You can also buy a ticket online in advance here. A symbol of the modern age, it faced opposition from Paris artistic and literary elite, and the metal asparagus, as some snidely called it, was originally slated to be torn down in 1909. All rights reserved.

Why you should go Also, you have a very lucky husband obviously to be surprising him with such a lovely trip Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, it means a great deal! We only recommend products and services that we use ourselves, and will always link to relevant information, regardless of whether or not there is an affiliate program. Generally, Id suggest cutting the itinerary in half at least to give you lots of time to rest and take breaks and not be too rushed when travelling with younger people, so this might be a good rule of thumb. We vegetarians and like to find a place safe and comfortable for around $100-150 per night. Let me know if I can be of any more help! However if you want the full two days with accommodation you would need to talk to a travel agent I think. You could also try Nomadic Matts Nomadic Network facebook group:, As always, practice safety and caution when arranging meet ups and arrangements with strangers , Weve only got a few days free in the school summer holidays due to my work so thought Paris would be a good place to take our 13 & 16 year old what do you think? We take train to Amsterdam on 28th evening. If you have reservations for either restaurant, you're granted direct post-security access to the lifts. If you have specific questions I am happy to help, but I think most of your current questions are answered in this guide.

Vintage Paris Gare du Nord by Hiphophostels, this in-depth tour of Hemingway locations, save money on Michelin starred restaurants in Paris,,,,, They also have more tours in Paris, see all the options, Galeries Lafayette is one of the most well known stores in Paris. This is a good option, and we nearly always use a pass like this when we visit Paris as it usually saves us money. Even if you're not an art lover, it is worth visiting this high-profile art museum to lose yourself in its romantic gardens. (No egg, meat, seafood).? See our complete guide to, If you like afternoon tea, check out our definitive guide to the, For walking tours in Paris, we can recommend both, We have a detailed guide to attending the famous, If you want a guide book to Paris, we always like to recommend the Rick Steves guides heres the. We also have a page full of travel resources, which includes our tips for getting the best deals on accommodation, which you can findhere. If anything rivals the Eiffel Tower as the symbol of Paris, its this magnificent 1836 monument to Napolons victory at Austerlitz (1805), which he commissioned the following year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Louvre introduced new measures such as timed-tickets and a ban on cash. Just near Saint Chapelle is one of Pariss most well know religious buildings Notre-Dame Cathedral. Sainte-Chapelle was built in the courtyard of the royal palace on the le de la Citas a sacred space to house Louis IX's collection of Christian artefacts. Ive put that search together for you here. You could spend a whole day (or more!) Id suggest checking that out as there are a wide range of options listed You can see that here: One tip if you buy the Paris Pass or Paris City Card, a Seine River Cruise is included. Have a great time in Paris and let us know if you have any questions , Hi, Its colonnaded dome, accessible via 206 steps, is open to visitors (an additional 3) between April and Octoberpredictably, the city panorama is swooningly good. Are their special precautions when carrying my professional camera throughout Europe. Were not actually going to the Opera though, although that is of course an option for an evening activity. Hello! A copy of Foucault's pendulum, first hung from the dome in 1851 to demonstrate the rotation of the earth, takes pride of place. Of the tower's three floors, the 1st (57m) has the most space but least impressive views. Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor, Last updated: May 11, 2022. Except once theyve starting tying your wrist with the free bracelet, theyll expect some money in return. Please scroll to the end to leave a comment, Hi Laurence, Best wishes. This is exactly the type of guidance I was hoping to find and thank you so much for being so detailed ans helpful. You'll find works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Kandinsky, Arbus, Warhol, Pollock and Rothko here. And even though some seven million people come annually, few would dispute that each visit is unique and something that simply has to be done when in Paris. Wednesday the Louvre, Musee Dorsay. Seine River Cruise No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Dal Museum, opens at 10am. These are: And thats it! For tips on avoiding this and other common Paris scams, check out our guide to avoiding scams in Paris. Whilst you can still see the inside, the interior is not currently accessible. I was so unsure about purchasing the Paris Pass, but after reading your post, I might end up buying it! Also, you should be aware that the Louvre is one of Pariss most popular attractions, and lines can get long. See opening times and more on the official site here. Now, on to your itinerary conundrum. Wow, looks amazing! We are okay with some b&b options. La Felicit However if you wanted to opt out of some of the other attractions, you could definitely do Versailles its your trip so its important you do what you want Just be aware itll take you around half a day, and you definitely want to get there early plan to arrive as soon as it opens so you can make the most of your day. and the Venus de Milo, but the largest and most visited art gallery in the world has a great deal more to offer than these two sights, from Islamic art to Greek antiquities. However, theres more to do here than shop!

