If youre looking for a more affordable multiroom wireless music system that still sounds greator if advanced voice control is especially important to youAmazons Echo family of smart speakers is a good alternative to Sonos. A speaker tucked into the corner of a kitchen counter, for example, is likely to sound extra boomy in the bass because of its proximity to the walls.

Overall, we prefer Sonos as a complete system: With Chromecast, you cant do 5.1 surround sound, it lacks room correction like Trueplay, it doesnt support Alexa (which is not surprising), and grouping rooms is more complex since you have to start playback from an app and then switch to the Google Home app and merge it there.

If you already have passive speakers that require an amp and youd like them to work with your Sonos system, you can use the Sonos Amp.

In 2021, Amazon introduced a new feature of its Echo devices known as Sidewalk, a private, low-bandwidth connection between devices, even if theyre not on the same home network. The result is much beefier bass than you can get from the standard Echo, but even the much larger Echo Studio doesnt quite beat the Sonos One in terms of balanced, neutral sound, nor can it match the sheer output of the Sonos Five. The Naim Mu-so system looks and sounds great, and it lets you control everything from a single app, but the companys cheapest model is still much more than most people want to pay.

Sonoss unified service approach lets you search across every service you subscribe to.

Using voice this way takes some getting used to, and it has some drawbacks that we detail in our standalone review of the Sonos One. For example, Sonos doesnt support Alexa Routines that include audio actions (Routines are customizable features that can execute multiple actions from one voice command).

Whisper Mode means that, if you whisper a question or command to Alexa, it whispers to you in response. Denons HEOS system offers a number of different speakers in a variety of sizes, and Denon has built HEOS into all of its new receivers, as well. In that respect, its about even with the Echo system.

After using Trueplay, we found that it always improved the sound of our Sonos speakers, helping to produce less boomy bass and a clearer midrange.

Although the quality of this upmixing has drastically improved since the Echo Studios release, it can still be a little inconsistent with some music, especially some of the radical stereo mixes of the 1960s, like The Jimi Hendrix Experiences The Wind Cries Mary. This is somewhat less of a problem if you pair two Studio speakers in a stereo group.

Thats one reason why we recommend using a dedicated Echo device for more advanced voice control, at least until Sonos Voice Control matures a bit. To help clarify its new privacy statement, Sonos published this blog post outlining what data it collects and why.

For example, if you primarily rely on Spotify, Qobuz, or Tidal for your music listening and you find yourself in the mood for Cakethe song Comfort Eagle, perhapsMr.

Bluetooth connectivity is now supported, so if you have an Echo Dot paired with, say, a Monoprice Soundstage3 in your home office, that duo can sync up with the rest of your Echo devices just fine.

The Google Home wireless speaker (powered by Google Assistant, a cousin to Apples Siri and Amazons Alexa) offers decent sound and promising smart-home control for Google users.

The Sonos One is almost identical in form and sound to the original Sonos Play:1 but allows any Sonos system to become Alexa or Google Assistant enabled.

If you care only about playing music in a single room and dont need built-in voice-control capabilities, other options work well for less money. For powerful, precise bass in stereo and home theater systems, the best subwoofer is the affordable and compact Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S MKII.

Sonos has made these systems for longer than anyone, and its experience shows at every level.

This wouldnt be a problem, except for the fact that the speaker-selection and volume-control widget occupies less than a quarter of your total screen real estate, meaning you can see only four connected devices at a time. Bluetooth speakers can easily stream audio from your phone or computer, but few of them let you group multiple speakers togetherand even when you can, youre usually limited to playing the same source through all the connected speakers, which isnt the case with Wi-Fi speakers. Apples HomePod sounds excellent, but its Apple-centric design can feel limited next to other smart speakers.

Esposito will respond to a request for that song as if you asked for the square root of -1. You can, within the Alexa app, create speaker groups of Sonos speakers, but you cannot include Sonos speakers and Echo speakers together in the same group.

Sonos also has other quirks that are unrelated to voice control: Until recently, Sonoss soundbars lacked the ability to directly decode DTS audio, which is a common audio format on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra-HD discs.

