When we pray and call on Him, He hears us, ready to meet every need. I pray that you watch over me today at work and I pray that there are no accidents, so that everyone can go back to their homes.

Our Lord is always watching out for us, even when we may not realize it or think about Him. Bless me just as you have always done and let your grace live for me and with me. Lord God, I pray for Your physical and spiritual protection in the workplace, where our influence, our priorities, and our character are tested daily. 5:15-19 Alwaysbe joyful.

They run free and you are with them as they adventure. Our weapons of warfare are spiritual, and we look to You for victory.

Only you can give and take it all.

Awake my slow body and energize my heart with love in action. Make the ordinary extraordinary.

Deedeesblog is a part of the DeeDeesMedia brand. But right now, I consciously tuck Your whisper of absolute love for me into the deepest part of my heart.

Grant me a cheerful spirit when things don't go my way.

You take their protection seriously. Buy awesome Mixcloud followers,plays, likes & repost. Be my comfort oh Lord and take away my sorry and worry.

Lord, may nothing separate me from You today.

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A love that delivers excellence.

I am forever grateful for the cross; may I proclaim it in a contagious way today. We will always be on a journey of growing closer to God. Tim Tebow, 3.

Our lives and our health are in Your hands, Lord, and our trust and faith are in You. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words., 5. Father, clear my sleepy head and fill my mind with expectation. Father, we pray that this weekend will be filled with rest, refreshment, and quiet time with You.

I cannot walk this path alone oh God, please walk with me.

Bless me today and forever and cast me not away from your presence.

Cancel every attempt to discredit my husband or his salvation. Our fear is a holy, righteous reverence based on Who You are and Whose we have become in You. Learn more about our data uses and your choices here. Lead him away from temptation, and help him to be continually aware of his enemys efforts to distract, deceive, or discourage him. Father, thank You for this Friday.

Because You love children, You are even more concerned than I am as a parent.


All our latest music releases in one place! Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares theLord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope., 7.

Lord, help me not to lean on my own understanding, but in everything acknowledge You, so that You can direct my words, thoughts, and actions. God will keep you safe from the darker, more evil things in life. It was you that laid the foundations of the Earth and therefore understands every part of it. Ask for the directions of God as you commence your day. Yahoo uses the data to better understand your interests, provide relevant experiences, and personalised advertisements on Yahoo products (and in some cases, partner products).

Safe, hidden, and secure in you.

You are the most powerful influence in their lives, so I ask You to surround them with Your constant presence and safety.

In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Rebecca Barlow Jordan is an inspirational author, speaker, and passionate follower of Jesus who loves to encourage others heart to heart.

Grateful For the beautiful family that you have given me, for the noble and good children that I have, for my brothers, for my friends, grace for giving me this day. Thank you Lord.

Teach me how to choose only Your way today, so each step will lead me closer to You.

Also featuring daily morning and evening prayers, and petitions for various occasions and events.

I know that I cant do a lot on my own and so I pray today oh Lord, that you make me do right by you. I thank you for making me a christian and for keeping me to see another Friday. While malicious actions may disturb us, we use the armor of God You have given us to stand firm.

I come before you, oh Lord, and drink in this moment of peace, that I may carry something of your hope, love, and joy today in my heart. May we increase in You, may we come into an abundance of Your love.

Guard us from those who scheme against righteousness and from those who twist truth into lies to accomplish their evil intents. What Is the Significance of Krishna Janmashtami? Godis alwaysdoing10,000thingsin your life, and you may be aware of three of them. -John Piper, 2. You are worthy of all praise and honor.

Even on busy mornings, these are worth making time for.

This is the day you have made oh Lord.

Guard us from stresses that steal our emotional strength and lower our immunity to fight infection. Hold our loved ones tightly, Lord, and never let them go.

And in that love, the love of spirit and all creation. In Jesus Name, Amen. And finally, help me to rest in the truth of Psalm 86:13, "Great is your love toward me."

All rights reserved. Originally published Wednesday, 09 June 2021. Philippians 4:7 Then you will experience Gods peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.