Notre Dame Join a free 1-hour guided tour in English (daily between 11am and 3pm); rent a 30-minute audioguide (3); or download the Sainte Chapelle smartphone app to explore all 1113 windows in luxuriant, intricate detail. Seine River Cruise 5pm +. As the cemeteries became a public health concern, officials decided to move their contents to a site that was, at that time, outside the capital. Hamid. Hi Laurence and Jess, I am taking my husband on a surprise weekend trip to Paris next month and am so glad to come across your blog. Saint Chapelle Would be curious to know your thoughts on dining? More formal, English-language guided tours depart from the Hall Napolon, which has free English-language maps. We find that restaurants can change in quality so much that recommendations can be a bit hit and miss. Devout Roman Catholics around the world still wear the medal today. So, the easy answer is that no, you cant split up the pass as it is for consecutive days, and once activated cant be paused. Seine River Cruise Hi there, This is of course home to the Mona Lisa (which many visitors make a bee-line for!) If youre interested in more good photo opportunity ideas in Paris, check out my guide to the best photography locations in Paris. Thank you so much! This level also hosts the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel. Due to financial and structural problems, it wasnt completed until 1789. A unique way for you to experience Sainte-Chapelle is to attend a sunset concert. Left Bank, Tickets (13 for a general adult ticket) to the viewing platform are sold in the tunnel. Unfortunately, on April 15th 2019 a devastating fire seriously damaged Notre Dame. Cant wait!!

I like to filter by rating (usually 8+) and then you can filter by price. Me and my colleague will be coming to Paris from Brussels on Thursday lunch time and will be leaving on Saturday morning (around eleven). We suggest that if you do want to eat at one of the more popular restaurants in Paris that you consider booking in advance. There's an accessible entrance on Boulevard du Palais. I would say that you could potentially do all this in three days. What you can see The former is an excellent place to learn all about the French Revolution, and was where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned prior to her execution. However, the term catacombs is often used colloquially to refer to the more vast underground network of tunnels under Paris. Look out for events such as pop-ups, concerts and DJ sets. These are: Of course, there are other operators running tours in Paris, such as this delicious looking food tour, this in-depth tour of Hemingway locations in Paris or this tour of Montmartre. To be honest we usually just google the local restaurants to wherever we are and find options with high recent reviews, or wander around the neighbourhood were staying at and check out the menus of the day. U S KULKARNI. Why you should go

