What you described is called a Continuously Variable Transmission, and Nissan has been a leader of that particular technology, having used it since the introduction of the 2003 Murano in the United States. December 11 First Nissan LEAF US delivery, diameter of 24.9 and will turn 837 revolutions per mile, Where would we be without the internet? [UPDATE] This article was written in 2010 and applies to the 2011 and 2012 models of the Nissan LEAF. nissan leaf 40kwh specs They also made other improvements to battery life as well so now, Im not sure that the 80% charge is really required anymore. The fact of the matter is, no one can produce that car currently. so depending on where i go first i can stop by my house to switch cars. The difference is that with an open differential, its primary job is to allow one tire to rotate faster than the other to corner smoothly and not break anything. Ken Welcome to Living LEAF. Dont let the games manufacturers play with them lead you astray . Hi Ernie, If it then happens to have an absolute safe sustained speed of just under 10400rpm, then thats a 4% (and exactly 400rpm) headroom, just about covering both the tyre wear and slippage and meaning an absolute theoretical maximum speed of 156km/h or 97mph. But, we also need to add a correction factor for the weight, as this thing is more than a tonne and a half (and the heaviest thing Ive yet owned, which coincidentally enough had a 106hp engine, was under 1.2 tonnes). The max torque is 207 lbft in the original and 187 lbft in the retuned version (still enough to squirrel the tyres), so that max power crossover point is reached at ~2700 and ~3000 rpm respectively. Thought a electric motor could be measured, locked rotor torque that is how I used to measure it Ivan's Garage 1999 Electric Sonoma Pickup, I agree, except that torque is valid for comparison, I disagree, because from a conversion standpoint, I want the numbers to be as apples to apples as possible. For the Hummer, I'd guess to get >10k ft-lbs. Go ahead well wait. quiet, smooth, gliding ride. So I feel if the leaf is your second car there is plenty of room for a leaf as your second car. Appreciate it. My current ICE vehicles a 1996 miata 22mpg but only 87 octane. My final plan is to get a Range extender trailer which i can use to say go to Florida or Canda in the car as opposed to taking my Maxima. Everything worked out, and we made it home with 20 miles left. Actually, some EV manufacturers have been quoting torque at the wheels, and it makes perfect sense because it doesn't matter what the motor torque is, only the end result at the wheels.

You are almost right. Teslas first vehicles produced will be the top of the line Signature model, which will require a premium over the standard $70,000 300 mile model. Simple do the math! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I did not know that. Multiply engine torque by transmission and final drive gear ratios, and you have it. jondoe88 Welcome to Living LEAF. Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! +1 to that Ernie. Maybe that means that they'll have a proper gearbox with different gears (like the Taycan)? Yes, it's all the SAME. Come up with 1308.94? You might find it useful to plug in every night, just to cover any unexpected driving needs. As you say, we needed to start down the road to electric cars somewhere Nissan has done exactly that. So did we. Take off 3.2% and that could be as little as 145.2 km/h or 90.2mph. In your case, it sounds like you could easily get by charging to 80 percent if you have that ability. This is the case for Ni-Cad cells that can develop a memory effect. compactor cbm Thanks. While some performance cars (think Mustang, Camaro or 370Z) use a limited slip differential to help put the power to the ground instead of just spinning your wheels, most cars (including the LEAF) use a regular open (or non-limited slip) differential (wiki article found here). For instance, we now know that the AC synchronous motor can turn a maximum of 10,390 revolutions per minute (RPM). Why is this important? 150k x 1.01 ~ 1.02 = 151.5 ~ 153.0 km/h, or 94.1 to 95.1 mph Which is maybe what itll say when the driveshaft speed is equal to 150km/h with no slip. As for the range anxiety I lost that the day I picked up my leaf from the dealer which was 60+ miles from my house. The Leafs all-up real-world performance is on a par with, and actually slightly better than, the supercharged Micra. Venting the brakes at both ends of the car offers several advantages cooler brake operation, longer component life, improved performance, along with potentially less maintenance. I went right back to first principles with the stated size and rounded to a good 5sf instead of 3sf (and stayed metric all the way through, after converting the rim size to mm), and got a theoretical figure of 809.9 revs/mile, with about a half percent variation up and down if we assume that the profile height is absolutely true when the tread is about halfway worn (5mm, with new = about 8mm and borderline illegal = 2mm).

