> Ad from shop mapsquare (15% off), ad by Eco4Sys KittysCrossStitch Yes, the flat rate for shipping sucks rocks. It may be a successful Kickstarter campaign, but its not a very good one. Therefore, if you have pledged for the four premium hardcovers you will receive four of these pins, and if you have pledged for the swag boxes you will receive the other eight! But even (as far as I know) McGuire works exclusively with publishers; Sanderson is what seems to amount to a successful businessman on top of everything else. From shop RunnersoftheSun, ad by BooksnMoreStore Tune in today at 3pm MDT on Brandons YouTube channel for a livestream with the Dragonsteel team. The shipping costs are prohibitive, theres not a chance that I can afford them and I know many others saying the same (especially as it is not possible to spread the cost over several payments). Ad from shop KittysCrossStitch From shop SpilltheTeesCo, ad by Vubeauty @Richard: Let me see if I understand the process. Want to know more? Please see our previous update (#14) for details. Learn more. I have done all kinds of variations on publishing, from trade to small to self to crowdfund and back again. Ad from shop RealityIn3D

Sandersons Dragon Steel is a different take and heading in another direction; but is doing good work brining in newer writers. At least two or three of his later Ethshar books came about because fans paid him what amounted to an advance for an ebook copy, and once hed been paid for the story he was able to accept a contract from a physical publisher for terms that both could live with, resulting in a traditional publication. However, you will still be able to update your shipping address at any time until your address is also locked. That gives them a personal investment in his work beyond just liking the books. CamillaNelsonArt 2. Ad from shop InfinityOnPause Oh man! This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Books are heavy. Well, thats simply not true. Brandons done the work. Mr. Sanderson is certainly not doing anything like that. Writers building teams to run expanded business seems to be a 21st century trend. WaterCoolPosters Ad from shop VITAMStudio Ad from shop SnodzaArt He mentioned that one benefit of this Kickstarter was to bypass the Amazon domination of the market and I have to love that. Thats 30 people he pays out of pocket. From shop VITAMStudio, 35.00 Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Here they are, in no particular order. AmelvaShop Elisgardor and having them cost much more to ship than the value of whats being sent. E-books, in particular, have worked well for some authors. Looks like you already have an account! I dont have one (yet), and even if I get one its likely to be built differently than Brandons is. From shop WaterCoolPosters, Sale Price 9.37 Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. I am not surprised with the campaigns fees in that regard. Ad from shop RavenauticDesigns We have reached our next milestone in our campaign timeline! for whom this is your first Kickstarter campaign. Its somehow a charge? How can I fill it out? Im going to be honest and say I didnt watch Brandons entire vid but I giggled like a school girl at his not only one reveal but two. Ad from shop Pyramidappareldesign No. You dont hire that many employees if you dont need them, unless youre MC Hammer, and he went broke five years after hitting the big time. And for the record, I have never even heard of Brandon Sanderson and have no intention of contributing to his Kickstarter campaign but I own hardback copies of every Scalzi book published besides those audiobook only versions, which I own as well. HayleyLouiseCrafts It matters. Hell certainly have the funding needed. $420 for shipping twelve seperate packages (some of which will be quite heavy) is reasonable. > I have never heard of you before today and this article. [Deleted because I said Im not interested in griping about certain other authors. @Richard: While I have lots of issues with Kickstarter, this one is Brandon giving you four books and possibly other stuff depending on tier. PinkTeaDesignShop He was ahead of his time a bit, and I remember wondering if more authors would move towards something similar. One thing Ive always liked about John is that hes never pretended like we were more than an audience and doesnt build up unhealthy expectations and dependencies. Youre not paying for the chance to buy them, youre pre-ordering them (with the caveat that youre not guaranteed to get what you were promised if the whole project falls through). See our privacy policy. At this time it is too early to know for sure. To repeat, what were seeing here is the result of years of planning that Brandons done but other writers, even ones of similar popularity, have not. Naturally, I have some thoughts on this! I wasnt charged shipping in Kickstarter and now Im being charged in my survey. Original Price 35.74 After that, things get iffy. Also, it encompasses his life/career generally, which helped to get him to where he is right now, and this fabulous Kickstarter. International shipping is just a beast right now. We will have remaining stock available on our store after pre-orders are fulfilled. Original Price 3.06 I feel you can understand a lot about a person from the stories they tell. 9.37, 10.41 As we begin preparing labels to ship packages, all shipping addresses will be locked. Add-ons and pledge upgrades have been locked and card charges processed. Maybe at some point in the future, say if Old Mans War finally gets made as a movie and is a smash, and I start more actively merchandising my work, then I could pull something like this off. 