They focus on small group tours, led by experts, and they have a number of walking tours in Paris we can recommend. Skip long queues at Sainte-Chapelle by purchasing a combination ticket next door at Conciergerie, allowing you to join the shorter 'priority access' queue at the chapel. we just got back from our 2 day vacation in Paris and had such an amazing time because of all of your advice!! See ourCode of Ethicsfor more information. Arc de Triomphe, Sunday: Plum Guide carefully curate their listings so their options tend to be of a very high quality whilst still being available at a range of price points. This itinerary is amazing! The Jardin du Palais Royal is a perfect spot to sit, contemplate and picnic between boxed hedges, or to shop in the trio of beautiful arcades that frame the garden: the Galerie de Valois (east), Galerie de Montpensier (west) and Galerie Beaujolais (north). A permanent exhibition provides context on the lives and works of those interred there. Cheers, Pick up a cemetery map (or download digitally using a QR code) at the conservation office near the bd de Mnilmontant and rue du Repos entrances. The Muse de l'Orangerie, set in a 19th-century edifice built to shelter the gardens orange trees in winter, is a treat. This intricately sculpted triumphal arch stands sentinel in the center of the toile roundabout - arguably one of Europes most chaotic traffic spots. Its a relatively small attraction, and the security and ticket lines can be long, so arriving here when it opens will save you a lot of time. Walk along the left bank We maynot be able to cover a lot as per your iterinary I will be travelling to Paris in May with my 14 year old daughter. If you just want to view it that would be on your first day, however if you want to climb it youd have to do it with the Museum Pass on day 2 or 3. King Louis IX commissioned the chapel to be built in the mid-13th century. Thank you! The permanent collection changes every two years, but the basic layout generally stays the same. Can i ask: does Paris Explorer Card include public transportation in Paris and 2 ways transport to airport? I am also looking for a centrally located place to stay that will be close enough to drop off luggage and then start our day. In 1785, the subterranean tunnels of an abandoned quarry were upcycled as storage rooms for the exhumed bones of corpses that could no longer fit in the city's overcrowded cemeteriesnow it's one of Paris most visited sights.

Would you suggest for Madrid (4 full days) and Amsterdam(2 full days) too? Last entry is at 7.30pm. Also one of us have flight at Saturday night. The Jardins des Tuileries is a popular spot to go jogging if you're staying on the Right Bank, but it can get crowded during the day so make sure to get out early in the morning.

and leave on 20th evening 16.30 to Brussels. The closest I can suggest are the walking tours we list in the article, the full day Paris tour by Take Walks is likely your best option if you want a guided experience. We would suggest that instead you add a nearby attraction like the Conciergerie or Sainte Chapelle to your list. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips.

Tuesday Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame (optional as it is closed but you are close so might as well take a peep), wine tasting, Sacre Coeur, Dali Museum, Opera Garnier, Tour Montparnasse, Centre Pompidou. See our complete guide to visiting the Eiffel tower for more tips, and to help you plan your visit. My husband and I will be visiting for the first time at the end of March. 6. The other museum is the wonderfully airy Jeu de Paume, set in the palaces erstwhile royal tennis court. Print your ticket or show it on your phone. Opera Garnier Tour Also up here are toilets, a souvenir shop, a macaron bar, and Michelin-starred restaurant Le Jules Verne. There are also restaurants in the tower, which would make for a romantic spot for your evening meal. Guide dogs are welcome. Even better are the Louvres self-paced multimedia guides (5). Eiffel Tower A combined ticket with the Muse d'Orsay costs 21; tickets are valid for a single visit to each museum within three months. The immense La Felicit (Italian for 'happiness') sprawls over 4500 sq metres, with 1000 seats, five kitchens and three bars across a series of spaces including train carriages that reflect the building's origins as a railway depot. Sacre Coeur opens at 8.30am, so be here then allow an hour. You can avoid the longest queues (for security) outside the pyramid by entering the Louvre complex via the underground shopping centre Carrousel du Louvre, or the Porte des Lions entrance. Until the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889, the Panthon was the highest building in Paris.