We think that we recall reading that the fastest the LEAF has traveled (at least in road tests that we have seen) has been 94 MPH or 95 MPH, so these calculations are probably fairly accurate. Heres a great page of articles on the How Stuff Works website (found here) that explain how they work. My commute round trip is 40 miles which leaves me the ability to run errands after work it wonderful not needed to go to gas stations except once a month to gas up my long distance toyota echo which is now the secondary car. Instead of paying $100 $125 per month per gas, we pay about $25 or $30 per month for electricity. Ask questions, then shutup and listenand learn. The torque and power at the wheels therefore is pretty sinusoidal and stepped at the same time, with an occasional complete zero-out, and the potential maximum not being exerted for more than a small percentage of the entire process. And 2nd car. They are generally calibrated to be most accurate at typical highway speeds. Do you mean locked rotor current? I have been using the Leaf for over One year now charging at 100 p.c every time I come back home even though the charge level indicates 90 p c. Idonot run more than 60 km a day.Mostly short runs. Theres therefore a discrepancy between your posted numbers and minecould you show the details of your calculations. . Learn how your comment data is processed. We heard from some other sources as much as 18,000 RPM, but thought that might be on the high side. The ICEs have rather peaky graphs (the Micra on the power side, with quite flat torque, and the Polo on the torque side with surprisingly flat power output), and limited rev ranges, so you have to slam up through what can be annoyingly widely spaced gears in order to try and keep them both on the boil and in one piece rather than decorating the landscape and abuse the clutch in order to get a good start, as you wont get particularly strong torque below about 10mph otherwise. But you can, so it is. Plug it in at night and go during the day. I found the reason for the discrepancy. Trying to figure out which motor will be a good fit for which older car, I don't have access to random torque numbers someone determined that varies with how much air in the tires, I want to be able to go "Oh, this GMC Truck (using my conversion for example) came with a 248ci 6 cylinder that made 110hp and 190 lb/ft of torque (NOT at the tires). We stopped at every Nissan dealer between their and Atlanta. Or you can set up a solar panel just for charging your car. I thought that was the measured number from the wheel. Its clear that youve spent some time looking at these issues. Pl advise whether I should reduce the level to 80 p c and continue my charging habit after every journey. If not, motor torque numbers are still completely useless without context. My wife has a 25 mile round trip to work. But now thinking, since when do manufactures do torque ratings from the wheel. When I ran the numbers myself I thought maybe whoever had calculated 837rpm had used a value of Pi equal to 3.04 instead of 3.14 or something . For this Ill compare to a couple of particular other vehicle models, Nissans own Micra (as I happen to own one ;), with a choice of two very modern engines both 1200cc, one naturally aspirated (81 lbft @ 4000rpm, 80hp @ 6000rpm), the other lightly supercharged (108 lbft @ 4400rpm, 98hp @ 5600rpm) and an old VW Polo (again, something I owned; 1043cc, 55 lbft @ 2800, 45hp @ 5200, plus a few other engines generally with about the same specific output but varying in capacity and some with slightly altered torque vs power biases) with a fairly stoneage engine that can act as a base for larger, lower tune lumps running on poorer fuel. Typical practice on compact cars is to provide vented front rotors and solid rear rotors. This is misleading because of course it's done thru gearing at the expense of RPM. We are destroying life on earth as we know it by burning fossil fuels this is one step you can personally take in the other direction. This is the type of treatment typically found on more expensive performance oriented vehicles. Engine or motor torque is completely meaningless unless it is in context with speed, so tossing around torque values for engines without the corresponding speed is misleading, or just pointless. For example i go to car meets in Long island but i drop my mom to work very often in Astoria, Queens. the first one to have a practical ev that americans will start purchasing in mass. Gadge welcome to Living LEAF. All transmissions have a 1:1 high gear. Particularly, the high torque can be deceptive, thanks to the fixed gearing (ICEs use their gears to multiply otherwise lower torque figures) and the power output is affected in one direction by the heavier vehicle weight but also in the other by being more or less completely constant, which is something only otherwise seen in CVTs, hybrids with IVTs, and some deliberately de-rated engines (which tend to have very flat, wide power plateaus) like base model turbodiesels if paired with very smooth-shifting traditional automatics. But small and with very limited range. Like you said torque alone is a poor number to compare between vehicles, ESPECIALLY when taken at the wheels. A savings of 60 percent to 70 percent is not uncommon due to the efficiency of an electric motor over a gasoline engine and the lower cost of electricity compared to gasoline. Tahrey Welcome to Living LEAF. Nissan of course cant really predict how slippy any tyre the owners may install will be, or the roads they drive on, or how chunky the tread, or indeed if they may not be able to get hold of (or afford, or like) the exact specified size and so fit something with a slightly larger rolling circumference and may get in trouble if the speedometer under-reads and causes an accident or a prosecution so they are sort of obligated, even with modern super-accurate digital speed recording and readout, to assume no slip at all (which causes up to 5% over-reading, or maybe just 3%) and maximum typical tread depth (another 1% or so), and then to build in at least an extra 1 or 2% (so that there is, say, an extra 1mph safety margin around 50mph, or at least 1km/h at 100k) just in case of any other unpredictable factors. Its comfortable, can take the family around town and highly economicalthere is nothing bad you can say about the carwell maybe the looks, but a fugly car is still cool to drive and I Do enjoy it. 1308.94 is how fast the tires will rotate when the motor is turning the maximum 10,390 RPM. Thats the rationale anyway. And Ive finally come around to its shape. A different electric motor is used on the 2013 and later models with slightly revised specifications.