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RavenauticDesigns Ad from shop noclooShop This trend isnt going anywhere more and more books are produced every year, which tends to water down the per-capita earnings of folks lower down on the totem pole. Why? From shop Cofejino, 20.00 https://support.dragonsteelbooks.com/support/tickets/new, We will be shipping just under 100,000 premium hardcover book boxes each applicable month, We will be shipping just under 42,000 swag boxes each applicable month. So its possible to be here mostly completely out of the blue with zero prior exposure to the author. But it doesnt come out of nowhere. Ad from shop AnneMadeAustralia If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. From shop Eco4Sys, ad by InfinityOnPause Could someone else do it? Ad from shop Cofejino Can writers be successful without publishers? S. Roberts said This is exactly the opposite direction the publishing world should be moving in.. Ensegonada Recently Sanderson casually mentioned that his team, which he frequently refers to, is 30 people. Its great that there are now ways other than conventional publishing and distribution to get work out in to the world and maybe even make some money from it. I follow a prominent British horror author who, after having several novels published by the Big Names, has built up enough of a reputation and following to go 100% self-published. SkyBlueStudiosCo As we have begun production of rewards and are no longer able to increase our ordered quantities, we have disabled add-ons and pledge changes for those who have not yet completed their backer surveys. Interact with your audience. Well, pooh. From shop BooksnMoreStore, Sale Price 167.59 (Probably telling that my first thought on seeing the numbers were Holy shit, someones gonna have to fulfill HOW MUCH?!). Theyre soaking some of the cost on this. The SF/F writers I think could do similarly are people who, like Brandon, have at least some merchandising/fulfillment experience to go along with their writing. AnneMadeAustralia But as Scalzi points out, the traditional publishers DO work well for many authors, including him. Along with the professionals at Tor and Macmillan working on his books, he has an in-house editorial team that does edits, copyedits, continuity checks, ebook design, and even some of the layout of all of his traditionally published books. BookishExpressions You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. That is just the state of international shipping at the moment. Ad from shop MandaLynArt Given how odd Rudy Ruckers work is, the amazing thing is that he ever got published by a regular publisher at all. What a principled fellow you are, pal. When we receive these titles at our warehouse, we will begin shipping them to applicable backers. Thank you to the more than 91% of our Kickstarter backers who have completed their backer surveys! Ad from shop CamillaNelsonArt (30% off), ad by PinkTeaDesignShop What's the Big Idea? In this case, however, Brandon & companys previous experience in merch and fulfillment, on Kickstarter and off of it, works in their favor, in a way that someone doing a Kickstarter/fulfillment for the first time cant realistically hope to match even writers who have similar fan bases. It is disgusting that Good People, doing the Right thing have to defend themselves. Ad from shop SunsparkWorkshop Using Brandon Sanderson as evidence of anything other than that he makes a very fine and successful Brandon Sanderson is ignoring a lot of the work he did and eliding over the factors that got him to this point. Authors/Editors/Publicists: for information on how to participate, click here. Late surveys will continue to be fully accepted through May 15th. There is no chance to buy something, you get what you pledge for. 2.45, 3.06 Surveys will be sent to the email used by your Kickstarter account. FREE UK delivery, ad by BookMarkedByChris 1BitArt Oct/Nov/Dec: Packaging and preparation for fulfillment, On top of all our other day-to-day store merchandise, Dragonsteel Warehouse will be VERY full of boxes to be prepared, books and swag items to be packaged, and pallets of ready-to-ship parcels.

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@Chris McClelland obviously.

Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalisation technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. Dragonsteel priced out the shipping, and what theyre going to pay to ship internationally is actually more than theyre charging. Good for him. Thank you all, and please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions you are unable to find answers to in our FAQs, comments, and updates!

Can a new author use social media platforms, both text and video, to build a direct relationship with their readers? Ad from shop TheOldStitcheroo Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Lawrence Watt Evans did something similar for his Ethsar series, on a much smaller scale and before Kickstarter was a thing or at least before it was a big thing. From shop HiddenTreasuresIRL, ad by SquishyPins His writing and work ethic got him the nod to finish the Wheel of Time series, and when that was completed he was able to carry much of that vast fandom into his already existing fandom, and into his own work. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. From shop TaysWordShop, ad by BookishExpressions Sanderson doesnt seem to be abandoning traditional publishing either. The Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter video was hilarious, hes such a nerd. Including backers who joined via the pre-order store in BackerKit and all add-ons, our final numbers were: We have begun ordering multiple products and are moving forward in the development process for the rest. I wonder if the recent TV version of Wheel of Time has bumped up his audience and contributed to this happening now? From shop Vubeauty, Sale Price 32.17 HiddenTreasuresIRL
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