Day 2: By 1810 the skull- and bone-lined catacombsresting place of millions of anonymous Parisianshad been officially born. allow 45min 1 hour The same year a cholera epidemic plagued Paris and the medals' popularity spread rapidly as wearers of the medal apparently found themselves miraculously cured or protected from the deadly disease. An audioguide costs 5. I just checked the Opera Garnier would be closed for Sunday morning so it would be open around 2.00 PM. An audioguide costs 6. These cover different attractions, and you could activate these separately from each. Entry is free. We would leave on a Wed. Monday is Veterans Day and although that wont be a factor in Paris, we read that many things are closed on Mondays anyway. You can of course admire the arch from below, and be amazed at the efforts of the traffic to get around this monumental roundabout. Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes! 1. Thank you for the advice. Gosh. just exploring the Louvre, but that would restrict the rest of your Paris sightseeing, so try and limit yourself to two or three hours if you can! Thanks again for putting together such an informative blog! Its a truly wonderful place, and an absolute must in Paris. These are the Paris Museum Pass, and the Paris Attractions Pass. The sheer size of the place can be overwhelming. Hi great writeup ! Found at the western end of the Champs Elysees, this fifty metre high monument to those who died for France in both the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars is a must-see when visiting Paris. Whilst we generally dont recommend specific restaurants as they can change so quickly, we do have a guide to some of our favourite restaurants in Paris here for inspiration. Check it out here to find reviews, sample menus and book a table. Happy to help you hone this a bit more if you let me know any must-see sights, or things you dont mind skipping Finally, dont forget the 2 day version of the pass only comes with a 2 day travel card, which is valid for consecutive days rather than a 48h period. It is the last leg of a trip to Scotland and Ireland and we arriving early afternoon on a Friday and have all day Saturday in Paris.

In terms of where to stay, if the recommended options dont work for you, Id recommend using the filter system to find something that suits. Tour Montparnasse 5 6 (although recommend you adjust timing to be here for sunset) Your post helped me a lot in planning in our 2 days in Paris Wed definitely encourage you to save money and time by either getting a fast-track ticket in advance, or buying a pass that gives you access to the fast-track line. I dont know if i can achieve all of these alone as i do not know anywhere. It looks like you already have an account. Thank you again. The public Chill zone is home to Europes largest restaurant. One option to consider is the Hotel Du Lion, which has good reviews and is quite well located. The cathedral will be closed for the foreseeable future as a result of this tragic incident. This will save you from queuing in the often very long lines at the ticket offices. RER Invalides (line C) then a 10-minute south. We recommend and use La Fourchette (the fork),which is the most popular online restaurant booking website in France.

Me and my girlfriend will be traveling in Paris around 1st week of May. Completed in 1345 after nearly 200 years of construction, Notre Dame is a beautiful building that is well worth the visit. An eternal flame is rekindled daily at 6:30pm. Theyre easy to use, usually have the best prices, and have everything from hotels to apartments. The first Miraculous Medals were made in 1832. If I buy the 2 day Paris Pass with the metro option. It also includes the hop on hop off bus, which you could do on one of your days. For more ideas, check out my 3 day Paris itinerary here:, Also, just for reference, heres a handy listing of days that different sites are open: All that remains of the palace today are two buildings, both museums. What we should see? Hotel Westminster I will be in Paris on 30 April to 3 May 2019. The other options is to get a bit creative. Musee dOrsay. The 6th floor has two galleries for temporary exhibitions (generally excellent) and restaurant Georges, with sweeping views of Paris. That way we could relax on Saturday, tour on Sunday, relax on Monday and use the pass again on Tuesday? I hope you are doing fine. The Louvre contains works of art and artisanship from all over Europe as well as priceless collections of antiquities. So if you start that at 4pm on the Monday, it will stop working at 5.30am on the Wednesday (they are valid for 5.30am -5.30am, regardless of which time of day you activate them). On 14 July 1789, a mob broke into the building and seized 32,000 rifles before heading on to the prison at Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. Subscribe to Lonely Planet newsletters and promotions. I hope this helps a bit! However, theres an array of self-guided thematic trails (1 hours; download trail brochures in advance from the website) ranging from a Louvre masterpieces trail to the art of eating, plus several for kids (hunt lions, galloping horses). Jesss comprehensive Paris Pass review post. The number of visitors in wheelchairs is capped at two visitors per floor. Is it doable? I recommend arriving around 8.30am to get to the front of the line. You will have already seen this magnificent construction looming over the skyline as you wandered around Paris, but I promise you, nothing really compares to standing underneath her and looking up. With over three hundred original artworks on display, this is the only permanent museum in Paris dedicated to the artist. For two days, I thought that Versailles would be a challenge (its on my three day itinerary: Today, at night, thrill-seeking cataphiles roam the tunnels illegally. Going for almost 3 weeks in June, Certainly, we have quite a few guides to help you out on both our sites , We have a 6 day London itinerary and a 2 day London itinerary. Just be aware that the 3 day Paris Pass only comes with a 2 day Paris Museum Pass. Sleek Sequana cooks up creative modern-French dining courtesy of a French-Senegalese chef duo. Eiffel Tower, 3 4.30 Or if youre into tea, check out Jesss guide to the best afternoon tea locations in Paris.

