possible support in Destiny 2 on a Warlock we play Attunement of Grace. Again many ways to do this but the one Ive liked was a combination of elemental well and charged with light mods. If you can add in taking charge, powerful friends, and radiant light then you get massive stat boosts along with your charged with light build. Your rifts as well as your well spawn healing orbs so you can constatly support teammates even if they aren't right next to you. Any other advice regarded mods should be caveated with the fact were going to be seeing changes coming up, and we likely dont know about all of them. 2. Phoenix Protocol will be your go to exotic in most scenarios w Well of Radiance. Or Phoenix protocol for that fast super regen, Phoenix Protocol is baby step entry into the class as you can abuse your well to help the team; that said i find that in things like raids where they are heavily encounter based, you only really will use it once, that said, Boots of the assembler is IMO the top tier choice. Since we get Grenade and Rift energy back with BENEVOLENT DAWN whenever we heal a teammate we can hold our Rift forever as long as there are always two teammates inside. Discipline / Recovery / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100 / 70 as possible. Boss DPS, go with Luna faction and protective light. If it turns out you have free space when the time comes, you can boost something up a touch like discipline! With Tier 7 Resilience, many annoying snipers in Grandmaster Nightfalls no longer kill you One Hit even without having Sniper Resilience equipped on the chest. Id also like to say Im a Titan main and I rarely play warlock, so Im sure there are plenty of things I screwed up but I think overall this is a decent setup. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Having a smart well lock thats preventing downs with heal nades and getting good well placement is incredibly meaningful. You can prevent guardians from dying in awkward spots with them if youre paying attention. Copyright 2021 | Avada Theme by ThemeFusion|All Rights Reserved|Powered by WordPress. I basically want to know that I have this build in my pocket when it comes to doing Raids, Master Nightfalls etc and not have to worry about seasonal Mods. Best for the fireteam is probably Lunafaction boots. No ideas yet on how to build around that as we dont have it yet. You dont need a build for well just use it. The synergy with our Warlock Build which is focused on grenades is awesome. Example at 70 intellect you have a base Cooldown of 5:43 if you manage to get 50% back directly with phoenix protocol only about 2:50 remain without making any kills. 1. You likely want to have the ability to ad clear though, since Phoenix protocol will be much better if you can pop the well and immediately kill a bunch of enemies to get the free 50% super energy before utilizing it for things like boss DPS. I see a lot of other people saying high Discipline as well, and thats absolutely fine, but not at the expense of the other stats I listed. This sub is for discussing Bungie's Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. I want to craft a Well of Radiance build which I can use in end game content across all upcoming seasons. Encounters with many Champions or Grandmaster Nightfalls to cover your Team with Heavy Ammunition. Press J to jump to the feed. Being a good well lock is more about how you play than the build you have, and while it may be a simple job there is a learning curve to it. 2. This allows me to play an element of Resilience adjusted to the activity and which enemies are in there. The reason for recovery is simply because high recovery is very helpful and overall a very important stat and for discipline, Middle tree solar has the grenades that can be charged for healing and over-shield which are very helpful for saving yourself and teammates. The Null Composure is incredibly good in the current meta. Run max recovery and decently high disc and a demolitionist special weapon for heal nades, more importantly, learn how to use heal nades. I run void energy boots so I can throw protective light and better already on the same piece of armour. Welcome to Destiny Reddit! With the Aeon Souls you generate Heavy Ammunition for your team when you finish a Champion. With the Lunafaction Boots, your weapons in the Well of Radiance also have more range, which is especially important if you want to do damage with shotguns or fusion rifles, for example, which otherwise have a very limited range. If youre doing solo content, then sure spec into discipline a bit more, but I still wouldnt do so at the expense of recovery, resilience and intellect. Boss encounters in which you want to maximize the damage of your team. Set your rift so that it is attractive for your mates to stand inside because you will benefit from faster cooldowns through Benevolent Dawn. Under Pressure / Lead from Gold (This perk doesnt realy matter). Im sure the warlock mains out there could probably give you some better tips and build choices. 3. For all those who use Destiny Item Manager I have put together the Build here in the link. And last but not least we create with our Super a big area in which all players and ourselves are healed and get a weapon damage buff. To get the maximum out of this build and at the same time play the best of the season I recommend the following mods: For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images: The important thing to understand about our Support Build for the Warlock in Destiny 2 is that we need our teammates as much as they need us. Protective light, and most importantly better already. The Last Breath is for me the best Autorifle in Destiny 2 D2. The key one we know about now is orb generation moving to a mod slot. Welcome to the best Support Build for Warlock in Destiny 2 D2. For our ultimate Support Build for the Warlock in Destiny 2, I have three Exotic Armor Pieces for three different situations. Properly executed, you can have your healing abilities constantly at the ready and be a true blessing to your party. For our Warlock Build for best possible support, different loadouts are well suited.

The healing and support abilities of this build are welcome in any content no matter what difficulty level. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising.
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