Guard him by the power of Your name, and allow nothing formed against him to prosper. You are like a crown placed upon their heads, a symbol of sonship, of belonging and of their adoption into your family.

The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is an embodiment of creativity - With deep knowledge in Counseling and Photography, He started this platform to share happiness via digital contents in Relationships and Documentaries.

Holding them in my heart is one of the most precious things I can never get tired of. I pray for Your protection as I begin this day. I am thankful for the gift of life yet again.

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful day.

Thank you for the wonderful sounds of nature, from the cool breeze brushing through the trees to the birds singing melodies.

Dear Lord, help me remember what a difference it makes when I make time with You a priority in my morning. A love that develops trust.

Thank you Lord for I know you have answered my prayers.

With gratitude, I thank you for your ultimate gift of love for me, in the form of your son and the sacrifice of his life on my behalf.

You are the Mighty One, the One Who will ultimately bring all evil to light.

They answered and solved my problem within 24 hours and were really nice. A love that produces praise.

I pray that You, Father, will water the seeds that You allow me to plant today.

You are truly worthy of my praise. I am here to ask oh lord that you make me brand new just as this Friday.

Lord, grant me tenacious winsome courage as I go through this day. 4.

Protect me from trouble wherever I go, and keep evil far from me. You are like a shield that encircles them each day.

30 Powerful Prayers For Divine Intervention with Bible Verses, 52 warfare Prayer for business breakthrough and success, The 7 Spirits of Goddescribed in Isaiah 11:1-3 KJV, 25 powerful calls to worship prayers and declarations, 10 Prayer points for children with bible verses, 31 Daily Declarations to Speak over your life and Destiny.

Lord, I place them into your great care and declare that they are yours.

Here at BMP we pride ourselves in exceptional service and affordable prices.

Lord in this new day I want to give you my whole life in this little prayer. As the birds sing, may your love flow out of me.

What a joy and blessing to have that kind of personal relationship with the One who knows us by name.

Our children need protection from bullies, from misguided avengers, and from false philosophies that attack their spiritual heritage. Jackie is a contributor for many Hearst Magazines websites.


May the three enfold you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, hold you safe and hold you strong.

And in understanding, knowledge.

In Jesus name, Amen. I pray that the seeds You allow me to plant will grow and mature.

I pray that I walk in complete confidence today knowing that the Lord Almighty is with me.

I give my thanks to you and i lift my hands in praise to your holy name.

How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes, 7 Effective Methods to Make Money on YouTube, Facebook Ads Delivering: 10 Reasons of Failures, Gain high quality & targeted followers, likes. I commit my family; immediate and extended into your hands.

Frustrate any plot against me. I start today with the prayer of thanksgiving to you, please accept my prayers. Help us cast down every imagination and thought that our enemy tries to use to exalt itself against You.

Thank you for my beautiful family.

Infinite thanks I give you for your blessings that you pour on me, for your constant presence within my heart that tells me how to do things better every day Thank you for transmitting me the strength, strength, and energy to do my daily tasks, thank you for forgiving my sins and reaching out to me in difficult times.

In Jesus name, Amen. Because of this overwhelming gift that I often cannot comprehend, I humbly submit to you.

The Three in One, and One in Three, of whom all nature hath creation, Eternal Father, Spirit, Word: Praise to the Lord of my salvation, Salvation is of Christ the Lord. Help me to keep my heart pure and undivided.

Help them to find rest in Your shadow, as they live in the spiritual shelter You provide for them.

I thank you for your numerous uncountable blessings for me and my family.

But, reading a prayer for protection can still give us an extra feeling of safety and a quick comfort knowing that God is listening. She has written 11 books and over 1700 other articles, greeting cards, and other inspirational pieces. Let your will be done in my life. We want to serve You with excellence, so in our weakness, grant us strength and good health so that nothing will prevent Your plan for our lives. I love you Father! As the sun rises, may your hope rise up in me.

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God desires to hear from you and to speak to you.