However, sunset varies depending on time of year, so again this will depend on when you visit. Styled as a 'food market', it specialises in pizzas and pastas made from Italian produce. On the 1st floor, in room 12, admire paintings by Van Gogh and Monet that belonged to Rodin. My wife and I really enjoyed our 4 days in Paris with the Paris Pass. Views from the 2nd floor (115m) are the best impressively high but still close enough to see the city below. Have a great trip let me know if you have any more questions! There are a number of places in Paris that I think offer fantastic views of the city, and the Arc de Triomphe is one of my favourites. Basically, we think youll have a good time whenever you visit Paris, but just bear in mind that some months are much busier than others. A combination ticket covering admission to the Muse dOrsay costs 18. I wouldnt say not to visit, but just to be prepared in advance and have a plan . Upon completion, the tower became the tallest human-made structure in the world (324m) a record held until the 1930 completion of New York's Chrysler Building. I was just in Paris in December and had only 24 hours! Tours, tickets and accessibility So, going through the itinerary, the following attractions are covered by the Paris Museum pass: Saint Chapelle Awesome itinary Im going to take on the 2 day one and see how far I will come. Sights in Le Marais, Mnilmontant & Belleville. If you could be more specific about what help you need I will try to help out! Cathdrale Notre Dame de Paris is about a 10-minute walk away. I am going next month and your pictures are making me excited to go there soon! Begun in 1875 in the wake of the Franco-Prussian War and the chaos of the Paris Commune, Sacr-Cur is a symbol of the former struggle between the conservative Catholic old guard and the secular, republican radicals. Another option, if youre not sure how many attractions you want to visit, is the Go Paris Pass. The Navigo Easy card costs 2 to buy, and you then top it up with single tickets or as packs of 10, known as a carnet. Top ChoiceSights in Champs-lyses & Grands Boulevards. Top ChoiceSights in Montmartre & Northern Paris. Local dining is typically geared towards tourists and office workers. Tickets are only valid for the duration of your visit (you can no longer come and go as you please throughout the day). As you would imagine therefore, there are excellent views on offer from up here. The rose garden is a wonderful spot to contemplate his famous work The Thinker. It was conceived by Louis IX to house his personal collection of holy relics, including the famous Holy Crown. Sounds like a plan! Metro Cit (line 4) stop, practically next door. Entry to the park is free, but there is a price to enter the Muse du Luxembourg, which hosts prestigious temporary art exhibitions. You'll still have to queue to get through security, but the entry process will go faster if you buy museum and events tickets online. This famous inner-city oasis of formal terraces, chestnut groves and lush lawns has a special place in Parisians' hearts. How to get there The collection includes more than 5000 drawings, engravings, paintings, ceramic works and sculptures by the grand matre (great master), although they're not all displayed at the same time. Rodin's artwork is not only installed in the mansion itself, but also on its rose-filled gardenone of the most peaceful places in central Paris. raja. We also have content on Ireland You can see all our UK content here and our Ireland content here . The Islamic art galleries are in the restored Cour Visconti. Dali Museum Muse dOrsay may not be quite as famous as the Louvre though its located a mere 10-minute walk awaybut this Left Bank museum holds its own in its collection of artistic wonders. It's located on the 4th and 5th floors. This website contains affiliate links to products and services that generate a small income to us if you choose to use them, at no cost to you. Considering it will be my first time in Europe, I was hoping to find a partner we can take this tour with. Power: Electricity is of the 220v standard, with the 2 pin European style plug. What's nearby? As you have been there multiple timescan I have your thoughts on it Sainte Chapelle, opens at 9am. Are all the Museums open on Saturday and Sunday as well ? The summer months do however promise the best weather. We usually recommend you travel with a re-usable water bottle like this to save on having to buy water bottles. We nearly always opt for GetYourGuide because the tickets usually come with free cancellation, unlike tickets sold via the official sites. This represents a saving per person of 64 enough for a nice dinner somewhere! The Navigo Easy system was introduced in the summer of 2019, and is a rechargeable plastic card that can be pre-loaded with tickets. Depending on how much time you spend at the Louvre, you might have time for a spot of wine tasting afterwards. Some banks will let you withdraw euros fee free from foreign ATMs, whilst others will charge a hefty fee. Metro Varenne (line 13), right next door, or Invalides (line 8 or 13), 10 minutes' away on foot. Catherine Labour (180676), the eighth child of a Burgundian farmer, was beatified in 1933 and her body moved to a reliquary beneath the altar to the right as you face the main altar inside the chapel. Walk down 131 spiral steps to reach the ossuary itself, with a mind-boggling amount of bones and skulls of millions of Parisians neatly packed along the walls. Luckily, it was my third visit so I didnt feel like I had to squeeze everything in. Audioguides (30 minutes) cost 3, or download the Sainte-Chapelle Windows smartphone app. I am planning to opt out of few attractions for second day especially Sacre Coeur and Only activate the Paris Pass for the Seine River Cruise. It's not suitable for young children.