Of course torque can be measured, and in any motor and controller system suitable for an EV the maximum torque will be at zero speed ("locked rotor"), but individuals building EVs are rarely equipped to measure torque. So this Hyper 9 HV will be a good fit because it's around 140hp equivalent and 170 lb/ft of torque.". No burning of fossil fuel. Thanks for your contribution to the conversation. Excellent Information..

Nice to see on the LEAF. Since it was a lease, I expect the previous owner also charged to 100% (no incentive to save bars if you are going to drop the car after the lease period) so thats 4 years at 100%. Rides like a skateboard, but I knew it was not a Cadillac, and for short tripsworks for me. Only the early models had the feature to charge to 80 percent. If the range anxiety is too much for you, consider the LEAF as a second car. But if the electric motor is turning 10,390 RPM, and the tires are turning at 1308.94 RPM, how fast are we going? i currently live in New hyde park and because i couldnt wait to order one i purchased one from Portland and it will be shipping in 2 to 3 days finally waited over 13 days for delivery due to xmas and new years. No oil dripping in your carport or on the roads. My location is optimal for the range of the leaf. Good question. And for the weekend, Friday night, and maybe Saturday, depending on how much driving we do. EV Convert Welcome to Living LEAF. It uses a single speed reduction gear with a final drive ratio of 7.9377. On the whole, the Leafs speed (not counting the governor) would be more suggestive of a conventional-drive and conventional-weight car in the same size class with a fairly decent 1.6L or mediocre 1.8L engine instead. (two, 30min, each stop. Still, we needed to start down the road to electric cars somewhere, and nissan is to be congratulated for being the first horse out of the gate. No you wont, I currently drive a LEAF , Your email address will not be published. And.I can start out in high gear, without shifting. I keep the tire pressure on the high side at 44 psi so perhaps that is increasing the diameter (and circumference) a bit and helping bump up the top speed. Thanks again. Recently, the good folks inNissans European Newsroom provided us with some additional technical specifications for the LEAF that had not been previously released. My whole goal is to get good info out in the world about the LEAF and EVs in order to help encourage their adoption. In this case adding 3.2% to my calculated 811 RPM yeilds 837 as reported for the Bridgestone Ecopia which is a more energy efficient low resistance to roll tire. When tire manufacturers report revolutions per mile in the specs, depending on the tire, a 3-5% slippage factor is applied. Divide 10,390 by 7.9377.

Oh dear. Still a weak autonomy though.Ill buy an electric car when the 500 Km autonomy range will be a reality. You can take the results and multiply by your own comparison cars weight (and gearing) to get similar outcomes. ochal

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