In Jesus' Name, Amen. Everything You Want to Know About Angel Numbers, Julianne Hough Reveals Her Go-to Beauty Brand, Uplifting Bible Verses When You Need Extra Spirit, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. prayer prayers before workplace catholic daily words quotes meetings strength pray job start verses business bible lords healing short guidance I come before you, oh Lord. May my words be seasoned with salt and minister grace to all that hear. Amen.

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Never underestimate what the power of prayer can do in any situation.

And because of Your compassion and understanding, You know the harm we and our families face every day. I am nothing without you dear God. Take charge and take control of everything oh Lord.

Your love and faithfulness, along with Your goodness and mercy, surround me daily, so I will not fear whatever might come against me. I adore you Lord.

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Search me from within and take away anything that does not belong to you.

I pray that You will provide me opportunities to show people how much You mean to me.

While evil still roams, the power of Your name and Your blood rises up to defeat and bring us victory against every evil planned against us.


At home, work, or wherever he goes, keep his heart and thoughts pure.

Thank you for another beautiful sunrise to enjoy.

With Prayerscapes songs, ministry tracks and meditative instrumental music.

Thank you for everything. Dear God, this morning I thank you for a new dawn, for a new beginning, for new opportunities, and for the blessings with which you fill my existence.

Be with my family today as they go their separate ways.

Help me to anchor myself to You today. I pray that You will constantly remind me to be content in all of my circumstances. Take charge of the rest of my week.

May Your angels hover ever near to eradicate fear and fight against dark, spiritual forces we cannot see.

Carry me if I am too weak to move. But what's most amazing is that the Savior of the world would desire a few minutes with me this morning.

Give them a steadfast faith and trust in You that puts their fears at rest, knowing they will live in safety with Your solid protection. Our times and our days rest in Your hands, and we know that even in anguish, You have a plan for our benefit and the glorification of the kingdom.

Care to Share? Amen. Thank you for everything, I will always praise you till the end. You are His Sure Defense, and You are the only One who can truly keep him safe. I give praises to your name God for making me see this day. Show us when to speak up, when to listen, and when to act, always aware that You are fighting our battles for us and with us.

His eye is on even the tiniest of birds, and His eye is on you too. If thats your desire, here are several prayers for protection that might help you voice your thoughts to God. Dont just take our word for it check out what customers say about our products below.

We share a range of different topics quite often. Oh Lord, I offer my prayers today. God knows exactly what we need, when we need it.

Help me to embrace what comes my way as an opportunity, rather than a personal inconvenience. Lord, all that I am, what I have I owe to you, you with your infinite goodness and mercy have transformed my life for the better, I am grateful for reaching out your hand and leading me along the path of good, light, and clarity. bible verses about anxiety and depression.

You can find out more about Rebecca at www.rebeccabarlowjordan.com. With gratitude, I thank you for preserving my life for one more day.

I know that there is a dark force out there that is opposed to You and to me.

Even in their weaknesses, I love them unconditionally. Ignite my spirit and set this day on fire with promise.

Every time I hear the pitter-patter of their feet across the house I smile. Please brush away my weariness, so that I may be inspired in my work.

Protect us from those who try to sway our convictions or tempt us to compromise our standards in the name of success.

I am on my knees asking for your help. I thank you for ushering in a new day and morning, and for making me see this beautiful day. Pour your heart as you try to reach to God in connection through your Friday morning prayer. Bring us deeper into a knowledge of You, so that even in times of adversity, we can rest in the knowledge that You are with us.

Click HERE for your copy! This is the day I begin my life anew; shine through me so that every person I meet may feel Your presence in me. Grant me wisdom, and understanding. Dear God, I thank you for my job. Thank you for everything. When challenges arise, we need not fear, for You have given us a spirit of power, of love, and a sound mind.

Good morning Lord! I have come to you this day dear Lord. And for those who follow the Lord, we have a little extra help to make sure our family is protected.

Open my eyes wide open and remove any distraction, Lord, so I can pay full attention on the road.

You have a lot in my life and I appreciate you for this.

Download a FREE Promises of God e-book filled with prayers of protection to strengthen your faith!

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