The goal is for this to replace the cardboard version of the tickets at some point. Thanks a ton again for the great write-up does make a big difference to first-timers like us, Thanks very much! Formerly safeguarded in the treasury at Cathdrale Notre Dame de Paris, the wreath of thorns was transferred to a safe inside the Louvre for safekeeping following the devastating cathedral fire of April 2019. Pushchairs must be folded in lifts and bags or backpacks larger than aeroplane-cabin size aren't allowed. We reach 18th May evening 19.00hrs. Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. The easiest of course would be to buy a longer pass, which comes with longer travel cards and would be easier to manage. The 4th floor focuses on more contemporary creations, roughly from the 1990s onward, withmonumental paintings, installation pieces, sculpture and video taking centre stage. We also love visiting Paris in both fall and winter, when the leaves on the trees turn golden, and the city lights itself up for Christmas. Sainte-Chapelle's location within the Palais de Justice (Law Courts) means extra-tight security; be sure to leave pocket knives, scissors et al at your accommodation. At first, the human remains were simply piled into the quarry. Entry is free on the first Sunday of the month from November to March. Your e-mail will not be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above. Two public passageways divide the 'Create' zone (where all the serious action happens) from the 'Share' zone embracing the vast lobby with monumental Jeff Koons Playdough sculpture and the Anticaf co-working space where hipsters pay 5 an hour to drink coffee, snack and plug in and the 'Chill' zone. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It is 11.50 for an independent tour, or 9 for a group tour. I have to say its a bit hard to provide specific advice partly because we dont have children, but mostly because everyones interests are difference including kids So Im not sure exactly what they might be into. Conveniently, the museum is open until 9pm, which means youll be able to visit either before or after your sunset at Tour Montparnasse. 3. Do you think this itinerary is still doable across this split? This is a fantastic resource and was exactly what I was looking for to help plan my visit to Paris, including the photography tips ( my hobby). Its included with the Paris Pass and the Paris Museum Pass, which both also offer fast-track entry. At time of writing, if you chose to do everything in the above list, youd be looking at spending just under 200 per person.
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