Currently, it offers support for over 130 streaming services, although not all of them are available worldwide; many other systems offer a half dozen or fewer. Sonoss tight control of its ecosystem means youre limited in terms of the speaker brands you can add to your setup (unless you buy Sonos devices specifically designed for you to add your own speakers), but the companys offerings come at a variety of prices and all sound excellent.

In other words, grouping S1 devices and S2 devices together to create a truly whole-home wireless music system is no longer possible. DTS Play-Fi is another open standard that is supported by a number of vendors, including Anthem, Onkyo, Paradigm, and Pioneer.

If you have your Echo speakers configured to control your smart-home devices, you can also create Routines that include music and home-automation tasks such as lighting levels and thermostat settings. It also makes setting up and configuring a system very easy no matter how technically inclined you are. But at this point no other companiesaside from Marantz, which is part of Denons parent companyhave adopted HEOS. And none of the Echo speakers available at the time sounded good enough on their own to justify their use as your main music system.

This means that if both you and your neighbor have Sidewalk enabled, you might be using a bit of their internet connection and they might be using a bit of yours. These systems, connected via Wi-Fi, let you play different tracks on each speaker or group them together to play the same track throughout the home.

The limited number of services compatible with Sonos Voice Control is one of its biggest downsides, but how much of a downside it is will largely depend on whether or not your preferred music service is supported.

But in our preliminary testing, we found that theres still a perceptible lag between when you say the request and when it happens.

If youre using your iPhone to control your music playback, as most people are likely to do, there are some frustrating limitations. At $100, the standard Echo (4th Gen) is $80 less than Sonoss cheapest speaker (the One SL), and although it doesnt sound as goodthe bass isnt as dynamic, high frequencies arent quite as sparkling and its upper bass/lower midrange is somewhat boomy and uneven by comparisonit still sounds quite good for the price. They make it easy to expand your system by simply adding another speaker or zone. Is the Google Home the Voice-Controlled Speaker for You.

sonos Before you go that route, though, its important to consider your specific needs. However, you can still opt out of some data collection even if you agree to the policy.

In the case of soundbars and subwoofers, we watched movies and TV, as well. It might be a fantastic-sounding speaker, but it starts at a price that is too high for most people. Trueplay uses test tones to measure how the room influences the speaker and then corrects for that.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review: Should You Buy Them?

You can use a single speaker, combine two into a stereo pair, or even build a 5.1-channel home theater system using a soundbar along with two other speakers for surrounds and the matching Sub. In July 2021, IKEA also has added the $220 Symfonisk on-wall speaker that looks like a piece of art, but we have not tested it.

We just like Echo a little better overall.

The downside is that the Echo is now a more directional device than the previous iterations. One potential advantage that the Amazon Echo lineup has over Sonos speakers is two-way Bluetooth support. Weve tested the new Sonos Voice Control function and added our thoughts. Currently, your only options are the $450 Port, the $500 Five, or the $650 Amp. In contrast, multiroom wireless audio systems access the music sources directly and dont use your phones battery life.

You even have the ability to add dual Subs to home theater setups.

The best multiroom system sounds great, is easy to set up, has a variety of speakers, and supports many streaming audio services.

Given that Apple AirPlay 2 is a relatively open ecosystem, it has a lot going for it. That reportedly gives the service a leg up in terms of privacy, and removes some concerns about false-positive wake-word recognition. The solution to this problem amounts to creating two separate Sonos systems, with older devices controlled by the original Sonos app and newer devices controlled by the new S2 app.

The Dayton Audio SUB-1200 is the best way weve found to add awesome (and affordable) bass to a stereo or home-theater system. The speaker runs through a setup process for room calibration upon initial setup, but theres no easy way to rerun that calibration should you move your speaker from one room to another, short of resetting the device and going through setup again. Some customers take issue with the fact that, if you dont agree to the policy, theres a chance that your Sonos devices will cease to operate over time because they will stop receiving software updates.

Lastly, Sonos made some serious PR missteps in early 2020, when it announced that the original Play:5, Connect, Connect:Amp, and Bridge, along with the original Zone Player and the CR200 wireless controller, would no longer receive feature updates after May 2020.

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